JETMES.INI Driver File Contents (cop_soft_ARNB2N_2k_XP_PS_PPD_PCL5c_PCL6.exe)

TITLE=Error message of SC-Print2000
IDS_JCLPR_PORT=SC-Print2000 Port
IDS_LPR_PORT=SC-Print2000 LPR Port
IDS_IPP_PORT=SC-Print2000 IPP Port
IDS_WIN32_SPOOLER=Printers folder
IDS_IPP_PROXY_ENABLE=Your computer is set to access the Internet using the proxy server below.\n\nDo you want to print using the proxy server?
IDS_IPP_PROXY_DISABLE=Do you want to print using the proxy server?\n\nWhen a proxy server is used for printing, it is necessary to configure the proxy server. If you do not know how to configure the proxy server, ask your network administrator.
IDS_WINSOCK_ERROR=Check whether TCP/IP is set correctly in network properties.
IDS_SOCKVER_ERROR=SC-Print2000 will not run correctly using this version of WinSock .
IDS_LPR_RETRY=An error occurred during communication by SC-Print2000. Check whether power to the printer is on and the printer is online. Clicking "Retry" will restart printing.
IDS_LPR_RETRY_TOP=An error occurred during communication by SC-Print2000. Clicking "Retry" will restart the print job from the beginning.
IDS_JCP95_ERROR=The print server being used is not supported.
IDS_LPR_QUEUE_ERR=An error occurred during communication by SC-Print2000. Check whether the port name of the print server is correct. Clicking "Retry" will restart the print job.
IDS_IPP_RETRY=An error occurred when sending by SC-Print2000. The printer power is off or the printer is off-line. Do you want to continue to print?
IDS_IPP_SEND_ERR_CODE=An error occurred during communication by SC-Print2000.(ERROR CODE:%s)\nPrinting will be canceled.
IDS_IPP_SEND_ERROR=An error occurred during communication by SC-Print2000.\nPrinting will be canceled.
IDS_IPP_TIMEOUT=The print server has not replied. Do you want to continue to print?\nIf you want to continue, click "Retry".
IDS_IPP_NOT_AUTHORIZED=User authentication failed. Printing cannot be started.
IDS_IPP_FORBIDDEN=The request was rejected.  Printing will be canceled.
IDS_ADD_PORT_LIMIT=The wizard to add SC-Print2000 is displayed.
IDS_PORTALREADYEXISTS_S=The printer port %s already exists.
IDS_NULL_PORT_ERROR=Enter the name of the destination port.
IDS_ADD_PORT_ERROR=The addition of a SC-Print2000 port failed.
IDS_INVALIDSERVERNAME=Enter an IP address or a host name
IDS_INVALIDQUEUENAME=Select the port name of the print server.
IDS_INVALIDPORTNAME_S=The IP address or host name entered is invalid.
IDS_INVALIDIPADDRESS=The IP address entered is invalid.
IDS_IPALREADYEXISTS=The IP address entered has already been registered.
IDS_INVALID_URI=Enter a printer URL.
IDS_INVALID_PROXYNAME=Enter an address for the proxy server.
IDS_INVALID_PROXYNUMBER=Enter the port number of the proxy server.
IDS_INVALID_CONNECT=Connection to the specified print server failed.\nDo you want to continue to add a SC-Print2000 port?
IDS_INVALID_URL_S=The URL entered is invalid.
IDS_INVALID_TIMEOUT=The timeout value should be set within the range of 60 - 3600.
IDS_INVALID_CHUNKSIZE=The size of the Max Chunk should be set within the range of 1024 - 16384.
IDS_NOTHING_TO_CONFIGURE=There is no item to configure for this port.
IDS_BROADCAST_ERROR=You can't register Broadcast IP Address more than 16.
IDS_CONF_PORT_LIMIT=The port configuration dialog is opened.
IDS_ADD_BROADCASE_ERROR=IP Address is not registered.
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