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				Release Notes

Driver Name  : QLogic PCI Fibre Channel Adapter StorMiniport Driver
Version      :
Date         : 04/07/2005
OS platform  : Windows Server 2003/Windows 2000
FW version   : 3.03.13 IPX

Table of Contents
I.   Overview
II.  Enhancements
III. Bug Fixes
IV.  Known Issues
V.   Additional Information
I.   Overview

The following document provides details of QLogic's Fibre Channel StorMiniport driver 
changes between version and

II.  Enhancements QL 3.03.13 - 04/07/05
    *   RISC code 3.03.13 QL 3.03.12 - 02/28/05
    *   RISC code 3.03.12
    *   Add support for AMD29LV40, ST M29W040, and Macronix MX29LV040 flash chips
    *   Add full support of Emphasis and Swing for 2312/2322
    *   Add flash support for Macronix and Guadalupe QL 3.03.08 - 01/05/05
    *   RISC code 3.03.08
    *   Add full support of Emphasis and Swing for 2312/2322
    *   Add flash support for Macronix and Guadalupe

III.  Bug Fixes QL 3.03.12 - 03/08/05
    *   Fix mark device offline issue
    *   Fix the driver to detect VSA target using valid data buffer QL 3.03.12 - 03/04/05
    *   Fix device scan issue in loop environment QL 3.03.12 - 02/28/05

    *   Fixed bug in CCSMI PassThrough Ioctl command where Storport notification is 
        not performed if ioctl is completed with error (ER40546).  
    *   Close OPT200955/20356: v9.0.1.12 Driver is incorrectly displaying the data buffer content
        (for debug purpose) for the OEM specific Scsi Passthrough I/O request even an error is being
        reported, causing invalid memory access
    *   Close Dfct137732: The HCT phase-1 (SCSI reserve/release test) showed firmware dump from the
        v9.0.1.17/18 Qlogic HBAs in the debugview capture.  Firmware dump occurred on both nodes and
        each dump caused a power path failure, resulting in a node to go offline and failure of HCT
        phase-1 test.
    *   Close ER40280 - Unable to get back all configured devices (targets) after a cable pull 
        and reinsertion on a Switch w/ 9 targets attached. QL 3.03.08 - 01/05/05
    *   Fix retry I/O during link down
    *   Close Dfctxxxxxx: Cluster fails with continuous Reset Bus requests not handle properly
    *   Close rQm 263595: QLogic driver only returns partial data on some Rubah passthrough commands
    *   Close Er39380: Loopback test fails on qla2360 HBA
    *   Fix firmware load logic

IV.   Known Issues


V.   Additional Information


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