UDA driver.txt Driver File Contents (C-media-

//********************** C-Media AC97 UDA driver Release Note ***********************//

\\  UDA
1. Add Via south bridge GPIO polling function
2. Default phone-jack color/description change
3. Support AUX/CD volume control re-naming
4. improve Via platform channel change delay
5. Add EAPD 2ch case support
6. Disable SPDIF-OUT when muting the master volume 

1. improve modem compatibility with SiS7012 southbridge
2. resolve SiS7018 power managent problem
3. fix Hyperterminal issue on ALi platform
4. resolve recording from stereo-mix source balance adjustment issue

1. fix 9739L analog to center/bass copymode mute/unmute issue.

1.Support EAPD when disable S/PDIF-IN 

1. do not touch 64H B12 if the MIC does not share Central/Bass
2. implement ECS GPIO Headphone (Gpio : 2, GpioHeadphone : 2)
3. mute the recording gain while WAVE active
4. mute S/W S/PDIF Monitoring while AC/3 S/PDIF input

2.­×§ïReal one player ¼½©ñ®Étimer¤£·Ç°ÝÃD

1. resolve wrong initial volume for recording gain
2. add Aux/TV label name
3. show S/PDIF input format (PCM or Non-PCM) on CPL
4. save recording selection on Me
5. continuous boost gain for h/w recording threshold
6. fix the problem on digital channel that the hardware threshold gain enabled
1.  fix bug on wave for recording
2.  improve High Frequency Emphasis filter
3.  fix collocate modem card bug in VIA south bridge
Library version 026
1.  improve high pass filter for recording
2.  hide front/rear exchange forever
3.  synchronization for Hyper-threading
4.  fix card retrival noise on VIA
1.  Interrupt for Timer (based on VIA)
2.  Mic as Rear
1. setup h/w register while volume < RecordTH
2. fix bug on center/bass sharing
3. default boost disable & gain to 3dB
4. enable S/PDIF valid while enable analog input monitoring 
5. rsolve AC/3 encoder hang problem
6. add i/o delay on VIA
1.Configuration Interface Revision
  (1)Add in "Microphone" tab
  (2)Move XeaR 3D function to an independent tab
  (3)Must click radio button to activate the switch of speaker types
  (4)Add Loudness (3-12dB) and Auto-Gain-Control in volume control
  (5)Add information for new audio controller (south-bridge) 
  (6)Use Windows XP standard window in WinXP
2.Add "wave" slider for recording wave
4.Support ALI1563 south-bridge
5.15 languages support
1.S-Bracket Auto-Detection
2.Driver installation/update without setup program will contain Xear 3D Advanced program
3.Support ICH5 south-bridge
1. Microsoft Mixer Wave can control all channels
2. support SCMS (S/PDIF CopyRight bit)
3. improve DC offset
4. version (6.6) for property interface
5. support 5.1 & 4 channel on ALI5451, SiS7018
1. add S/PDIF Valid control in mixer for recording
2. add "Room Size" for Global Reverb
3. mute MIC while multi-channel mode and share mode
4. S/PDIF Loop support on new 9739 codec
5. fix some bugs on Jacks info
6. registry key "FrontRearXchg" for ear phone plus
1. support XeaR speaker shifter
2. 10-band equalizer support
3. dynamic phone jacks architecture
4. two options for XeaR mode, one is front/rear exchanging the other is defining XeaR 3D mode
1. fix SiS 961B/962B power management problem on S/PDIF
2. fix a bug on read/write registry
1. fix the problem that multi-channel audio demo crash
1. fix the click noise while speaker mode swapping (costomer complain the click noise while changing speaker mode)
2. chip version can be get by user mode program (CPL can show chip info by the feature)
3. Alternate MIC (MIC2) support (Advanced button in Microphone source in Mixer)
4. Center/Bass content can be swapped by user interface (controlled by CPL)
5  9739, Analog signal (LineIn, Mic ...) can be translated to S/PDIF OUT (controlled by CPL)
6. new way for S/PDIF control
7. fix SiS961B S/PDIF clock misfunction problem.
8. add switch for "Bass Enhancement" (controlled by CPL)
9. fix the bug 9739 cannot pass Wave DSound HCT test 
10. remove Validity selection for S/PDIF on Mixer.
11. S/PDIF Validity is controlled by audio format (PCM:0, Non-PCM:1)
12. separate registry key for each speaker configuration.
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