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<                         Hewlett-Packard                        >
<            EN1207D-TX PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter         >
<        NetWare Server and Workstation Driver Installation      >
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<                Copyright (C) 1998  HEWLETT PACKARD             >
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NetWare DOS ODI Server Driver Installation for Novell 3.12
Novell 4.10 and Novell 4.11
NOTE: 1207ODI.LAN supports  Novell 3.12, Novell 4.10 and Novell 4.11
The driver 1207ODI.COM is used for Novell 3.1x and 4.x
network environments. This section describes its installation.
Once fully installed a workstation running this driver can log
into a server running either NetWare v3.1x or v4.x.

Make sure you have the following:

1. Driver Diskette
2. Novell DOS ODI Workstation Services Diskette

Make a backup copy of your Driver Diskette and use the backup
as your working diskette.

Installation Procedure
1. Make sure that your network adapter is properly installed
   and the adapter proper configured to the appropriate
   hardware settings.

2. Run the following commands in the order given below, indicating
   the directory location or path for each command. Then
   press <Enter> after each line to continue.

   lsl      <Enter>
   1207odi   <Enter>
   ipxodi   <Enter>

   1207ODI is the adapter's workstation driver for the Novell 3.1x and
   4.x environments. If problems occur during the loading operation
   error messages will be shown onscreen to indicate unsuccessful
   loading of the driver.

Installation Notes
1. The NET.CFG file is automatically read when driver installation
   is successful. It contains the adapter's hardware and
   software configuration.

Sample NET.CFG File
        FRAME Ethernet_802.3
        FRAME Ethernet_802.2
        FRAME Ethernet_II
        FRAME Ethernet_SNAP

   NetWare DOS Requester
        MAX IPG = 0

See your NetWare 386 Installation Manual for more information
about the NET.CFG file.

2. With the release of NetWare 4.x, Novell has changed the
   setting of the default Ethernet frame type to Ethernet 802.2.
   This is to allow better protocol support. In addition,
   additional features were added, including IPX with checksum,
   security enhancement and protocol independence.

  When using NetWare 4.x, make sure that the frame type is
  bound before logging into the server.

Novell NetWare V3.12 AND V4.10 Server Driver Installation

1.   Things You Need
Before you start with the installation process make sure you have
the following :

     a)    Hardware Driver Disk
     b)    Novell NetWare Version 3.12 AND V4.10 System Diskette

2.   How To Install O.S. Driver

     a)    Insert  the HP Driver Disk
       into  drive  A  and check the contents of
       subdirectory  \NETWARE\3.12
       It should contain the following file:

         1207ODI.LAN  ---  Novell NetWare V3.12 Server Driver

     b)    Copy  the contents of the Novell NetWare  386  Version
       3.11 System  Diskette  into your  NetWare  386  server
       station  hard  disk.   Please  refer  to  your  Novell
       NetWare 386 Installation Manual for details.

     c)    Copy  the  1207ODI.LAN file from the Hardware Driver Disk
       into the NetWare server station hard disk.

     d)    Run SERVER.EXE on the server station.  Several NetWare
       messages will be shown on-screen.

     e)    At the NetWare  prompt (indicated by a colon),  run
       the  driver  program, type the following line if using one adapter:

        : LOAD [d:]1207ODI Frame=frame_type <Enter>

       or type the following line if more adapters are used:

        : LOAD [d:]1207ODI SLOT=board# Frame=frame_type

        where board# is 0 to 4, because the number of adapters supported is
        (You can reference the autoexec.ncf example included in the floppy)

          LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=0 FRAME=Ethernet_802.3
          BIND IPX 1207ODI
          LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=0 FRAME=Ethernet_802.2
          BIND IPX 1207ODI
          LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=0 FRAME=Ethernet_SNAP
          BIND IPX 1207ODI
          LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=0 FRAME=Ethernet_II
          BIND IPX 1207ODI

     f)    Bind IPX with LAN driver; at the Netware server prompt,

         :BIND IPX 1207ODI <Enter>

       After  pressing <Enter>, the computer prompts  you  for
       the Network Number.  For details on how to assign this
       number,  please consult your NetWare 386  Installation

       If  problems  occur during the binding  process,  your
       screen  will prompt you with error  messages.   Please
       refer to your NetWare 386 manual for details on  these
       messages.   The LAN driver installation  is  completed
       when you see the following message onscreen:

       IPX  LAN  Protocol  bound to  NE Mode vx.xxRxx (yymmdd).

