readme.TXT Driver File Contents (DXR3XPdrvr.exe)

README.TXT For REALmagic Hollywood Plus drivers for Win 2000 
Release 2.2 beta  (Build 139_5) ----June 15th, 2001
This file contains important information for the installation of 
the drivers and application software for the Hollywood Plus.

              Latest Drivers & FTP Access - Hollywood Plus

1 - If you are using Microsoft Office XP and you have its utility
    CTFMON.EXE running, it'll stop DVD Station - the Hollywood Plus-
    DVD player from playing encrypted movies.  This utility injects 
    MSCTF.DLL in the memory space given by Windows to hardware and
    software manufacturers.  A workaround is under investigation to
    avoid this conflict.  A temporary solution is to disable this
    utility before the playback of movies : press CTRL+ALT+DEL, 
    click on CTFMON.EXE, and click "End Task".  After the movie 
    playback, restart CTFMON.exe from Start-Run : ctfmon.exe & OK.

2 - The movie Stuart Little for Region 2 has some bad data at the
    start of the movie disabling the playback.  To enable it, click
    IMMEDIATELY the Pause button after inserting the movie or after
    starting DVD Station if the movie is already inserted (or 
    pressing STOP/Play and then Pause) and press next chapter.

-  The drivers are at the same level for Win 9x/Me, NT 4.0, and
   Win 2K. They have the same functionalities but not 
-  Fix for a bug in release 2.2 affecting the non English versions
   of Windows related to the TV output switching to NTSC/PAL. 
-  Fix to re-enable the SCSI support after release 2.2.
-  Fix for the playback of different movies, especially from 
   region 2, such as X-Men, Gladiator, ....   We could not test all
   movies but the support for ISO and UDF in reading the DVD discs
   provide a larger compatibility with movies and DVD-ROM drives.
-  The drivers are at the same level for Win 9x/Me, NT 4.0, and
   Win 2K.
-  A fix for an out-of-synch between video and audio on the
   external AC-3 decoder thru the S/PDIF.
-  Implementing the UDF file format in its full features,
   increasing the compatibility with most of the DVD movie discs.
   No need anymore to turn off the UDF file format for some movies
   (in the Registry). Examples of movies fixed :
   Region 1 : The 10th Kingdom, The Abyss, Alice in Wonder-
     land, Chinese Connection, The Doors, Entrapment, Last
     of the Mohicans, Legends of Fall, Men in Black, Mulan,
     Natural Born Killers, Out of Africa, Ravenous, Sneakers,
     The Thin Red Line, The World is not Enough, ...
   Region 2 : A Bug's Life, Blade, Heat, Tarzan, The Wedding
-  A fix for movies changing the encryption keys in the middle of 
   the movie such as : "Man with the Golden Gun".
-  A fix for a flicker on the lower third of some PAL TVs.
-  Support for the Philips SVCD format where the folder name is
   MPEG2 instead of MPEGAV and file names have extension MPG
   instead of DAT.


1 - If you are installing the Hollywood Plus for the first time, 
    you need to set its region code by running SETUP from the
    application diskette.  If the DVD-ROM drive is an RPC2 drive 
    - carrying its own region code - then you do not need to set a
    region code for Hollywood Plus.  Make sure you set a region
    code for the new DVD-ROM drive - this can be achieved with the
    Windows utility in Device Manager\CD-ROM tab.   If you insert
    a movie with a region code mismatching the DVD-ROM drive
    region - for RPC2 drives, the tray will be ejected and a
    Windows error message issued. 
2 - The "Eject" button of the DVD Station needs to be pressed
    twice with DVD-ROM movies in the playback mode and only once
    in the Stop mode.
3 - The installation will set DVD Station as the default player
    when you insert a DVD-ROM movie disc.
4 - DTS audio is supported : whenever you choose the DTS option in
    SETTING, so the DTS stream is NOT decoded thru the analog mini
    audio jack.
5 - You need to be logging in as an Administrator or equivalent to
    install and use the Hollywood Plus.
6 - You can use the Hollywood Plus without the pass-thru cable,
    but in this case the video playback will be available on TV
    only (and not on the VGA monitor).  The system will detect the 
    presence of this cable at booting time.  So connecting or
    disconnecting it during a Windows session is not correct.
    A reboot is needed to notify the Hollywood Plus driver.


