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Real 3D StarFighter(R) TV-Out                      readmeTVOut.txt

This information applies to StarFighter boards equipped with the
TV-Out connector (video in/out option).

If a TV is Connected Before Turning on Computer:

Your StarFighter startup may have been configured in one of two ways:

 1. If a TV is attached to the StarFighter TV-Out connector before 
    the computer is turned on, TV-Out will automatically be enabled
    whether or not a computer monitor is also attached.
 2. If a TV is attached to the StarFighter TV-Out connector before
    the computer is turned on, TV-Out will automatically be enabled
    only if a computer monitor is not attached.  If a computer
    monitor is attached, TV-Out will default to the disabled state.

 If you have setup number 1 but would prefer number 2, you may
 contact Technical Support via the Real 3D website (
 for a video BIOS revision that supports this default.  Be aware
 that video BIOS updates are not always successful and may result
 in an inoperative graphics card.  Be advised that your OEM or
 Retailer may not accept a graphics card for return when the
 purchaser has attempted to upgrade the card's BIOS.

If a TV is Connected After Turning on Computer:

To enable TV-Out if a TV is attached to the StarFighter TV-Out
connecter after the computer is turned on:

    1. Right-click on the Desktop and choose "Properties" or 
       click on Start=>Settings=>Control Panel and double-click 
       on Display.

    2. Select the R3D main tab and click "Select Tabs".

    3. On the tab selection page, check the "TV I/O Settings" box.

    4. Close the Display Properties sheet, and then reopen it as
       in Step 1.  The R3D TV Out tab is now available.

    5. Select the R3D TV Out tab and enable the TVOut port.

    Note: The resolution of the computer monitor must be set to 
          either 640x480 or 800x600 for TVOut support.  Otherwise
          the TVOut tab will not appear.


When TVOut is enabled, some computer monitors may compress the
picture in the vertical direction and stretch it in the horizontal
direction.  This will not effect the picture displayed to the TV.


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