areadme.txt Driver File Contents (q23w32Scsiv90112.exe)

                    QLogic HBAAPI v2.0 Library for Windows


1. Driver Requirement
2. Library File
3. HBAAPI v2.0 Support Matrix
4. Release History
5. Release Notes


1. Driver Requirement 

The library requries QLogic PCI Fibre Channel Scsi/Stor Miniport driver v8.2.0 or


2. Library File

*   HKLM\Software\SNIA\HBA\ql2x00

    contains the full path of the library file "%SystemRoot%\system32\ql2xhai2.dll"


3. HBAAPI v2.0 Support Matrix for QL23XX

HBA API	                                  Support     Notes
-------                                   -------     -----

HBA_GetVersion			            Yes
HBA_LoadLibrary			            Yes
HBA_FreeLibrary			            Yes
HBA_RegisterLibrary		            Yes
HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters		            Yes
HBA_GetAdapterName		            Yes
HBA_OpenAdapter			            Yes
HBA_CloseAdapter		            Yes
HBA_GetAdapterAttributes	            Yes
HBA_GetAdapterPortAttributes	            Yes
HBA_GetPortStatistics		            Yes
HBA_GetDiscoveredPortAttributes	            Yes
HBA_GetPortAttributesByWWN	            Yes
HBA_SendCTPassThru		            Yes
HBA_RefreshInformation		            Yes
HBA_ResetStatistics		            Yes         Deprecated
HBA_GetFcpTargetMapping		            Yes
HBA_GetFcpPersistentBinding	            No
HBA_GetEventBuffer		            Yes	        Link up/down, lip, rscn & els
HBA_SetRNIDMgmtInfo		            Yes
HBA_GetRNIDMgmtInfo		            Yes
HBA_SendRNID			            Yes         Only data format DF is supported
HBA_SendScsiInquiry		            Yes
HBA_SendReportLUNs		            Yes
HBA_SendReadCapacity		            Yes

HBA_RegisterLibraryV2                       Yes
HBA_OpenAdapterByWWN                        Yes
HBA_GetFcpTargetMappingV2                   Yes         LUID not supported
HBA_SendCTPassThruV2                        Yes
HBA_RefreshAdapterConfiguration             No
HBA_GetBindingCapability                    No
HBA_GetBindingSupport                       No
HBA_SetBindingSupport                       No
HBA_SetPersistentBindingV2                  No
HBA_GetPersistentBindingV2                  No
HBA_RemovePersistentBinding                 No
HBA_RemoveAllPersistentBindings             No
HBA_SendRNIDV2                              Yes
HBA_ScsiInquiryV2                           Yes
HBA_ScsiReportLUNsV2                        Yes
HBA_ScsiReadCapacityV2                      Yes
HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes              Yes
HBA_RemoveCallback                          Yes        Link events only
HBA_RegisterForAdapterAddEvents             No
HBA_RegisterForAdapterEvents                No
HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortEvents            No
HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortStatEvents        No
HBA_RegisterForTargetEvents                 No
HBA_RegisterForLinkEvents                   Yes	
HBA_SendRPL                                 Yes        Only agent_wwn is supported. 
HBA_SendRPS                                 Yes        Only object_wwn is supported.                      
HBA_SendSRL                                 No                                  
HBA_SendLIRR                                No
HBA_GetFC4Statistics                        Yes        Support Only for FCP, i.e FC4 Type is 0x08
HBA_GetFCPStatistics                        No

AdapterAttributes		Support	Notes
-----------------		-------	-----

Manufacturer			Yes
Serial Number			Yes
Model				Yes
Model Description		Yes
Node WWN			Yes
Node Symbolic Name		No
Hardware Version		No	Vendor specific
Driver Version			Yes
Option ROM Version		Yes
Firmware Version		Yes
Vendor Specific ID		No
Number Of Ports			Yes
Driver Name			Yes

AdapterPortAttributes		Support	Notes
---------------------		-------	-----

Node WWN			Yes
Port WWN			Yes
Port FcId			Yes
Port Type			Yes
Port State			Yes
Supported Class of Service	Yes
Supported Fc4Types		Yes
Active Fc4Types			Yes
Port Supported Speed		Yes
Port Speed			Yes
Port Max Frame Size		Yes
Port Symbolic Name		No	
OS Device Name			Yes
Number of Discovered Ports	Yes
Fabric Name			No

DiscoveredPortAttributes	Support	Notes
------------------------	-------	-----

Node WWN			Yes
Port WWN			Yes
Port Symbolic Name		No
Port FcId			Yes
Port Type			No
Port State			No
Supported Class of Service	No
Port Supported Fc4Types		No
Port Active Fc4Types		No
Port Supported Speed		No	Not applicable
Port Speed			No	Not applicable
Port Max Frame Size		No	Not applicable
OS Device Name			Yes
Number of Discovered Ports	No	Not applicable
Fabric Name			No	Not applicable

PortStatistics			Support	Notes
--------------			-------	-----

Seconds Since Statistics Reset	No	No OS support
TxFrames			No
RxFrames			No
TxWords				No
RxWords				No
LIPCount			No
NOSCount			No
ErrorFrames			No
DumpedFrames			No
LinkFailureCount		Yes
LossOfSyncCount			Yes
LossOfSignalCount		Yes
PrimitiveSeqProtocolErrCount	Yes
InvalidTxWordCount		Yes
InvalidCRCCount			Yes

FC4Statistics                   Support	Notes
-------------                   ------- -----
InputRequest                    Yes
OutputRequests                  Yes
ControlRequests                 Yes
InputMegabytes                  Yes
OutputMegabytes                 Yes

4. Release History 
================== - 02/20/2004
        Release of the library - 03/05/2004
        Release of the library - 05/24/2004
        Release of the library - 08/31/2004
        Release of the library


5. Release Notes 
================ - 02/20/2004

- Fixed issue where HBAGetAdapterAttributes returns a bad string for HardwareVersion 
- Add Support for HBA_GetFC4Statistics - 08/31/2004

- Synchronize QLHBAAPI_HANDLE structure with the one in SDMAPI, i.e. removing
  DriverName field
- Return error if 0 value is returned from getAEN ioctl


      Copyright (c) 2002-2004 QLogic Corporation. All rights reserved. 
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