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		 Analog Devices, Inc., Sound Processing Team

			      AD1812 SoundPort Controller
			Windows 3.1x Driver Package

				Release V1.52, 15 Aug 1996


Release notes

This version of the AD1812 Win31 drivers improves over the V1.0 drivers by 
adding support for the XCTL0 and the XCTL1 pins. Developers can now write
applications that directly control spatializers, such as QSound's, through
these pins.

This version also provides a much more user friendly SETUP.EXE program, that
lets the user opt for an installation with default settings, or for an 
installation with customized resource settings.

It further improves on older versions by fully detecting whether the AD1812
is enabled in PnP or non PnP mode on the board. When enabled in PnP mode and
running Win95, the user can still default back to Win31 without having to
change the AD1812's jump setting.

This version will compatible with the ICU (Intel Configuration Utility) for
non PnP BIOS mother-board. You can run the ICU dos configration utility to
setting the PnP resource. We recommend the customer to setting the same
resource for the AD1812 during install the AD1812 win3.1 device driver and run
the ICU dos configration utility.

This version also reduced the TSR memory requirement.


This document contains instructions to configure the AD1812 Sound System
software for use with your AD1812 SoundPort Controller. This software is 
designed to run with the production release of the AD1812 SoundPort Controller. 
Earlier revisions of the AD1812 SoundPort controller are not supported by this release.

S y s t e m   R e q u i r e m e n t s

  - 80486 PC-AT compatible or faster machine.
  - 4 MB DRAM or greater.
  - 1 free 16-bit ISA-bus expansion slot.
  - 400 KB free hard disk space for minimum software installation.
  - Microsoft Windows 3.1x
E v a l u a t i o n   B o a r d   I n s t a l l a t i o n

This software supports both the PnP mode and non-PnP mode and will 
automaticly recognize the hardware jumper setting.

S o f t w a r e   I n s t a l l a t i o n

  1. Start Microsoft Windows.
  2. From the Program Manager, select the File | Run menu item.
  3. Run the SETUP.EXE program located in the root directory of your
     installation diskette.
  4. INSTALL will run and display the option to proceed with DEFAULT SETTINGS,
      or to proceed with custom CONFIGURE settings.
  5. INSTALL will ask you to specify the directory to install the software to
     on your hard drive. If you want to install the software somewhere other
     than C:\ADISOUND, specify the alternate location at this point.
  6. INSTALL will confirm that the software has been installed on your system
     and will exit.
  8. After Installation, you need to reboot your PC to activate the device.

Resolving resource conflicts

After a successfull installation an icon with the name HW SETUP will have been
installed in the AD1812 program group in the Program Manager. Use this utility to
change the AD1812 resource settings post facto, in case of resource conflicts with
other installed cards.

1. Open the AD1812 program group in the Program Manager.
2. Change the resource settings appropriately to resolve conflicts.
    Use the DEFAULT button to program default values.
3. Click on the OK button to accept the new values.
4. Restart the windows to make the new settings effective.

A D 1 8 1 2   M i x e r   A p p l i c a t i o n

The AD1812 Mixer application provides control of the AD1812's Windows Sound
System device's extended mixer capabilities. It will only run if the Windows
Sound System device is enabled.


	* HOME = set gain to zero
	* END = set gain to full scale
	* PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN = course gain adjust
	* UPARROW/DOWNARROW = fine gain adjust
	* TAB = select next control
	* ENTER (or double click) = open/close Enhanced View (Master Playback
	  & Record Gain control sliders only)
	* MOUSE CLICK = set gain to current mouse position setting instantly
	* MOUSE DRAG = drag gain setting to current mouse position


	* HOME = set balance 100% to the right channel
	* END = set balance 100% to the left channel
	* INSERT = center the balance
	* PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN = course balance adjust right/left
	* RIGHTARROW/LEFTARROW = fine balance control right/left
	* MOUSE CLICK = set balance to current mouse position instantly
	* MOUSE DRAG = drag balance to current mouse position


	* SPACEBAR = toggle mute on/off
	* MOUSE CLICK = toggle mute on/off

Sound blaster game support

After system boot in MS-DOS, the TSR PnP utility will automaticly 
set the AD1812 to the sound blaster mode. This enables playing 
Sound Blaster DOS games. When Win3.1is started, this utility will 
automaticly switch to the Windows Sound System mode. When you 
exit from Win3.1, it will automatically switch back to Sound Blaster mode.

Trouble shooting

In Win3.1 it's possible a hardware conflict occurs, that crashes the system.
In such case, manually remove the TSR PnP utility in the autoexec.bat file, and
run the hwsetup program again. Alternatively, you can take out the board and run 
the setup program again with other choices of I/O resources.
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