MESSAGE.INI Driver File Contents (cop_soft_ARNB2N_2k_XP_PS_PPD_PCL5c_PCL6.exe)



LICENSE="License Agreement"
EASY="Quick Setup"
ADVANCED="Standard Setup"
DIRECTRY="Choose directory"
NWQUEUE="Create NetWare Print Queue"
JCPINST="SC-Print2000 Install"
TEMPIP="IP Address Setup"

NEXT="&Next >"
PREV="< &Back"
PSERVER="Print Server Mode"
RPRINTER="Remote Printer Mode"
ADINST="Execute from CD-ROM.  "
NOADINST="Install and Execute"

USEDHCP=Obtain an IP address automatically
NOTDHCP=Assign an IP address

INSTALL="Destination Directory"
GROUP="Group Name"
FSERVER_NAME="File Server Name:"
PSERCER_NAME="Print Server Name:"
QUEUE_NAME="Print Queue Name:"
DEFINE_LIST="List of Defined Name:"
ETHERNET="Ethernet Address"
MACHINE_NAME="Machine Name"

VOLUME_NAME="Volume Name"
BINDERY_MODE="Bindery Mode"


WELCOM_01="Welcome to Quick Setup"
WELCOM_02="This program enables you to setup Print Server Card with little effort. "

LICENSE_01="Please read the following license agreement.  Press the Page Down key to see the rest of agreement.  "
LICENSE_02="Do you accept all the terms of the preceding License Agreement?  Choose No to abort.  To continue you must accept this agreement. "

ETHERNET_01="Enter the Ethernet address of printer or select from the list."
ETHERNET_02="Ethernet address (E/A) is printed on the Print Server Card."
ETHERNET_03="Ethernet Address"
ETHERNET_05="(If not found in the list, enter the Ethernet address. )"

TCPIP_01="Do you use TCP/IP protocol? "
TCPIP_03="Setup TCP/IP."
TCPIP_04="Enter the IP address."

NETWARE_01="Do you use NetWare protocol?"
NETWARE_02="Do you setup the queue from this wizard?"

NETWARE_06="Select the mode."
NETWARE_08="(Required additional effort.)"
NETWARE_09="Add a NetWare queue."
NETWARE_10="Select the port."
NETWARE_11="Please click the "Next" button."

FSERVER_01="Select a file server from the list."

PSERVER_01="Select a print server from the list or enter the new print server name."

QUEINPUT_03="Select a queue from the list or use default queue."
QUEINPUT_04="Select a volume name from the list."

ETHER_01="Do you use AppleTalk protocol?"

SETCON_01="Confirm your configuration and execute to apply the configuration."
SETCON_03="Clicking "Execute" button to apply the configuration."

;COMPLETE_01="Setup is completed. \nTo take effect, Please restart Print Server Card.\nPlease Click the "Finish" button."
COMPLETE_01="Setup is completed. \n\nTo take effect, Please restart Print Server Card."
COMPLETE_02="LPR driver is needed for direct printing by TCP/IP.  We recommend to install "SC-Print2000"."
COMPLETE_03="Do you wish to install SC-Print2000?"
COMPLETE_04="LPR port is needed to print by TCP/IP."
COMPLETE_05="Do you wish to create LPR port?"

SENDERROR_01="Failed to transport."
SENDERROR_02="Check the network setting and try again.  Clicking "Back" button enables you to go back to the window before transport the setting."
SENDERROR_03="To quit the setup, please click the "Cancel" button."

ADMINWEL_01="Welcome to Standard Setup"

INST_01="To change the destination directory, click the "Browse" button and select a folder."

ADINST_02="Add "NICManager" to the Start menu.  Enter a new group name or select from the list."

FOLDER_01="Please select destination directory."


ADMINCOMP_01="NICManager is successfully installed."
ADMINCOMP_02="Now you can execute NICManager."
ADMINCOMP_03="Do you wish to execute NICManager?"