Novell NetWare V4.11 Server Driver Installation

Make sure you have the following:

1. Driver Diskette

Installation Procedure
1. Insert the Driver Diskette that comes with the package
   into drive A: and check the contents of the
   subdirectory \NETWARE\4.11. It should have
   the following files:

   1207ODI.LAN    ----> your Novell NetWare v4.x Server Driver
   1207ODI.LDI    ----> your Novell NetWare v4.x Server Driver
     configuration files

2. At the NetWare prompt (indicated by the Server name), run
   the INSTALL.NLM program by typing:

  server name: LOAD INSTALL <Enter>

3. Follow screen instruction to complete the process. Respond
   to prompts displayed on the screen. Select the following
   items in the order given below. Press <Enter> to confirm
   each choice:

   Maintenance/Selective Install        <Enter>
   LAN Driver Options (Configure/Load/...)  <Enter>

4. Press the <Ins> key to insert other drivers you wish
   to install.

5. Press <F3> to display the driver loading path as follows:
   A:\NETWARE\4.11          <Enter>

6. The 1207ODI.LAN will appear as an item under the
   "Select a LAN Driver" menu. Choose the correct board number
   and Select it to load the driver and start the binding
   process. This will allow you to load and bind all 4 frame
   types supported by NetWare.

7. Next time you reboot your NetWare 4.11 server, do so by
   following steps 2 to 4 above.

Notes about the Novell v4.x and the v3.1x drivers

1. The NetWare v4.x and v3.11 drivers have different
   architectures. When using NetWare v4.x, you should
   load the NBI.NLM, MSM.NLM and ETHERTSM.NLM modules
   before loading server driver 1207ODI.LAN.

2. 1207ODI.LAN is your server driver for NetWare v4.x. When
   loading 1207ODI.LAN, it will check whether or not
   these three modules (NBI.NLM, MSM.NLM and ETHERTSM.NLM) have been
   loaded. If not, it will load them automatically.

3. After the 1207ODI.LAN is loaded, type the "MODULES" command to
   view and confirm that the additional modules, MSM.NLM and
   ETHERTSM.NLM are loaded.

4. The default frame type 1207ODI.LAN binding for NetWare v4.x
   is Ethernet_802.2 and not Ethernet_802.3.

5. If you have any trouble loading NLM modules , Please refer autoexec.ncf
   in each directory.

Parameters Description for 1207ODI.LAN

        The following parameters are used in 1207ODI.LAN.

    1.> SLOT    : specify which adapter is enabled when multiple EN1207D-TX
                  are found in your computer.  The SLOT keyword is a index
                  value corresponding to PCI BIOS.  The mapping from SLOT
                  to physical PCI slot is different from one machine to
                  the other.

                  Ex: LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=3 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2
                      LOAD 1207ODI SLOT=4 FRAME=ETHERNET_II

    2.> FRAME   : specify which frame type is used by the driver.  Accepted
                  values are Ethernet_802.2, Ethernet_802.3, Ethernet_II and
                  Ethernet_SNAP.  Multiple frame types can be enabled by the
                  drive by loading the same driver with different FRAME type.

                  Ex: LOAD 1207ODI FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2
                      LOAD 1207ODI FRAME=ETHERNET_802.3
                      LOAD 1207ODI FRAME=ETHERNET_II
                      LOAD 1207ODI FRAME=ETHERNET_SNAP

    3.> NODE    : Use a different address to replace the node address burned
                  in EEPROM.

                  Ex: LOAD 1207ODI NODE=0200E8001122

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