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MDK: Mission Laguna Beach(tm) Version
This version of MDK is a limited version. The full product has many 
more levels, weapons, and enemies for you to experience. See your
local retailer for this and other great Shiny, Playmates, and 
Interplay products.

1)  System Requirements
2)  Installation
3)  Main Menu Screen
4)  Controls
5)  Troubleshooting
6)  Game Play Tips
7)  Customer Support and Warranty Returns
8)  Additional Credits
9)  Legal Stuff

System Requirements
Pentium 90 or better
16 Megs required
SVGA Video Card
100% Sound Blaster compatible Sound Card
34 Megs of Free Hard Disk Space
DirectX 5 for Force Feedback Joysticks
Windows 95

Run the SETUP.EXE program under the MDKLAG directory and
simply follow the directions.

Main Menu Screen
All menus can be accessed by using the mouse or arrow keys.

By selecting this you will immediately enter the MDK universe

All the default keyboard controls are listed here.  During gameplay, if you need help at 
any time pressing the F1 key will bring up this help menu.

You can select the volume of the Music versus Sound here.  Your
sound card should already have been configured through Windows 95.

MDK can be played using a joystick or joypad.  You must select the 'Enable Joystick' option 
to use a joystick.  You can then arrange the button configuration to your preference.  To 
return to the standard setup, select 'Default Buttons'.
Your joystick should be set up and calibrated already by using
the WIN95 calibrating software.(IN YOUR CONTROL PANEL)

You can change the function of most keys and customize the controls to your preferences 
by highlighting the action and then pressing the key you would like to assign to this 
function.  To save your preferences, select 'Quit' when you are satisfied with your 
control options.  To return to the default keyboard configuration, select that option.

Selecting this option, MDK will perform a hardware test of your system and compare it 
to some standard systems.  Your system may vary from the benchmark systems due to 
several factors, including type of RAM used (SRAM or standard), video card and video 
RAM available, CD-ROM speed, 32-bit Disk access enabled or disabled, etc.  Do not be 
concerned if your system performs below the benchmark level.  This program is helpful 
to reveal hardware that may limit your experience with MDK. In accelerated version, such
as the Rendition version, your system will rank far beyond the normal "benchmarked"
systems. This is due to the increased 3D performance that your card offers, as video speed
is a key factor in system performance.

There are 3 settings available, 'Easy', 'Normal', and 'Difficult'.  Select whichever skill 
level is appropriate for your ability. 

Selects the screen brightness.  This option can also be changed during the game by 
pressing the F11 key at any time.  To increase the frame rate if you are experiencing any 
slowdown in the performance of MDK, you can turn the detail level to 'Low', which 
should help.

Controls (Default)

Arrow keys   - Will move Kurt in that direction.  Also controls aiming in sniper mode.
Space Bar    - Toggle in/out of Sniper mode
A/Z          - Zoom in/Zoom out in Sniper mode.  In normal mode, it shifts the camera to look 
               up or down.
Control key  - Fires selected weapon
Alt key      - Jump.  While in mid-air pressing the alt key a second time will activate the 
               ribbon chute.
Enter key    - Will use/activate the selected pickup
0-9          - Select specific pickup item...
[ and ]      - Toggle left and right through different ammunition and pickup items
Shift key    - Selects turbo mode which speeds up Kurt's running and turning speed
Caps Lock    - Keeps turbo mode on
X            - When used with the left and right arrow keys will make Kurt sidestep
, or .       - Sidestep left or right.  Can be used In conjunction with Control Key to make
               Kurt strafe left / right.
Esc          - Quit game

Function Keys
F1  - brings up the help menu which gives all the keyboard controls
F2  - Save game.
F3  - Load game.
F10 - Quit game. 
F11 - Adjust brightness
F12 - Brings up the Options screen.

Additional Information

BONES AIRSTRIKE - While in sniper mode, the center of the targeting display will 
change to red when aimed at an area that Bones can hit.   If it is not a valid target, Bones
will alert you by a rather rude noise.  Simply press the fire button to call Bones in to 
bomb the area.

