Floppy2/FILELIST.TXT Driver File Contents (I128ser2_v2.09.zip)

Driver Package File Name: I128ser2_v2.09.zip
File Size: 1.2 MB

|                                                                |
|             Imagine Series (C) Copyright 1994-1996             |
|            Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation           |
|                                                                |
This is a listing of all the files contained on the distribution
diskette.  This listing can be duplicated, in this order, using
the DOS "DIR" command.  If any files are missing on the diskette,
please contact your distributor or Number Nine Visual Technology 
Corporation immediately.

Files ending with extension ".EXX" must be renamed with the 
extension .EXE before being used.  Likewise, files ending with
a "_" must be decompressed using the DOS EXPAND utility.  These
files will automatically be translated during a windows SETUP

HAWKEYE.CP_     Hawkeye Control Panel Applet.                     (Compressed)
COLOR_95.DL_    Color Perfect Feature                             (Compressed)
CURSOR95.DL_    Chameleon Cursor Feature                          (Compressed)
HAWKKEYS.DL_    Hawk Keys Feature.                                (Compressed)
INTERX95.DL_    International Exchange Feature.                   (Compressed)
IREX_95.DL_     Resolution Information Library for Imagine        (Compressed)
ISYNC_95.DL_    Imagine Board Sync Library.                       (Compressed)
IZOOM_95.DL_    Imagine Zoom Library                              (Compressed)
MONLST95.DL_    Monitor List for HAWK95.                          (Compressed)
MSYNC_95.DL_    Monitor Adjustment Feature                        (Compressed)
PATTIF95.DL_    Pattif Library                                    (Compressed)
PLACE95.DL_     Place Windows Feature                             (Compressed)
REX_95.DL_      Resolution Exchange Feature                       (Compressed)
STATUS95.DL_    Status Feature                                    (Compressed)
STOP95.DL_      Stop Box Feature                                  (Compressed)
ZOOM_95.DL_     Zoom Feature                                      (Compressed)
HAWK_95.EX_     HawkEye 95 Application                            (Compressed)
RESTART.EX_     16 Bit application for restarting windows.        (Compressed)
HAWKDAN.HL_     HawkEye Help - Danish                             (Compressed)
HAWKDEU.HL_     HawkEye Help - German                             (Compressed)
HAWKESP.HL_     HawkEye Help - Spanish                            (Compressed)
HAWKEYE.HL_     HawkEye Help                                      (Compressed)
HAWKFRA.HL_     HawkEye Help - French                             (Compressed)
HAWKITA.HL_     HawkEye Help - Italian                            (Compressed)
HAWKJPN.HL_     HawkEye Help - Japanese                           (Compressed)
HAWKSVE.HL_     HawkEye Help - Swedish                            (Compressed)
HAWKDAN.CN_     Contents file for Danish Help Text.               (Compressed)
HAWKDEU.CN_     Contents file for German Help Text.               (Compressed)
HAWKESP.CN_     Contents file for Spanish Help text.              (Compressed)
HAWKEYE.CN_     Contents file for help.                           (Compressed)
HAWKFRA.CN_     Contents file for French Help text.               (Compressed)
HAWKITA.CN_     Contents file for Italian Help Text.              (Compressed)
HAWKJPN.CN_     Contents file for Japanese Help text.             (Compressed)
HAWKSVE.CN_     Contents file for Swedish Help Text.              (Compressed)
FILELIST.TXT    Contents of Imagine Series Installation Disk.     
I128VERS.TXT    Contains the version of Imagine Series Installation Disk.

|                                                                |
|             Imagine Series (C) Copyright 1994-1996             |
|            Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation           |
|                                                                |

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