HISTORY.TXT Driver File Contents (9514481.exe)

Gateway 6400/7400 BIOS Version History
Flash.bat - batch file
AMIFLASH.COM - BIOS flash program
AFUDOS.EXE - BIOS Flash program for P13 or later BIOS builds
0AAWGPxx.ROM - BIOS ROM binary image

Release Date 4/26/01
ROM file: 0AAWGP20.ROM
1. Remove support for Legacy USB
2. Add code to handle Sleep State 5 for operating system.  
3. Fix Power Failure Control "previous state" for DOS and Windows to work 
   with the N+1 power supply.
4. Add B0 level microcode patch.
5. Add table entries to allow higher CPU clock frequencies to be shown.

Revision Date 3/21/01 
ROM file: 0AAWGP19.ROM
1.Add support for SST FlashROM manufacturer
2.Add latest microcode for D0 stepping Intel Pentium III processors.

Revision Date 12/15/00
ROM file: 0AAWGP13.ROM
1.Fix resource allocation conflict with an onboard NIC and 
  an off-board ActionTec PCI modem when installed at first 4 PCI slots on bus 0.
2.Fix problem with WINDOWS NT4.0 Service Pack 6 failing to load off-board Adaptec 29160 
  SCSI drivers in the presence of an off-board PCI ActionTec modem at 
  PCI slot 7 on bus 1.
3.Added support for the new RCC chipset stepping.
4.Added Delay at the BIOS POST screen so that the end-users can see the F-1 setup option 
  string for a longer period of time.
5.Programmed Power Failure Control feature in the BIOS with two options in the 
  AMISETUP (Always Off and Previous State).
6.Added new video BIOS v4.329 for ATI RAGE video chip. Enable PCI retries.
7.Added support for AFUDOS Flash programming Utility designed to preserve NVRAM area.
8.Added setup question to select Display Mode between ADM Graphics and Text Mode.
9.Added setup question to select ACPI OS or NON ACPI OS.

Revision Date 9/19/00
ROM file: 0AAWGP06.ROM
1.Add feature to disable onboard Intel NIC function. 
2.Fix NETWARE 5.1 installation problem using IDE CD-ROM.
3.Add latest CPU Microcode, C0 stepping.
4.Speed up system boot, early video init and faster memory test.
5.Fix for the Video SSID, Execute a READ to "settle" the VGA config space 
  and then execute the SSID/SSVID programming.

Revision Date 7/25/00
ROM file: RDLS725.ROM
1.Fix CPU2 (AP=Application Processor) L2 cache initialization problem.
2.Correct SMBIOS data and related issues
3.Change Revision from 7.00.00 to 7.00.01
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