MRDM00_C.TXT Driver File Contents (12wxpe.exe)

                  MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1200W
             Utilities and Documentation CD-ROM

This readme file contains the following information:

  I. Introduction
 II. Features
III. Troubleshooting


     The CD-ROM Installer (SETUP.EXE) installs the following
     printer drivers, utilities, and manuals for you:

     - MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W Printer Driver
     - MINOLTA-QMS Printer Tools, including Status Display
       and Control Panel
     - MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1200W Installation Guide
     - MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1200W User's Guide
     - MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1200W Video clips


     Installed Components

     1. MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W Printer Driver

	After installation, you will see a printer icon in
        the Printers folder.

	This printer driver allows you to set certain job 
        parameters, such as resolution, collation, and 
        paper source. For complete details, see the online

     2. Printer Tools

	After installation, you will see a Printer Tools
        icon in the MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W folder.

	These tools may be used to check printer status or
        set printer defaults from your PC. These tools are
        for use with a local (directly connected) printer.

     3. MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W Help

	After installation, you will see a Help icon in the
        MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W Folder.

 	This help program includes explanations and hints 
        for using the MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1200W Printer.

     4. Uninstaller

	After installation, you will see an Uninstaller icon
        in the MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W folder.

 	This program allows you to remove the MINOLTA-QMS 
        PagePro 1250W_1200W printer driver and software.

     Printer Features

     The MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W printing software is
     specifically designed to work with your Windows
     operating system. It provides the following features:

     - Fit to Paper
       Scales a page image to fit selected paper.

     - Proof Print
       Stops the printer after the first copy of a multicopy
       print job is printed to allow you to proof it. You can
       then either print or cancel printing of the remaining
     - Collate at Printer
       Prints subsequent copies of a multicopy print job at
       12 ppm.

     - Manual Duplex
       Allows you to print on both sides of the page.

     - N-up Printing
       Prints multiple pages on a single sheet of paper,
       allowing you to save paper.

     - Watermarks
       Prints a word in the background of just the first
       page or all pages of your document.

     Printer Tools (available when the printer is connected
     via the parallel or USB port)

     - Status Display
       Allows you to view the printer's status and the 
       progress of the current print jobs at your PC.

     - Printer Control Panel
       Allows you to check and/or alter printer settings
       from your PC.

     - Uninstaller
       Removes the MINOLTA-QMS PagePro 1250W_1200W printer 
       driver and software from your PC.

     1. Use the CD-ROM Installer (SETUP.EXE) to install the 
        printer driver. For complete installation information,
        refer to the User's Guide.

     2. Scaling is limited to 255% when printing at 1200 dpi.

     3. If more than one print job is spooled to print, the 
        Status Display shows only the first print job.

     4. Do not disconnect the printer cable while the printer
        is printing.

     5. When a lower feeder unit is installed, if a paper size 
        error occurs and you push the panel button, paper feeds
        from Tray 2.

     6. When you print complex QuattroPro files, Application
        Errors may occur.

     7. After installing a printer driver on your PC, be sure
        to turn the printer on before doing a Test Print.

     8. If you have a problem printing web pages from Internet 
        Explorer 5.5, try printing from Internet Explorer 6.0.

     9. During printer driver installation under Windows 95 
        Plug-and-Play (parallel interface), if you are prompted
        to locate the MCMM_C.DLL file, select the
        drivers/yourlanguage folder. 

QMS is a registered trademark of MINOLTA-QMS, Inc. PagePro 
and MINOLTA are trademarks of MINOLTA Co., Ltd. All other 
trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their 
respective owners. 
Copyright (c) 2002 by MINOLTA-QMS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
P/N 1810200-001B
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