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TWAIN (PC) 32-bit Driver Version 4.3

Windows PC Installer README.TXT



1-Insert the TWAIN setup disk into the 3 1/2 floppy drive.
2-Double click on 3 1/2 floppy drive to open.
3-Double click on setup.exe icon and follow prompts.
4-Install Wizard will install the files onto the system.


1-Start Microsoft Windows.
2-Make sure that you are in the Program Manager.
3-Insert the TWAIN setup disk into drive A or B.
4-Open File Menu and choose the Run command.
5-Type a:\setup (type b:\setup if you are using drive B)
  in the Command Line text box.
6-Press ENTER and follow the instructions on the screen.

Important information on the RFS2035 Plus and RFS3570 TWAIN 
Compliant Driver is found in the file "READ3570.WRI".  This file 
is installed with the RFSXXXX TWAIN driver(s) in your 
Windows or (WINNT) directory in the subdirectory TWAIN_32\RFSXXXX.
If Windows is installed on drive C: then this file 
can be found in C:\WINDOWS or (WINNT)\TWAIN_32\RFSXXXX\READ3570.WRI 

The following enumerated list describes the changes between releases of the 
Twain Data Sources for the RFS 2035 Plus and RFS 3570 Professional Scanners, 
versions 3.3 and 4.3.

1. The previous release was 4.0; this release is 4.3;  This change can be 
   seen in the title bar of the user interface’s main dialog.
2. The Twain Data Source’s names have changed.  Before the application can 
   acquire an image, the desired Twain Data Source must be selected.  During 
   the selection process, a list of the Twain Data Sources is presented to 
   the user for selection.

Table 1--Twain Data Source Names
			Twain Data Source
Scanner		Version 3.3		Version 4.3
RFS 2035 Plus	RFS 2035/Plus, ASPI	RFS2035 ASPI 32
RFS 3570	RFS 3570, ASPI		RFS3570 ASPI 32

3. The Twain Data Source for each scanner has been converted from a 16-bit 
   Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file to a 32-bit DLL file.  A 16-bit 
   application will not be able to select either of the 32-Twain Data 
4. The Twain Data Source file names have changed.

Table 2--Twain Data Source File Names
			Twain Data Source
Scanner		Version 3.3		Version 4.3
RFS 2035 Plus	Rfs2035.dsRfs2035a.ds	Rfs2035b.ds
RFS 3570	Rfs3570.dsRfs3570a.ds	Rfs3570b.ds

5. The 4.3 Twain Data Source now supports multiple scans. A scan 
   operation will complete by sending the image back to the application and 
   sustaining the user interface for additional scan operations.  In earlier 
   releases, the user would be returned back to the application after each 
   scan.  If the cancel button is pressed, the user will immediately be returned 
   to the application.
6. The 4.3 Twain Data Source is targeted for the 32-bit platform.  It is 
   designed and tested to support 32-bit applications on both Microsoft 
   Windows 95 and Windows NT.
7. Version 4.3 is Twain compliant to run under native mode applications.
   Not all possible imaging application programs have been tested and there
   may be some minor bugs under some application sofware.


US customers please contact our Technical Support Staff at
1-800-CD-KODAK.  Outside the US, please call your 
local Kodak service representative.

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