HISTORY.TXT Driver File Contents (SoundBlaster_Drivers_Update_for_Win95__rev._13_.zip)

History.txt for
Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE Windows 95 Drivers Updates

Rev 13 [3 Apr 98]
1. Resolve the problem of removing instrument(s) from User Bank 0.

2. Corrected the reporting of compressed formats supported by the audio drivers.

3. MPU-Emulation device is no longer created by default. MPU-port addresses 
   (eg 300, 330) must be included in the SB16 resources (in Device Manager) 
   for MPU-Emulation to work.

4. Resolved the problem of Windows 95 defined devices appearing as a device
   driver installation option during Windows NT setup.

Rev 12 [15 Dec 97]

1. Fixed the problem due to the DirectSound playback getting the same wave device as the WaveIn.

2. Fixed wave playback looping problems in full duplex mode.

Rev 11 [1 Aug 97]

1. Solve bug for Creative Mixer 32 application on CT4520 and CT4530 cards.

2. Enable DOS Games to run in DOSBox on system that implements 16CL chip as a motherboard BIOS drive.

3. Set noise level of CT4520 to be almost the same as CT4500.

4. Restriction of allowing S/PDIF output only at 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo is removed.
   S/PDIF output is always enabled if playback rate is 44.1 kHz.

5. Changed "Direct Sound" to "DirectSound" according to Microsoft requirements.

Rev 10 [3 Jul 97]

1. Add the support for CT4171 cards

Rev 9 [22 Apr 97]

1. Resolving DirectX3 issues by creating an extra backup of SBAWE32.DRV

2. This version of the driver fixes problems with APM when the system
   resumes from standby. This is because standby messages were not
   trapped. A problem where the value for Modulation LFO to Filter
   Cutoff affects Vibrato when it shouldn't, has also been fixed.

Rev 8 [4 Feb 97]

1. Includes AWE64 Gold supports.

2. Resolves a DirectX 3 bug.

3. Allows simultaneous playback of WaveSynth/WG and wave recording at
   - 22KHz 16Bit if WaveSynth/WG is not enabled to play at CD quailty
   - 44KHz 16Bit if WaveSynth/WG is enabled to play at CD quality

Rev 7 [9 Dec 96]

1. Includes Vibra16CL and AWE64 support.

2. Solves the Unknown Device problem in Device Manager.

Rev 6 [21 Oct 96]

1. Includes updates from Microsoft for DirectX 3.0.

2. Detects the presence of OEM Service Release Pack 2.

3. Enhances the AWE32 Upgrade support.

4. Fixes the problem of mic record setting not being saved on restart.

Rev 5 [25 Sept 96]

1. Resolves problems in full duplex mode.

Rev 4 [19 Aug 96]:

1. Solves the problem of wave file cannot be loaded into different
   user banks except bank 0.

2. Improved 3D audio implementation.

3. Added new exclusive class instrument related to SoundFont 2.0.

4. Incorporated the DirectSound bug fixes from Microsoft.

5. Fixes the stereo sample bug related to Vienna 2.0.

6. Fixes the MIDI bank wrap-around problem as seen from the AWE
   Control Panel.

7. Raises the version number for the AWE drivers (sbawe32.drv
   /sbawe.vxd) to 4.32.12 to avoid version clashes with Microsoft
   DirectX 3.0 drivers.

8. Resolves the following problems in mixer:
   - the mute setting status for CD, LineIn and Mic are not
     reflected correctly after restoration
   - the treble and bass settings are always at zero position upon 

9. Adds a new property sheet to let the user enable or disable the
   Full Duplex operation feature.

Rev 3 [30 May 96]:

1. Provides an executable driver update program, upddrv95.exe. The 
   upddrv95.exe and upddrv95.inf should be in pair and it should be 
   together with all the new drivers.

2. Resolves a problem when an AWE device is removed from the Device 
   Manager when 2 AWE cards are installed.

3. Prevents Device Manager from reporting that the AWE device requires 
   manual configuration even though the device is working properly.

4. Resolves a installation problem of DirectSound Demo CD Odysse.

5. Fixes FM music cannot be heard problem on sound cards with model
   number CT2760, CT3780, CT3900, CT391x, CT3980.
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