Uninstal.txt Driver File Contents (edUSB200_v2.31_Win2k.exe)

Driver Package File Name: edUSB200_v2.31_Win2k.exe
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Uninstallation instructions for Mobility Electronics EasiDock200(E) USB dock Windows 2000 drivers


A. UnInstallation Procedure

The steps to uninstall the EasiDock 200 USB dock.

1. Stop the serial and network devices using the systray cardbus icon.

2. Unplug all peripherials from the USB200, leaving the hub plugged into the computer.

3. Uninstall the USB200E from Windows Device Manager :
	A. Right click on the My Computer Icon.
	B. Scroll down and select Properties.
	C. Select the Hardware tab.
	D. Click on Device Manager button.
	E. Scroll down to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers listing.
	F. Click on the + symbol if not already expanded.
	G. Double click on the Generic USB hub listing to enter properties.
	H. On the General tab under Location it should read – Mobility USB EasiDock 200.
	I. Click on the Driver tab.
	J. Click on the Uninstall tab at bottom of page.
	K. The Confirm Device Removal dialog appears, click OK. At this point the 
		peripherals that are attached to the USB200E no longer function.
	L. Close the Device Manager window.
	M. Close the System Properties window.

4. Remove the drivers.

	A. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.

	B. Select 'Mobility EasiDock USB 200(E) Drivers' and click the Remove button.


	A. Insert the Mobility Software Driver CD into the computer’s CD drive.
	B. Click Start and select Run…
		1. Type ‘d:\Win2000\cleanup’ and click the OK button.

	C. Cleanup, the Mobility USB uninstall program will now run.

	D. Click the Cleanup button.

	E. Select the Windows 2000 driver files radio button and click OK.

	F. Click OK again.

	G. Click the Exit button.

5. The Mobility drivers have been uninstalled and completely removed from the 

6. Reboot the computer.

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