mREADM_V.TXT Driver File Contents (40d2_e.exe)

                  KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 5440 DL
		    KONICA MINOLTA Windows Driver
                           Readme V2.0


     This Readme file contains special information relating
     to the following items:

     - Application Notes
     - Connectivity
     - Error Messages
     - PageScope Web Connection
     - Printer Driver
     - Status Display
     - Status Monitor
     - Operation Control Panel


     1. CorelDRAW--When printing a file to letter-size
        media, select Fit to Paper in the Output Paper
        Size section on the Paper tab. If you do not 
        select Fit to Paper, the image will be cut off
        on one side. 

     2. DOS--The DOS copy and print commands are not

     3. MS Word--Word does not allow users to print a 
	saved document in a different paper size because
	it passes its default paper size to the printer 
	Driver. Take the following steps to print a 
	document in a specified paper size:

  	  i. In Word go to File/Page Setup and make 
	     sure that the specified paper size is 
	     selected under Paper Size. 
  	 ii. In Word go to File/Print and click the
	     Properties button of the magicolor 5440 DL.
 	iii. Select the Paper tab.  Check "Fit to Paper" 
	     and select the specified paper size from the
	     Output Paper Size drop-down list. 

     4. MS Internet Explorer 5.0--A SPOOL32 crash may be
        experienced when printing web pages containing java
        related data. Printing cannot be continued although
	the document can be saved.  You must restart the 
	printer to resume the printing job.  Recommend to
	upgrade IE 5.0 to IE 5.5 or higher to avoid this

     5. Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0--Dashed lines may not be
        imaged when printing pdf files. Recommend to upgrade
        to Acrobat Reader 5.0 to resolve this problem.

     6. Adobe PageMaker 6.5--The output when using the
        Separation (C,M,Y,K) function may not image correct.
        The K plane may be printed with color.
        To use "B/W" setting instead of "Color" in the Quality
	tab can correct this issue.

     7. Lotus Approach 9.6.1--When Print Properties is opened,
	the layout of the driver preferences collapses.


     1. Network--IPP protocol runs over HTTP. Therefore, if 
        you disable HTTP (Network/HTTP menu), IPP is 
        automatically disabled, too.

     2. Network--If you make any changes in the Network/HTTP
        or Network/SNMP menus, you must restart the printer 
        for the changes to take effect.

     3. Windows XP--When setting up the printer on a
        network, use the Standard TCP/IP port and then 
        select either Generic or Minolta-QMS Printer as the
        device type. Then use the Microsoft Print Monitor in
        this environment.

     4. Windows 2000--When setting up the printer on a
        network, use the Standard TCP/IP port and then
        select either Generic or Minolta Printer as
        the device type. Then use the Microsoft Print
        Monitor in this environment.
     5. Windows 98SE/Me--When setting up the printer on a 
        network, use the magicolor TCP/IP port. Then use the
        accompanying Print Monitor.

     6. Windows NT--When setting up the printer on a 
        network, use the LPR port. Then type the printer's
        IP address in the first text box and LP in the 
        second text box. Use the accompanying Print Monitor.

     7.	Large Print Job--When printing over 50 pages, it is
	recommended to use the standard TCP/IP port instead
	of IPP. 


     1. Media Jam--Be sure to empty the printer's output
        tray regularly, especially if you print lengthy jobs.
        If the output tray fills up (approximately 250 
        sheets of media), the message window displays a
        media jam message, and printing stops.

     2. Duplex Jam--A duplex media jam may result when
        printing with a paper size mismatch. This is in
        combination with AUTOCONTINUE=ON. Replace the tray
        with the correct paper size specified in the driver.
	In certain jam conditions, the message "MEDIA JAN/
	UNDEFINED" may be displayed. 

     3. Invalid Printer Name--An error message may be
        displayed when installing the printer driver. Please
        remove any pre/proceeding spaces from the printer
        name text string to resolve this problem.

