README.TXT Driver File Contents (P2KXP809.ZIP)

                An Installation Guide for Winbond W6692 Add-on Card

Release Date : May 17,1999
Version : 1.0
Tested Platform :
        H/W -- 486, Pentium-based PC system, PCI bus
        OS -- Win95, Win95 OSR2 version, win98
        Driver API -- NDIS 3.0
        Application Software -- Microsoft ISDN Acceleration Pack 1.1, 1.2

A. Explanation for source files on disk
     All programs must be executed in Win95 or Win98 system.
        \ : NDIS miniport driver
                - WB692PCI.INF : driver information file (for install)
                - WB692.sys: driver

        \isdnpack : ISDN accelerator pack provided by Microsoft
                - ISDNPACK.EXE : English version 1.1 (Copyright
                  is belonged to Microsoft)

        \CAPI2032.dll the CAPI2.0 Driver

B. Loop test.

   Execute the file "\test\Looptest.exe" to do the loopback test for your ISDN

C. Internet application
    (1). Installation
          1. (In Win98, you can skip this step)
             Install Microsoft ISDN accelerator pack 1.1 if it does not exist:
             Execute A:\isdnpack\isdnpack.exe, then it will generate a folder
             (Accessories) in Programs-folder that includes an internet
             application program (Dial-up networking)

          2. Turn Off PC power, and then insert the ISDN card into PCI slot

          3. Turn ON PC power, Window system will detect an ISDN card and
             the systenm will ask user a ISDN miniport driver for the ISDN card.

          4. Enter the driver installation file(A:\wb692pci.inf)
             to install the w6692 ISDN PCI miniport driver

          5. Restart Windows system

          *Note: During the installation, if the system wants to copy some
                 file(s) but it does not exist in driver disk, please
                 insert the Windows Setup CD-R and change the installation path
                 to it.

     (2). How to connect to internet
          1. Create a new connection for ISP application :
                . Execute Dial-up networking(in Programs/accessories folder)
                . Double-click make-new-connection icon, it will ask user to
                  enter configuratuin parameters
                  (eg. Area code : 3 and telephone number : 4125678 )
                . After that a "My Cnnection" icon is created.

          2. Double-click "My Connection" icon
             If you need to connect to ISP by MPPP(128 Kbps), in "My Connection"
             properties, add another line with the same device name(W6692 ISDN
             Card-Line0x) in multilink openion.

          3. Enter user name and password for connecting to Internet Service Provider
             and then press connect button to connect to Internet Service Provider

          4. After a connection to ISP is installed, Explore or Netscape can be
             executed to access Internet

D. CAPI Application
   After Installation, the CAPI2032.dll is ready in the system . You can
   execute the CAPI application to invoke the W6692 adapter via CAPI2032.dll.

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

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