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		    Fast Ethernet Controller Provider Inc.
		       PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter

		  NDIS 2 Driver For Banyan VINES Installation

	   Copyright (C) 1999 Fast Ethernet Controller Provider Inc.
			     All rights reserved.

The driver named FastNIC contained in the directory NDIS conforms to the
Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) defined by Microsoft/3Com.

NDIS 2 Driver Installation on Banyan VINES

  1. Type Pcconfig and press <Enter> to display the "Configuring A PC for
     the Network" window.

  2. Select "1 -  Network Card Setting," and press <Enter>. Your screen will
     prompt you with the possible hardware configuration options.

  3. Choose the "NDIS Ethernet" option and press <Enter>.

  4. Type the appropriate interrupt number, and add the FastNIC to the 
     PROTOCOL bindings =.

  5. Press <F10> when the process is complete.  Or press <Esc> to exit this

  6. Select "2 - Login Environment Settings," and press <Enter>.

  7. Select "1 - Select Default Communications Driver," and press <Enter>.

  8. Select "NDIS Ethernet," and press <Esc> to exit this menu.

  9. Press <F10> to save all choices.

 10. Modify the CONFIG.SYS and the PROTOCOL.INI files as in the following

Sample Configuration Files



  2. PROTOCOL.INI file for the LAN Manager

	[protocol manager]
	  DriverName = PROTMAN$
	  DriverName = FSTNIC$

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