VERSION.TXT Driver File Contents (

0614 (Sensaura Library 2135)
1. fix the bugs of speaker settings, the sound channels heard is coincident
   with the speaker settings in mixer.exe now. The speaker settings of direct
   sound is Microsoft's problem. It has no solution for the present.

0613 (Sensaura Library 2135)
1. Sensaura update channels.cpp, common.cpp, mintopo.cpp, shared.h,
   (in, ConvertLogToLin(int vol, int pan), a second augument is added)

0612 (Sensaura Library 2135)
1. Sensaura library updated (fixed bugs on "Soldier of Fortune", "Unreal Tournement")
2. Force central generation on 6-channel
3. fix the bug of "AdapterCommon->QueryCapability return wrong BOOLEAN state"
4. fix the bug of "the set method of PropertyHandler_Miscellaneous always return FALSE"
5. Microphone gain control

0611 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. Wave Playback/Capture, Force CopyMode on private mixer(new dll)

0610 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. some modifications from SENSAURA

0609 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. h/w copy mode usage for A-A path Control
2. enable h/w bass as 5-channel activate

0608 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. add front left/right volume control to private mixer
2. optimise dma channel management (intermediate version)
3. optimise dma channel management
4. add chip capability query support (full function or LX/MX)

0607 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. support AC/3 over S/PDIF (buggy)
2. bug fixed (Working on PDVD3.0, WinME, ChipVer 37/39)
3. Mic Volume restoration after system suspension

0606 (Sensaura Library 2133)
1. update to Sensaura Library 2133 (fix global reverbation on 2D stream)

0605 (Sensaura Library 2128)
1. global reverbation, surround mode bug fixed
2. some Sensaura bug fixed
3. software volume control for 4/6 channel
4. global reverbation interface
5. restore/save all settings automatically
6. full-duplex review
7. full-duplex 037/039 optimization
8. some bug fixed

0604 (Sensaura Library 2120)
1. Private Property Page (support SPDIF)
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