FV2880.txt Driver File Contents (WIN9x.zip)

            FV2880 DRIVER KIT
         4280 Crystal Audio Chips
               RELEASE NOTES

           VxD-style Windows 9x 
           Driver Version 2880
            Release Candidate
               Release Date

0.  Contents
This Document contains the following:
     1. Overview
     2. Driver Kit Files
     3. Installing Crystal Audio Drivers
     4. Uninstalling Crystal Audio Drivers
     5. Known Problems and Limitations
     6. Copyright and Trademarks

1.  Overview

  - The driver has an auto-translation feature. This single kit supports the 
      following translated operating systems:
	- English
	- French
	- Italian
	- German
	- Spanish
	- Japanese
	- Traditional Chinese
	- Simplified Chinese
	- Dutch
	- Danish
	- Finnish
	- Portuguese (Brazilian)
	- Swedesh
	- Norwegian
	- Korean

  - This kit provides driver support for the CS4280 under Windows 95 OSR2 and 
    Windows 98.  This driver supports 
    -  wave playback and capture
    -  Full-duplex audio (for applications such as Netmeeting)
    -  CrystalWave MIDI
    -  Mixer Input and Output Controls
    -  DirectShow playback
    -  DirectSound2D playback 
    -  DirectSound3D Playback
    -  DirectSound mixing
    -  Advanced Power Management
    -  DOS Box FM Synthesis
    -  DOS Box SoundBlaster
    -  External MIDI Input (SysX and short messages)
    -  External MIDI Output
    -  ZV Port
    -  DOS FM Synthesis
    -  DOS Legacy support
    -  Dynamic Settings Changes
    -  Windows/DOS Box Digital Joystick Support
    -  DOS/DOS Box/Windows Analog Joystick support

2.  Driver Kit Files

    The  driver kit consists of the following 43 files :

	CWC3D    OS_         1,690  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWC4610  OS_         5,167  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWC4612  OS_         2,829  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCASYNC OS_         1,825  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCAUDIO INF        26,654  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCDATAC OS_           411  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCDDMA  OS_        19,417  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCDGAME OS_        19,612  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCDOS   EX_        36,048  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCDSND  VX_        32,939  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCECHO  VX_         5,962  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCENUM  VX_         3,375  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCEQ    OS_           645  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCFM    DR_        10,319  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCFM    OS_         4,342  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCHRTF  22_       123,114  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCHRTF  44_       189,777  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCHRTF  V2_       128,747  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCHRTF  V4_       210,622  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCIOTRP OS_         7,882  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCJOY   VX_         2,631  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCLANG  DA_        10,813  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCLANG  DLL        80,896  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCMMSYS DR_        85,527  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCMMSYS VX_        70,932  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCOPROC VX_        15,240  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCPASS  VX_        21,334  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCPCPCI OS_        19,752  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCPROPS CP_        36,529  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCPROXY VX_         1,438  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSBFG  OS_         1,761  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSBPRO VX_        21,401  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSPAT  OS_           481  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSPKPH OS_         3,150  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSPUD  DA_        13,318  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSPUD  VX_        89,414  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCSPUD3 VX_        10,933  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCWT    OS_         3,583  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCWTDOS OS_        19,451  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWCZHFM  OS_           927  08-16-99  2:08a
	CWGMSG   VX_         3,384  08-16-99  2:08a
	FV2880   CAT             3  08-16-99  2:08a
	SETUP    EXE       103,424  08-16-99  2:08a

3.  Installing Crystal Audio Drivers
    WINDOWS 95
    1.	Windows95 will detect the PCI Multimedia Audio device.  Press the NEXT 

    2.  The driver for the Crystal SoundFusion (tm) PCI Audio will be requested
        by the Operating System. Enter the drive letter assigned to your CDROM 
        or press the BROWSE button and search for the CDROM Drive or the 
        location of the driver files. Once the path has been provided, press 
        the FINISH button.

   3.	Again, Windows95 will request that you provide the Crystal 
	SoundFusion(tm) Disk.  Press the OK button to continue, then 
	provide the path to the location of the driver files.

    WINDOWS 98
    1.  Windows will detect the PCI Multimedia Audio Device and initiate the 
        Add New Hardware Wizard.  Press the NEXT button to continue.

    2.  Select the 'Search for the best driver for your device' option and press
        the NEXT button.

    3.  Select the CD-ROM drive (or the appropriate path to the location of 
        the driver files).  Press the NEXT button.

    4.  The installation wizard will indicate that it is ready to install the 
        Crystal SoundFusion (tm) Audio driver.  Press the NEXT button to 
    5.  Press the FINISH button to complete the installation.

4.  Uninstalling or Updating Crystal Audio Drivers
    1. 	From the Windows START menu, run SETUP.EXE located in the Crystal 
        SoundFusion(tm) CD and select Install or Uninstall.  This application 
        will do an automatic clean-up of the Windows 95 Crystal Audio registry 
        NOTE: Many problems with reinstallation occur because of existing 
        registry entries from previous installations and because of the 
        \WINDOWS\INF\OEMx.INF files.  After running SETUP.EXE, the various 
        Crystal devices should not be listed in the Device Manager window.  

    2. 	Restart your system.  If you want to remove or install any hardware, 
	select the SHUTDOWN option and turn off your PC.

    3.	Turn PC on.  Upon loading, Windows 95 will detect new hardware, create 
	an information database, and proceed with the installation of Crystal 
	device drivers (as described in the previous section)

5.  Known Problems and Limitations
   - Playing MIDI, CD audio, wave and capture when AEC is turned ON, may slow
     down the system.
   - The joystick calibration for DOS games may be poor.
   - Play or capture may cause intermitent noise when ZV port is enabled.
   - The system my prompt for a restart when the audio device Disabled or
     removed from device manager.
   - Audio may sound temporarly abnormal after a suspend/resume sequence while
     playing a MIDI file using FM as the preferred MIDI playback device.
   - When three waves files or more are played simultaneously through Media
     Player and the system is suspended, then some stuttering will be heard
     upon resuming.
   - The S/P DIF out left channel may occasionally be distorted.

6.  Copyright and Trademarks
    * All brands and product names noted herein are the property or trademarks
      of their respective holders.

                                                             Cirrus Logic, 1999

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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