RELEASE.TXT Driver File Contents (

    . Fix RCT #251, #274, #279, #281
    . Fix FAE #40, #42
    . Work arround CS4299
    . Change master volume(CODEC register 2) to 5 bits instead of 6 bits
    . Support SPDIF for SSID:1804 SVID:13BD
    . Fix "HW MIDI + MPG + Wave + Recording" problem
    . Support Realtek library while using Reaktek CODEC

    . Update Sub ID
    . Fix Inf checker problem

    . Support SPDIF for Crystal CODEC
    . Update Sub ID

    . Fix HW MIDI problem
    . Fix the system hung for 730s while recording
    . Work arroud CS4201 while system initialization
    . Support MonoOut on mixer panel
    . Support Linear control for Master volume(just for UniWell).
    . Fix the probelm of the negotiation with SW Modem.
    . Support recording Muted( just for sony).
    . Fix the problem that CD can't silent while S1 .
    . Update Sub ID.
    . Disable Mic boost setting(just for Sony).
    . Disable 3D Depth from the Mixer panel(just for Sony).

    . link realtek library by realtek CODEC
    . Update Sub ID.

    . Work around mediabar problem

    . Update Sub ID.
    . SPDIF SCMS ( Serial Copy Management System).
    . Support SW SRC
    . Support 5.1 Channels
    . Update realtek library
    . Fix SPDIF problem for S3 and S1
    . Cancel the "Recording Mute" function for sony
    . Support DRM (Digital Right Management).
    . Support SPDIF AC3 stream. (Just for Sharp)

    . Fix PC99Audio problem in WHQL

    . Update Sub ID.
    . Fix Quality problem in WHQL
    . Change the control method for switching 2/6 channels
    . Fix the noise problem of the LFE/Center channels

    . Support special GPIO for ASUS to reduce noise by Cold reset
    . Support Linear control for Master volume(for AlphaTop).
    . Support SPDIF (for Clevo)

    . Re-open AC3 function by INF file

    . Change Mixer table item name
    . Change Mixer table default value
    . Disable Phone and PCBeep from Mixer table
    . Disable Mic2

    . Fix win2000 blue screen problem

    . Fix CD volume setting OS problem 

    . Add Linear volume control

    . Fix Linear volume control discontinuous problem

    . Support CMedia 4 channel codec 
    . Fix ViaVoice problem
    . Fix wavetable saturation noise problem
    . Disable 3D function for GigaByte A000/1458 model
    . Disable Phone for UniWill
    . Add A164270F & A183270F model support
    . Support Conexant Codec
    . Change recording gain to 3 dB for Mitac 01B6/1014 model

    . Add SVID:1019, SSID:0A08,0A14,0A37,0A38,0A39,0A40,0A41,0A42,0A43,0A44,0A45,0A46
    . Change Record gain default to 0404 for SiS7018
    . Fix CMedia HCT9.6 DRM problem
    . Fix HCT 44k full-duplex problem for no VRA codec

    . Fix CMedia AuxIn problem
    . Fix Software SRC problem

    . Fix Conexant CNR card problem
    . Fix CMedia 4 channel looping noise problem
    . Uniwill(1584) 5001~5005 : Mute & disable Aux/Video/Line pin
    . Add SVID 16cd
	. SSID 0850 : SPDIF + Mic2
	. SSID 0851 : No SPDIF + Mic2
	. SSID 0852 : SPDIF , No Mic2
	. SSID 0853 : No SPDIF, No Mic2
    . Add ECS SVID/SSID : 1019/0542
    . Add AC3 function for NEC SVID/SSID : 1631/2005 
    . Add AC3 function for Mictac SVID/SSID: 1071/7120
    . Fix SPDIF bug on PowerDVD

112.00                  (Release.txt copy from 111_02)
    .  add SUBSYS Mitac 102213BD -AC3, Clevo/2200T 22051558 -AC3
       Alphatop B510156D, B725156D, B900156D  -Alphatop
    .  update Uniwill [Special_Support_3.AddReg] HKR,Settings,SPDIF&AC3PLAY setting to 1
    .  add two commod section to reduce feature item
    .  add A3D feature

    . Fix PCM SPDIF S3 wakeup problem
    . Set CMedia rear volume to follow master volume
    . Support Codec9708 4 channels
    . Fix PowerDVD un-sync problem when playing AC3 spdif
    . add SUBSYS 370100E0, 370200E0 [sis7018]

112.04                  (Release.txt copy from 112_03)
    .  update Uniwill 5002~5005 [Special_Support_11.AddReg] HKR,Settings,SPDIF&AC3PLAY setting to 0
       (By add another section "UNIWILLSPDIF with UNIWILL)
    . Fix SVID/SSID 16cd/0850 , 16cd/0852 can't play AC3 problem
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