Note : You need to have the Administrator rights to be able to
       install this software because of its modifications to the

1.  On booting your system, Windows 2K will detect the card. 
    Insert the REALmagic Hollywood Plus Drivers Disk in your
    floppy drive A and click Finish. This will install Hollywood
    Plus drivers on your hard disk.
2.  To install the DVD navigation software insert Application Disk
    into drive A and run SETUP.
3.  The Setup program will show two options: Install the REALmagic
    DVD application or Change the DVD region code.
4.  Check the DVD application installation option and follow the 
5.  After the files are copied, set a DVD region code as part of
    the setup program  (if not already set up under Win 9x or 
    Win NT 4.0).
    Note: Setup will not ask you to set the DVD region code if
    this code is set in a previous installation.
6.  Click Finish to complete the installation process by
    performing Auto Calibration.  PLEASE REBOOT THE SYSTEM.


    NOTE: If the border is not adjusted properly after Auto
          Calibration you may need to set the Border Adjustment
          to get more accurate adjustment. You need to set the
          Border Adjustment only once for each setting of display

1.  At the Start button, click Programs and select REALmagic
    Hollywood Plus program group. Click REALmagic Configuration.
2.  Click on Adjust Border and use the proper buttons to adjust
    the black rectangle in the magenta box.
3.  Change different values to adjust stability if you are
    viewing jumping pixels on MPEG video. Click OK when you are
4.  The Reset Default button will reset the color calibration and 
    border adjustment values to the factory default settings.

    Note 1: Color calibration is required if the colors are not 
            normal or the screen is pink or not clear. If color 
            calibration is required, Click on "Auto Calibration".
            The screen will flash for 5 to 10 seconds then
            displays a message that the calibration is complete.
            Click OK.
    Note 2: In the cases where this calibration is unsuccessful, 
            you can click on Advanced..., then the Manual 
            Calibration. This will involve fixing the R, G, B 
            sliders as shown in the window four times. You can
            use the up/down arrow keys for fine tuning and you
            don't need necessarily to see the cross but just the
            disappearance of the vertical bar.


1.  Run the set program from Application disk. Select DVD Region
    Code change option. Set the region code according to the
    country you are in.  You do NOT need to set the region code
    when Uninstalling/installing new drivers.
    Note: The setup program will allow you to change the region
          code for five times. If you want to reset the region
          code settings after five times contact the card
          manufacturer or an authorized distributor or service
          center. A nominal handling fee will be charged.


    The REALmagic Hollywood Plus can display on a VGA monitor or a
    TV set.
    To switch between these modes an icon is provided on the left 
    corner of the DVD Station control panel that toggles between 
    computer monitor and TV.

    In order to display on a TV, some additional settings may be 
    required. From the DVD Station control panel click Options
    button. This will open a window for options setting. Click the
    settings tab. Select the options according to your TV type.
    The color control, brightness, and contrast controls have also
    been provided for TV.

    Note :  Some TVs are sensitive with video frequency input and
            may show Black and White video on TV. This has
            specially been noticed on some PAL TVs. In such a
            situation do the following WHILE the TV-Out option is
            active and DVD/MPEG is playing on TV.:
		1. From the DVD station click the "Options Dialog-
                   Settings tab.
		2. Press Configure and then press Advanced
		3. Select Expert Settings and click the mouse.
                   This will open a pop-up window. Adjust
                   different values until you have color picture
                   on TV.  Notice that you need to keep on going
                   in one direction when changing the values i.e.
                   either always increasing or decreasing because
                   of the hysteresis nature of this adjustment.
     Some PAL TVs with SCART/S-Video adapters will not show 
     colors thru their S-Video inputs but will show a B&W picture.
     Either the TV set is not tuned to the proper channel or the
     TV set does not support S-Video input.


    In order to playback in full screen, double click the left
    button of mouse anywhere in the MPEG window or press Ctrl+Z.
    This will playback the video in full-screen mode. In order to
    go back to the window mode, press Space in full-screen mode
    and it will resume playback in the restored MPEG window.   


1.  The drivers are installed and the Hollywood Plus appears in
    the "Device Manager" but the CD's won't play.

    Run SETUP from the second diskette (Applications) to create
    the "REALmagic Hollywood Plus" group. This group contains the 
    DVD-Station, README file, REALmagic Configuration, and

2.  The REALmagic Configuration can be run but when the
    DVD-Station is started (or the Media Player with an MPEG file)
    the system hangs.

    Check the Device Manager for a conflict in the IRQ resources
    and make the necessary change(s).

3.  After installing the first disk for the drivers, and run SETUP
    from the second disk, the following message comes up : "Driver
    cannot be loaded, another instance from the driver may be
    running".  Or when playing an MPEG file after the software
    installation, there is an error message  "MMSYSTEM 266 :
    undetectable error ...".

    Reseat Hollywood Plus in different PCI slots because of some
    of the motherboards BIOSes handling of the resources.