     4. Installing Toner Cartridge--If the gREPLACE TONER/
	(color)h message appears on the operation control
	panel after installing a new replacement cartridge,
	it is possible that a paper jam exists in the 
	Printer. Please remove the jammed paper. Once the
	jam is cleared, the message should disappear and
	printing will continue. 


     1. Job Page--The Job Owner field is always blank
        unless a name is specified in the User Name text 
        box on the Device Options Setting tab in the Printing

     2. URL--When entering a URL in the System/Online 
	Assistance field, type in 'http:// URL'. PageScope
        Web Connection does not support 'https'.

     3. WINS/NetBIOS--After changing the WINS/NetBIOS
        setting, the printer must be powered off/on.

     4. Job Page--Currently "Number of Pages" column
	incorrectly shows a figure of a total number of
	pages of a print job, and "Number of Copies"
	always shows 1 regardless of the actual number
	of the copies.  For example, for a job with 3
	copies of 2-page document, "Number of Pages" 
	and "Number of Copies" show 6 and 1 respectively.

     5. Job Page--For a duplex job which has an odd number of 
	pages, the last blank page is counted and added to the 
	total number of pages.  Coupled with the above note on 
	the Job Page, for example, a job with 2 copies of 7-page 
	duplex document would show 16 in the "Number of Pages" 

     6. Administrator Log-in--If you login with a correct
        Administrator password and still received an error
        message "Please log in again with a correct password",
        please check the Security and Privacy setting of your
        browser. In Internet Explorer, please ensure that you
        have Medium security (or lower) and Medium High privacy
        (or lower) settings. In Netscape, please ensure that
        cookies are allowed.
     1. Collation--In order to collate multiple copies of a
        duplex print job with Booklet Left Binding or 
        Booklet Right Binding selected as the Duplex/Booklet
        option on the Setup tab, select collation in the
        printer driver only. Do not select collation in the
        application. This will cause the pages to print out
        of order. Similar effects will occur when printing
        with Watermark or with Form Overlays in WORD. Failing
	to set collation in the printer driver will cause the
	Watermark to print only on the first page of the first 

     2. Defaults--When adding or removing an option in the
	"Device Options Setting" tab, all the print driver
	configuration settings except for the "Copies" and
	"Scaling" settings are automatically reset to their
	default settings.

     3. Installation (Windows XP)--Due to a Windows limitation,
	when a second magicolor 5440 DL printer driver is 
	installed, the printer name in the Printers folder is
	identified as (Copy 1) rather than (Copy 2).

     4. Installation (Windows 98SE)--When upgrading to a newer
        version of the driver, you need to first uninstall
        the older version before installing the new version.

     5. Installation (Windows 98SE)--During the Driver 
	installation from the Installer CD, the "Invalid Printer
	Name" dialog box appears after entering the existing 
	printer name in the "Friendly Name" text field. The 
	suffix "Copy 1" will be automatically appended to the 
	new printer name to avoid duplicate names. You can change
	it to another unique name in the text field or can change
	it from the Printer folder after instillation.

     6. Installation (Windows XP SP2)--When installing the driver
        using the Konica Minolta Printer Software Installer,
        you may encounter a "Windows Security Alert" message
        appearing on your screen.  Please select to "Unblock"
        the Installer program from the WinXP SP2 firewall.

     7. INSTALLATION--When installing the Driver using the KONICA 
	MINOLTA Printer Software Installer, it is possible that
	a message will be displayed indicating that some Java
	Virtual Machine (JVM) files may get overwritten.  Please 
	select "YES" to allow the files to be overwritten. 
	(When selecting "NO", InstallShield Wizard will appear. 
	Click "OK" to stop and cancel the installation 

     8. Features (Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003)--It is possible 
	that you may have some driver features unavailable such
	as Edit Custom Paper Size, Edit Form Overlay, Edit 
	Watermark and Easy Set Save.  These features are 
	available when the user is logged in as administrator.