Trouble Shooting
Q: Help!  I can't get MDK to run!
A: MDK requires 16 Megs of RAM to run.  If you do not have this, MDK will either not 
   run, or may crash often during gameplay.

Q: My joystick won't work.  What's the problem?
A: Check to make sure your joystick is set up correctly.  Then check in the MDK 
   'Joystick' options to make sure the joystick is enabled.

Q: The sound doesn't work on my machine.  Can you help?
A: Check to make sure that your soundcard is operating correctly within Windows 95.
   Remember that in Win95 you can have a correctly operating soundcard but 
   have the sound muted.  Double click on the speaker icon on the task bar to see if the 
   sound is set to 'mute all'.

Game Play Tips & Techniques

Q: How do I get out of the practice room?
A: See the guy on top of the tower in the distance?  Back away from the 
   red wall a little (behind the depression in the floor is good), go into 
   sniper mode, and blow him away by shooting either their targets or 
   their heads.  Kill the next two guys in the same way.  Now the aliens are 
   behind the glass...Can't hit them? Shoot the skull and crossbones 
   "deathcrate" on the platform slightly below the middle tower top.  Now 
   use the handgrenade that falls in front of you to blow up the red glass 
   wall.  See the mortar on the pillar in front of you?  Jump off the top 
   step and use the parachute to pick this up.  Now change to sniper mode 
   and shoot one of your newfound mortars through the black hole above the 
   middle window...
   There are arrows painted on the building pointing to this.  When one 
   goes through, wait and watch the fireworks...

Q: Why doesn't the Bones Airstrike work in some areas?
A: When you have picked up the Bones airstrike power-up, you must go into sniper 
   mode to use it.  Make sure the airstrike power up is the ammunition selected.  The center 
   of your targeting system will turn white when it is focused in on an area that Bones can 
   bomb.  Bones can't 'Deliver Kindness' in enclosed environments or under overhangs 
   since he's got to fly in to bomb the area.  When you have selected the target, press the 
   weapon fire button.  This tells Bones that you have set your target and it is OK for him 
   to start his bombing run.

Q: I don't know what all the weapons do!  Help!
A: Whenever you pick up an item, the name of the weapon appears.  This should give 
   you some clue as to the item's abilities.   You are receiving the new weapons as soon as 
   the good doctor invents them, so  there's not a lot of advanced documentation on these 
   items.  If you don't know what a weapon does, then find a quiet area and fire one off to 
   test it. 

Q: I'm having trouble aiming quickly enough in sniper mode. Any suggestions?
A: Keep the zoom level very low when finding targets.  Put the crosshairs on the target 
   and then zoom in.  This method is much more effective than zooming in and then trying 
   to acquire the target.

Q: How do I set up MDK to play with a joystick or mouse?
A: Well, go to the options screen for whichever device you would like 
   to use.  Each menu lets you assign a button to any number of actions. 
   By pressing the button on the joystick, you will see a light in the top 
   column light up.  Use the arrows on the keyboard, or the mouse, to 
   highlight the action you would like assigned to that button in the same
   vertical column.  Then either left-click or hit the Enter key to assign 
   that button to the action.
   We suggest that you only assign one action to a button when beginning 
   to play MDK.  As you become more experienced, you may wish to assign 
   two or three actions to a button.

Q: Why would I want to assign two actions to one button? Wouldn't that 
   be confusing?
A: Some actions, like 'Zoom In' are only available in sniper mode while 
   other actions like 'Jump' can't be used in sniper mode.  One button can 
   be safely assigned to both of these actions.  Notice that the same 
   default button works for 'Zoom In' and 'Look Up'?  As you get used to 
   MDK, you can customize the controls to your liking. 
   Assigning a button to two actions like 'Change Weapon' and 'Jump' isn't 
   very practical and is very confusing, which is why we don't do that.

Q: Why doesn't my performance test figure match the default ratings?
A: Or, why doesn't it tell me what I want to hear?
   The performance test basically does what the game does, and measures 
   the framerate (although the number displayed is NOT frame rate).  This 
   depends on many factors, NOT JUST YOUR PROCESSOR SPEED.  The test 
   figures were done on machines with 32Mb of RAM and 4MB Matrox Millenium 
   graphics cards.  Factors which can possibly affect your performance 
   figures are: - Video card transfer speed, bank switching, memory speed, 
   cache size, processor speed, processor type...