4.  The MPEG files play and the audio can be heard but the video
    is a solid color.

    Run "REALmagic Configuration" and select "Auto Calibration."
    Or, make sure that the output of the Display Adapter is routed
    to the Hollywood Plus input and the Display Adapter's output
    is routed to the monitor.

5.  The picture is waving.

    Run "REALmagic Configuration," select "Border Adjust" and
    adjust the STABILITY: smoothness of the two vertical sides.

6.  MPEG 1 files run normally, but DVD movies are shaky.

    Make certain that the DVD-ROM drive is connected as a Master
    on the IDE controller. Also you can turn ON the DMA flag in
    the "Device Manager-DVD ROM drive-Settings-DMA."

7.  For DVD-ROMs that require high data transfer rates, it is
    better to have the DVD-ROM drive connected to an IDE
    controller with the "Bus Master" mode activated.   
8.  Capturing of an MPEG frame from an encrypted DVD movie is not 
    supported because of Copyright issues. In other cases the
    capture feature gives its best results at a color depth of 64K
    (16 bits) or higher.

9.  Playing VOB files using the Media Player might not show the
    best performance because of different navigation schemes. Use
    the DVD Station for this.

10. Video is fine on VGA but is Black and White on TV.
    Please see section for TV-Out.

11. When watching the movie on TV, the picture gets dimmer and
    brighter at short intervals and with some movies some yellow
    horizontal lines appear on the TV screen.

    The TV set is connected to the PC system via a VCR or an alike 
    device.  This device initiates the Macrovision protection of
    the movie.  Connect the TV directly to the PC system.

12. The S-Video connector on Hollywood Plus is a 7-hole jack and
    my S-Video cable has a 4-pin socket only.

    The 4-pin cable is compatible with the 7-pin socket.  There
    are more pins on the 7-pin socket to provide for the composite
    TV output.

13. I lost the S-Video/Composite Adapter cable and have no access
    to another one.

    Order another one from your supplier.  In the USA, you can
    check the phone number or the email address of the fulfillment
    center on the web site . The  pinout of this adapter is as
    follows :

	 /         \
	|  7  6  5  |
	| 4 3   2 1 |
	|           |
	 \  OOOOO  /

	6:not connected

14.  You want DVD Station to check your DVD-ROM first and it is 
     assigned a drive letter after the CD-ROM letter.  

     DVD Station allows you to set your preferred drive (Options -
     Tab : Play List).

15.  You see the video but no audio.

     - Try first the speakers plugged in Hollywood Plus and be
       sure the output from DVD Station is Stereo.
     - Then check the audio jumper cable from the output of 
       Hollywood Plus to the input of the sound card. If no sound,
       check the volume mixer to have Line-in NOT muted or at low
     - If you are using a Dolby Digital Receiver, make sure that
       it accepts AC-3 streams and your setting in DVD Station is

16. The maximum refresh rates allowed with the Hollywood Plus
    MPEG playback depends on a combination of the display adapter,
    and the monitor and some of these combinations may show a
    little degradation in the desktop display because of the 
    overlay. The MPEG playback is not affected.  However, the 
    following can be used as a guideline:

		 640 x  480	100 Hz
		 800 x  600	100 Hz
		1024 x  768	 85 Hz
		1152 x  864	 75 Hz
		1280 x 1024	 60 Hz 
		1600 x 1200	 60 Hz

17. Hollywood Plus does NOT support the MP3 files playback.

18. You have a third generation DVD-ROM drive (RPC2 specs that
    require a region code on the drive) and you cannot playback

    Run the manufacturer utility for this drive to set the region
    code to your country code, or use the Microsoft Windows
    utility in Device Manager\CD-ROM tab.

19. You can add the option "/f=filename" on the command line of
    DVD Station to allow the direct playback of the file.

20. What is the pinout of the VGA signals on the pass-thru cable?

       View of the 9 pin socket of the pass-through cable,
       seen from the bracket:
                       |           |
                       | 9    8  7 |
                       |  6 5 4 3  |
                        \   2 1   /

                       1:Blue  IN
                       3:Green IN
                       5:Vsync IN
                       6:Hsync IN
                       7:Red   IN
                       8:SDA (from pin12 of DB15) - PnP monitors
                       9:SCL (from pin15 of DB15) - PnP monitors

21.  Connecting the digital audio output in the back of some
     DVD-ROM drives to the S/P DIF input of some revisions of the
     Hollywood Plus, might disable the S/P DIF output of the
     Hollywood Plus.  It depends on the drive model.  If this
     happens to your system, just disconnect the digital audio
     cable (not supplied with Hollywood Plus) between the drive
     and Hollywood Plus.

22.  Hollywood Plus plays back DVD, Video CD, and S-VCD disc
     formats besides regular MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 files.  It does not
     play the "what's called " DiVX format.



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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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