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NEX IA Firmware Version 1.1

Installation Procedure.

Please read this carefully before proceeding to upgrade the firmware of your NEX IA Digital Player.

Updates/upgrades are carried out at your own risk.
Failed updates/upgrades are not covered by warranty.


1. Minimum Requirements
2. Installation
3. About NEX IA Firmware



1. Pentium Processor 133 MHz or higher
2. 32 MB RAM
3. Win98, Win2000 and WinME
4. Sound card installed 
5. USB host hub connector
6. NEX IA Digital Player
7. USB Cable
8. Fresh set of AA batteries



To upgrade your NEX IA Digital Audio Player, please follow these procedures

1. Download firmware 1.1 from

2. Save firmware 1.1 on your computer hard disk. Remember which directory you have saved it.

3. Unzip firmware 1.1 and you will find the following files:
    - iaupdg.img

4. Insert a fresh set of AA batteries into the NEX IA Player

5. Insert a Compact Flash Card into NEX IA.

6. Turn on NEX IA

7. Select Format to format and erase the contents on the CF card.

8. When done, select Player and NEX IA will boot up.

9. After boot up, connect NEX IA to your computer with the USB cable that came with your NEX IA package. (Connect the flat end to the player and the USB end to your computer)

10. Both NEX IA and the computer should automatically detect each other.

11. Locate the unzipped firmware files mentioned in item 3 above from your computer. 

12. Drag & drop iaupdg.img to the Compact Flash card in your NEX IA. The transfer will take a few seconds.

13. When transfer is completed, disconnect the USB cable and turn off your NEX IA.

14. Leave the Compact Flash card inside the player.

15. Turn back on your NEX IA and select Player again.

16. A message on the LCD screen will ask you whether you want to upgrade NEX IA. Select Yes.

17. Upgrading of the Firmware will automatically proceed. DO NOT SWITCH OFF the player while upgrading is taking place. Interrupting NEX IA during upgrading will cause irreversible damage to the player!

18. You will see on the LCD of NEX IA the following messages:
      - Upgrade Starts
      - Erase flash 
      - Program flash 

19. When the upgrading is completed, the LCD screen will prompt you to switch the player off.

20. Switch the player off by sliding the Off/On/Hold switch the the Off position.

21. The upgrade is now complete. To check which version of Firmware you are using, you can go to Information by pressing the Function button whilst in player mode and then 'Disk Utilities', 'Information'.

22. The name of the firmware file on the CF card has now been changed to iaupdg.im0. You may delete this file from the CF card.



The NEX IA Firmware version 1.1 that you are about to upgrade onto the NEX IA player is the main software and operating program that will power and control the NEX IA player.

The Firmware actually consists of a number of different files that will do the following:

- Provide an operating system for NEX IA

- Provide an user interface

- Control the USB connection with your computer

The following improvements have also been built into NEX IA Firmware verison 1.1

- Option to de-select automatic file sorting

- Backlight duration options

- FIxed counter display for songs over 99 minutes

- Added time remaining counter for recording

- Resume for WMA files

- General bug fix

- Faster boot up time

Newer versions of NEX IA Firmware will be constantly made available on our web site,



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