F119445_Releasus.txt Driver File Contents (LabelShop_20PRO_20612.exe)

LabelShop v.6.12 - Release Notes

This document contains information on technical problems, corrections of 
known issues, limitations and new solutions.

	I - Corrections
	II - New Features
	III - Driver Updates


Corrections listed compared to LabelShop v.6.11. 

- When importing a file in printer language, the first converter 
  in the list can now be loaded. 

- If printing from form view, an entered value can now be modified 
  after triggering a print job.

- Formulas created with a concatenation of variables now retrieve 
  all the variable values.

Bar codes
- For any printer barcode counter with free human readable, 
  the human readable is now incremented if a true type font is used.
- For PDF417 bar codes, there is no longer a problem with using 
  an aspect ratio of 1/5.
- Human readable on RSS is now available (normalized format).
- EAN.UCC Composite now includes support for UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-A Ext 2/5, UPC-E Ext2/5,
  EAN13 Ext 2/5 , EAN8 Ext2/5.
- Data Matrix defaults to ECC200.
- PDF417/MicroPDF417 tick box - "User recommended settings" - sets 
  element height and ECC as recommended by standards.

- RFID supported for selected EasyCoder printer models
- Tag types supported: EPC 1.19, C1V1 and HSL

- Fixed problem that occurred when printing a label with a polygon, 
  where if you clicked on the rotation button and then printed the label, 
  the polygon would be turned on the printed label. 

- When using @ for alphabetical characters in the input format, 
  you can no longer create a picklist value.

- Fixed problem where intercut was not working correctly with a label 
  merged with a database that included the INTERCUT control variable. 
  The intercut works now as follow:
      @INTERCUT = n  => Intercut = n
      @INTERCUT = 0  => Intercut = value set in printer settings dialog box.
      @INTERCUT = -1 => Intercut = 0 : No cutter activated
  Note that the printer driver need also to be updated by the DSP.
- After a Local Network installation, each time a VB application was launched 
  the Network install was automatically started. This problem has been solved. 
- The ability to retrieve the Process Identification Number when opening a copy 
  of LabelShop via ActiveX controls has been added : PID property on the 
  Application Object.
- Format.SaveStock is now implemented  

- The modification of the Euros conversion value from Tools\Options\Others
  is now updated during the LabelShop session.
- Two parallel sessions of LabelShop configured with a log file dont' make 
  a  share.exe error anymore

Font Downloader
- LabelShop PRO Network & Font Downloader - The printer Font Downloader 
  list reflects  the printer LabelShop list in all cases (LabelShop 6 Network or not).

LabelShop PRO
- Default path for Open POC file in POF Manager changed from
  the Print directory to LabelShop root directory.
- Updated sample lab files; Eanpall1.lab and Eanpall2.lab, using correct 
  length of bar code data.
LabelShop ULTRA
- Default path for Database Manager default directory 
  changed from LabelShop root directory to \Tools\DBManMe.
- Updated sample lab files; Eanpall1.lab and Eanpall2.lab, using correct
  length of bar code data.
LabelShop START
- The spooler mode is now allowed in the START version on Local ports only 
  (it is still not possible to use a TCP/IP or Network printer, but USB is
  now allowed).

II - New Features

- The shortcut key Shift F4 now displays variable values.

III - Driver Updates

Direct Protocol Driver v.22.06.54
- Support for EasyCoder PX4i and PX6i added, with final start- and
  Stop adjustment values.
- POF file outputs contained @1, @A, @B and @C in bar code data for 
  EAN128 and Code128, if Send modified data only was set to OFF. 
- Code128 bar code with FNC1 as first character automatically changed
  bar code type to EAN128. Now it remains Code128 with FNC1 as first 
- Font name could appear twice in output string.
- Memory defaults for EasyCoder PF2i, PF4i and PM4i corrected.
- Heat settings were not always correctly sent to the printer, at
  first printout.
- Heat setting mode now defaults to "Manual" as default.
- Non latin fonts did not print correctly in earlier patch.
- Added support for RFID. Full write support. Read from tag is supported 
  for tag ID for HSL tags. Requires firmware v.8.60 or later.
- Support for RSS and EAN.UCC Composite bar code symbologies added.
- "Clip objects outside label" now affects bar codes as well. 
  Default changed to Off.

Fingerprint Driver v.21.05.60
- Support for EasyCoder PX4i and PX6i added, with final start- and
  Stop adjustment values.
- Heat settings were not always correctly sent to the printer, at
  first printout.

IPL Driver v.21.04.95
- Support for EasyCoder PC41, PX4i and PX6i added.
- Added support for additional scaleable fonts for EasyCoder PF2i, PF4i
  and PM4i. Requires firmware version 2.10 or higher.
- Added support for Postnet bar code symbology.  
- If using <STX><ETX> protocol, UDG graphics is now set as default. 
  Can be deselected manually. Previous driver did not allow use of
  UDG graphics.
- If using <STX><ETX> protocol with UDG graphics, driver now replaces
  ASCII 255 by <DEL>, to enable output file to be compatible with
  host systems not permitting ASCII 255 as output data.
- Image band settings removed for EasyCoder PF2i, PF4i
  and PM4i.
- Image band setting missing for EasyCoder 3400e, 4420 and 4440.  
- EAN128 added as bar code symbology.
- Semicolon as part of a fixed text, would make the text to truncate.
- POF file output; variable field length was not correctly defined, 
  if sample text was shorter than the field length.
- Sizing of MicroPDF417 symbols inproved.
- Counter could get leftmost digit truncated in some cases. Now corrected.
- Added fonts c26 and c28 to EasyCoder 3400 C/D
- EasyCoder 3400 C/D; corrected stored label formats to 0-19, instead of 0-99.
- EasyCoder 7421 now supports MaxiCode.
- EasyCoder PC41 by default uses the new command to align Direct Graphics,
  <SI>o. To print Direct Graphics in 7421 compatible way, enable "Graphics
  compatible mode" in the driver.
- Fixed problem with output in POF files, which could give Code128 subset 
  switches in output data.
- Corrected speed settings for EasyCoder PC41, which was incorrect in SP4/4B.
- Added support for RFID. Read from tag is not possible - only write.
  Requires firmware v.2.60 or later.
- Graphics could get truncated. Corrected.
- Support for 300 dpi models of EasyCoder PF4i, PM4i, PX4i, and PX6i added.
- Support for RSS and EAN.UCC Composite bar code symbologies added.

ESim Driver v.21.22.34
- PE.prn driver replaced by Pesim.prn
- Added support for EasyCoder PD4
- Added support for EasyCoder PC4
- EasyCoder PD4 now supports selection of character subsets, like Greek, 
  Cyrillic, Turkish. Default is Windows Latin 1. 
- Support for Datamatrix was missing for EasyCoder C4
- Added 9 digit Postnet
-	Sometimes  character not displayed for printer resident fonts. Corrected.
- Font 5 showed lower case letters on screen, in spite the font does not
  include these characters. Will now print as upper case instead.
- EasyCoder PC4 provide support for selectable subset in Code128
- Added separate label gap setting. 2.0 mm is default; 0=automatic/using 
  current printer setting
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