Q: But still, my performance figure is way off what it should be...
A: We are planning a new version of the performance test that starts 
   with the question "What rating would you like to get?" and then 
   displays this rating on screen with a bit of variance and some nice 
   swirly graphics that make it look like we're doing something 

Q: I have a Cyrix x86, why doesn't MDK detect my FPU?
A: The performance section of MDK does not currently detect the Cyrix 
   FPU, since the Cyrix chip does not support the CPUID function.  
   However, the game will still do all of the floating point stuff, since 
   it presumes that, no matter what the state of the FPU bit, if a machine 
   passes the 486 lockout, IT WILL HAVE AN FPU.  

Q: What does MDK stand for?
A: It stands for whatever we say it stands for on any given day. 
   I.e., today it stands for Mother's Day Kisses...

Q: Where can I get further technical assistance or ask game play questions?
A: See the section entitled MDK Customer Support. 

   Feel free to send comments, suggestions, bugs, to
   Check out our website at or

Customer Support

Refer to your Quick Start card (mini manual), that came with your CD,
for Customer Support and CD replacement information.

Additional Credits for Interplay OEM Inc.

Executive Producer -
Dave Coy

Produced by-
Greg Hersch

Lead Tester -
Tom 'the man' Hitchcock

Testers -
Lawrence Woo
Christopher Dunn

Quick Start -
Danny Stanley 

CD Face Art - 
Christopher Dunn

Legal Stuff   

Earthworm Jim (c)1997 Shiny Entertainment. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  Character 
Created by Douglas TenNapel.   

MDK and all related characters/artwork (c) 1997 Shiny Entertainment, 

'Other Territories' [as outlined above]
Consult your manual or local distributor for applicable Legal information.

     General Product License.  This copy of MDK (the 'Software')  is 
intended solely for your personal noncommercial home entertainment use. 
You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, 
except as permitted by law.  Interplay Productions and Shiny 
Entertainment retain all right, title and interest in the Software 
including all intellectual property rights embodied therein and 
derivatives thereof. The Software, including, without limitation, all 
code, data structures, characters, images, sounds, text, screens, game 
play, derivative works and all other elements of the Software may not 
be copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or 
otherwise), used on pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or 
for any commercial purpose. Any permissions granted herein are provided 
on a temporary basis and can be withdrawn by Interplay Productions at 
any time.  All rights not expressly granted are reserved. 

     Modem and Network Play.  If the Software contains modem or 
network play, you may play the Software via modem transmission with 
another person or persons directly without transmission through a third 
party service or indirectly through a third party service only if such 
service is an authorized licensee of Interplay.  For the purposes of 
this license, a third party service refers to any third party service 
which provides a connection between two or more users of the Software, 
manages, organizes, or facilitates game play, translates protocols, or 
otherwise provides a service which commercially exploits the Software, 
but does not include a third party service which merely provides a 
telephonic connection (and nothing more) for modem or network play.  
Authorized licensee services are listed on the Interplay Productions 
World Wide Web Site located at This limited 
right to transmit the Software expressly excludes any transmission of 
the Software or any data streams thereof on a commercial basis, 
including, without limitation, transmitting the Software by way of a 
commercial service (excepting those specific commercial services 
licensed by Interplay) which translates the protocols or manages or 
organizes game play sessions.  If you would like information about 
obtaining a pay-for-play or commercial license to the Software, please 
call Interplay Productions in the US at +(714) 553-6655.

     Acceptance of License Terms.  By acquiring and retaining this 
Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions of this limited 
license.  If you do not accept the terms of this limited license, you 
must return the Software together with all packaging, manuals and other 
material contained therein to the store where you acquired the Software 
for a full refund.

Published by Shiny Entertainment, Inc. and distributed in the rest of 
the world by Interplay Productions.

Published by Shiny Entertainment, Inc. and distributed in Europe by 
Interplay Productions, Ltd.

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