JCPRIWEL_01="Welcome to SC-Print2000 Setup."
JCPRIWEL_02="This program installs "SC-Print2000", a printing client software that supports IPP and LPR(exclusive for Print Server Card)."  

JCPRIWEL_03="Please terminate all other Windows program before loading this program."

LPRINST_02="Add "SC-Print2000" to the Start Menu.  Enter a new group name or select from the list."

JCPRICOMP_01="SC-Print2000 is successfully installed."
JCPRICOMP_02="Now you can setup SC-Print2000 port and create a printing environment."
JCPRICOMP_03="Do you wish to setup SC-Print2000 port?"

PORTSET_01="Input the host name of the Print Server Card or IP address."
PORTSET_02="Select the Print Server Card port connected to the printer."
PORTSET_03="Input the name of this printer port."

PASSWD_01="Input the password."

;NWQCOMPLETE_01="A print queue is added. \nPlease Click the "Finish" button."
NWQCOMPLETE_01="A print queue is added. \nTo take effect, Please restart Print Server Card."
NWQCOMPLETE_02="To print with the queue added, open the NetWare server from Network Neighborhood and register the printer driver to the print queue added."
NWQCOMPLETE_03="The details of the queue adding process from wizard are saved in JCNWLOG.TXT in the "Windows" directory. "

TCPIP_MEMO="When using SC-Print2000 in UNIX and other TCP/IP environments, please select "Yes".  \nTo use on TCP/IP environment, an IP address should be assigned to the print server."
NETWARE_MEMO="Make sure that NetWare file server is properly working in the network, if you choose Yes."
ETHER_MEMO="AppleTalk is the necessary protocol for printing data from Macintosh."
NWCLIENT_MEMO="Make sure that NetWare Client32 or IntranetWare Client is installed in your computer."

TCPIP_05=When "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected, Print Server Card IP address will be automatically assigned by DHCP server.  In an environment without a DHCP server, assign the IP address by hand.
TCPIP_MEMO2=When not using the TCP/IP protocol, Print Server Card is available for only NetWare or NetBEUI in the Windows environment. \n To use in a TCP/IP environment, an IP address must be assigned to the print server.
NETBEUI_01="Do you use NetBEUI protocol?"
NETBEUI_MEMO=Using NetBEUI makes it easy to manage Print Server Card and print in the network environment of Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000.

NDSSELECT_01="Add a NetWare queue."
NDSSELECT_02="Please select NDS mode or Bindery mode."
NDSSELECT_03="For use NetWare 4.1 or later."
NDSSELECT_04="For use NetWare 3.x."

NDSCONFIG_01="Add a queue by NDS mode."
NDSCONFIG_02="Please select the NDS context to add a queue."

BINDERYSELECT01="Do you wish to enable Bindery mode?"
BINDERYSELECT02="Choosing "Yes" is recommended. Choose "No" only when to control under NDS environment."

QUIT_SETUP="Quit from the setup.  OK?"
CREATE_FOLDER="The folder specified does not exist.  Do you wish to add a new folder?"
IP_ERROR="Illegal IP address."
MAC_ERROR="Illegal Ethernet address."
COPY_ERROR="An unexpected error has occurred during copying files.  "
ADDR_ERROR="The Print Server Card with the address specified does not found.  "
PASSWD_ERROR="The password is incorrect."
INPUT_ERROR="Invalid input value."
TEMPIP_ERROR="Failed to transport.  Please check the network setting."
PS_ERROR="Illegal print server name."
QUE_ERROR="Illegal queue name."
NWOBJ_EXIST="The NetWare object name already exists."
ONLY_95="This application cannot execute on WindowsNT/2000."
COMM_ERROR="Failed to transport.  Please check the network setting."
NDSCTX_NOTSELECT=" Valid NDS context is not Selected."
NW_NOTSUPPORT="This product doesn't support NetWare protocol. "
CREATEQ_ERROR="Failed to add the queue."

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How To Update Drivers Manually

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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