Nt4(Standard).txt Driver File Contents (C-media-

//***************** C-Media AC97 NT4 driver Release Note ******************//
                 (Support Intel ich2/ich4,sis7012,via8233)
                          --Standard Version--
-Add DCOffset
-   Unify the codec's output string to "C-Media AC97 xxxx" (ex. Mixer/Wave Out/Stereo In/Midi Out).
-   Fixed a bug: Mic Boost enable function.
-   Fixed a bug: Cmi9739: Master/Waveout volume control.
-Fixed a bug: Moving Waveout Volume when Mater volume is mute on Cmi9739.
-   Provide Cmint40.ini file to identify the special motherboard IDs and their features.
-   Fixed a bug: Let CD-In volume control smoothly in cmi9738.
-   Add to support nVidia and Via686 chipsets

Date: 2002/08/02
-   Fixed a bug: Master volume control

-   Fixed a bug: Move the balance of master volume to left and CD-In's to right most, it should be silence.

-   Fixed a bug: abnormal noise occurred on mic recording with 22.05kHz/single channel.

-   Let silence if the scale of Internal CD-In/ Line-In is setting to min.
-   Force codec playback/record state to 2-channels.

Date: 2002/06/11
Version: for Standard
-   Enable Master Volume Boost function. 
-   Support midi out function, and dynmaic checking midi library is existed or not.
-   FIT ASUS REQUIREMENT(ICH2/ICH4/Sis7012/Via8233 South Bridge):
      Combine Phone and Auxillary controls into one (Aux/Phone) on Windows Mixer.

Date: 2002/06/03
Version: for Standard
-  Default Master volume is set to Max(0xffff), 
   WaveOut, CD-Outn, Line-Out is the half of max(0x7fff),
   Mic-In, CD-In, Line-In is 0x1fff. 

Date: 2002/05/28
Version: for Standard
-     Enable Master Volume Boost function. 
Date: 2002/05/21
Version: for Standard
-    Check the secondary codec if the chipset is ich4 and primary codec is not ready.
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