     9. IPP Port (Windows 2000)--Due to problems associated with
	the Windows spooler, for printers printing through the
        IPP port, selecting "Keep printed documents" in the
        Properties page of the printer will not keep the
        printed jobs in the queue. Additionally, displaying the
        Help menu items in the Printer Queue window will cause
        an error message to display.
    10. Overlays--Overlay files are created as color documents.
	Therefore, even if you select monochrome printing
	(B/W on the Quality tab), the overlay prints in color.
	If you want a monochrome overlay file, you must create
	it selecting B/W printing and save it as an overlay file 
	(Edit Form Overlay button on the Paper tab).

    11. Overlays--Overlay files must be printed at the same
        resolution at which they were created. In other words,
	if you create an overlay file at 600 dpi, any documents
	with which you use this overlay should also be printed
	at 600 dpi. If you print the overlay at a different 
	resolution, it is automatically resized and, therefore,
	placed incorrectly on the printed pages.

    12. Overlays--Overlay files (*.prn) must be created with
        a magicolor 5440 DL driver. If you try to use an overlay
	file created with another driver, the file may not print.

    13. Overlays--Printing a file with an overlay uses twice
        the virtual memory of regular printing. Therefore, it
        is recommended that you increase your PC's virtual

    14. Sharing--If you uninstall a printer driver for a
        shared printer under Windows 98SE/Me and then
        reinstall the printer driver, the new printer driver
        is automatically shared. If you do not want to share
        this printer driver, you must go in and manually
        unshare it.

    15. Uninstallation (Windows 98SE)--If you uninstall the 
	printer driver, you must restart the PC to complete the
        uninstallation. Otherwise, some files are locked by 
        the Windows operating system and therefore cannot be

    16. Uninstallation (Windows 98SE)--If you uninstall
        "KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 5440 DL Printer Driver Software"
        from Add/Remove Program Properties, you must temporarily
        disable any anti virus scan or anti virus real time
        protection programs.

    17. Uninstallation (Windows Me)--When using Windows Me,
        restart the computer after uninstalling the printer driver.

    18. Page Orientation--When a Word document with mixed page 
	orientation is printed by Booklet, the second page rotates 
	by 180 degrees.  For example, a 3-page document with 
	Landscape, Portrait and Landscape orientation set for the
	first, second and third page respectively would have the 
	second page rotated.

    19. Conflict Dialog Box--It is possible that a conflict dialog 
	box may not be displayed when a user selects a paper size,
	paper source and media type combination that is not 
	supported by the KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 5440 DL. 

    20.	Upgrading Driver--Remove the original driver before
	upgrading. From Start->Programs->KONICA MINOLTA program
	group, select "Uninstall", or from Start->Settings->Control
	Panel/Add or Remove Programs, remove only "KONICA MINOLTA
	magicolor 5400DL". "KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 5440DL Printer
	Driver Software" listed in the "Add or Remove Programs"
	will be	needed when removing the upgraded driver. If it
	has been removed by mistake, Please re-install the driver
	from the Installer CD. 

     1. Printer Status--The Printer Status may display an 
	error message such as "Power Off/Communications" or
	"Port Busy" while the print job is spooling. The 
	correct	printer status should be updated once the
	job has cleared	the spooler.

     2.	Supplies Status Popup--Once the remaining toner amount
	has reached the percentage set in the "Notify when
	Supplies Reach" spin box, the "Supplies Status"	window
	will pop up. This window will keep popping up every 5
	minutes until the empty toner cartridge is replaced. 
	Setting the percentage to 0 (zero) can prevent the 
	Supplies Status window from popping up.

     1. Status Monitor Center--The network printers may not
	display	in the main screen when it is opened. If this
	happens, please refresh the screen by selecting "Update
	Printers" from the "Action" menu.

IX. Operation Control Panel

     1. PROCESSING--Changing the print settings while 
	'PROCESSING' displays on the panel will affect the
	printing process. Wait till 'PROCESSING' is changed
        to 'READY' before changing the print settings. 


KONICA MINOLTA is a trademark or a registered trademark of
magicolor is a trademark or a registered trademark of
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

All rights reserved.
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