DIAG.TXT Driver File Contents (OfficeLan10-100_II.zip)

   Descriptions - For the Diagnostic Program

  Siemens  OfficeLAN PCI 10/100 TX Fast Ethernet Adapter

  Diagnostic Program

  (1). History :

     Version           Descriptions
    ---------  ------------------------------------------------------------
     v2.11      Release to support the 10Base-T/100Base-TX media types.

     v2.14      Update to support the MII Phy with N-Way
                  Auto-Negotiation capability.

     v2.15      Update to decrease the time to wait for
                  N-Way Auto-Negotiation complete during reset.

     v2.16      Update to support PCI device rev.3A controller.

     v2.17      Modify the copyright message of the Diagnostic Program.

     v2.18      Modify the text messages of the Diagnostic Program.

  (2). Software Environment :

    1. Make sure that free conventional memory is more than 200K
       before execute this Diagnostic Program.

    2. Make sure that Expanded Memory Manager (EMM386.EXE) is
       version 4.49 or later (date is 05-31-94) for compatibility.

    3. The Diagnostic Program should not be run under DOS prompt
       of Windows.

  (3). Statistic Counters :

    1. Transmission:

          Items                 Descriptions
    ----------------------  -------------------------------------------

      Collision Count       Number of collisions before the frame is

      Frame deferred        When set, frame was delayed to be transmitted
                            because of the carrier was asserted.

      FIFO underflow        When set, transmission was aborted because the
                            transmit FIFO is underflow. It may be caused by
                            PCI bus overloaded or low threshold in the
                            transmit FIFO.

      Heartbeat failure     When set, it means SQE test fails.

      Excessive collisions  When set, transmission was aborted because
                            of 16 consecutive collisions.

      Late collision        When set, the controller has run into a
                            collision after the collision window of
                            64 bytes.

      No carrier            When set, carrier is not present during the

      Loss of carrier       When set, carrier is lost during the

      Jabber time-out       When set, the transmit jabber timer expired
                            The controller's transmitter is babbling.

      Retry count           Indicates the number of retry for Client
                            station to re-build connection with Server
                            station when timeout to wait for response
                            from Server station.

    2. Reception:

        Items                     Descriptions
    ----------------------  -------------------------------------------

      FIFO overflow         When set, the receive FIFO is full. The
                            controller flushes the receive FIFO and
                            closes the descriptor with this bit set.
                            The frame is truncated.

      CRC error             When set, cyclic redundancy check failed.

      Dribbling bit         When set, the received frame is not a integer
                            multiple byte frame. This bit is reported only
                            if the dribbling bits are more than 2 bits.

      Watchdog time-out     When the controller receives a frame longer
                            than 2048 bytes, the controller set this bit.

      Collision seen        When set, a late collision after the collision
                            window has happened during receiving of
                            the frame.

      Frame too long        When set, the received frame is longer than the
                            maximum Ethernet-specified length 1518 bytes.

      Runt Packet           When set, the received frame is corrupted by
                            premature termination before the collision
                            window had passed.

      Length error          If the controller detects an unavailable buffer
                            when it pre-fetches the next descriptor, the
                            controller truncates the frame and set this bit.

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