DEFAULT.INI Driver File Contents (


; Psxpad Setup and Property Language File


; Ver 0.8.2002.0426


; Tekito- English



Setup_OldVerUndeleted=Please uninstall the driver of an old version.

;   ---------

; < Main Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ---------


Main_Header_Message=A program is installed, setting change , and uninstalled.

Main_Message=Welcome to Force FeedBack Gamepad  Win2000 setup program!\n\nIf this program is used, installation, setting change, and uninstallation can be performed.\nPlease choose the following option.

Main_Install =Install

Main_Install_Description =A required component is copied and set to PC.

Main_Setting =Setting change

Main_Setting_Description =A setting of the component installed is changed.

Main_UnInstall =Uninstall

Main_UnInstall_Description =All the components installed are deleted.

;   ---------

; < Model Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ---------

Model_Header_Title=Connection model

Model_Header_Message=Please choose the connection model .

Model_Message=Please choose the connection model which you use.

Model_Playstation=Play Station

Model_PlayStation_Description=The pad of Playstation is connected.


Model_Saturn_Description=The pad of Saturn is connected.


Model_Snes_Description=The pad of SNES is connected.


Model_N64_Description=The pad of Nintendo64 is connected.

;   ------------

; < Connect Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ------------

Connect_Header_Title =Connection type

Connect_Header_Message =Please choose the connection type.

Connect_Message =Please choose the connection type which you use.


Connect_Standard =Standard

Connect_Standard_Description =1-2 pads are connected by Standard connection.

Connect_Mega =MegaTap

Connect_Mega_Description =1-5 pads are connected by Mega-tap connection.

Connect_Multi =MultiTap

Connect_Multi_Description =1-4 pads are connected by the Multi-tap.


Connect_Saturn_Standard =Standard

Connect_Saturn_Standard_Description =1-2 pads are connected by Standard connection.

Connect_Saturn_Multi =MultiTap

Connect_Saturn_Multi_Description =1-6 pads are connected by the Multi-tap.


Connect_Snes_Standard =Standard

Connect_Snes_Standard_Description =1-4 pads are connected by Standard connection.

Connect_Snes_Multi =MultiTap

Connect_Snes_Multi_Description =1-4 pads are connected by the Multi-tap.


Connect_N64_Standard =Standard

Connect_N64_Standard_Description =1-4 pads are connected by Standard connection.

;   -------------

; < Port Max Page > -------------------------------------------

;   -------------

PortMax_Header_Title =The number of used pads

PortMax_Header_Message =Please choose the number of the pads to be used.

PortMax_Message =Please choose the number of the pads to connect.

PortMax_ValueError =A value is inaccurate.

;   -------------

; < Advanced Page > -------------------------------------------

;   -------------

Advanced_Header_Title =Advanced setting

Advanced_Header_Message =Advanced setting is perform.

Advanced_Message =Advanced setting is perform.

Advanced_IOAddress =I/O Address of a parallel port

Advanced_ClockLength =Time of the clock to a pad.

Advanced_UnacquireIO=I/O Address was unacquirable. Please set up manually.

;   ----------

; < Check Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ----------

;Use Connect_Standard,Connect_Mega,Connect_Multi

Check_Header_Title =The check of execution

Check_Header_Message =This is the last check of execution.

Check_Message =The following processings are performed. Is This all right?

Check_Install =A file is copied to Windows which exists to "%WinFolder%".\n\nAs follows, a registry is set up.\n- Connect of %ConnectModel% Pad.\n- Connect at %ConnectType%.\n- %MaxPort% pads are connectable.\n- 0x%IOAddress% is used for a I/OAddress.\n

Check_Setting =As follows, a registry is set up.\n- Connect of %ConnectModel% Pad.\n- Connect at %ConnectType%.\n- %MaxPort% pads are connectable.\n- 0x%IOAddress% is used for a I/OAddress.\n

Check_UnInstall =A related file and registry is deleted from "%WinFolder%" of Windows.

;   -----------

; < Finish Page > -------------------------------------------

;   -----------

Finish_Header_Title =The finish of an setup

Finish_Header_Message =The setup was completed.

Finish_Success =The setup was successful and was completed.

Finish_SuccessReboot =The setup was successful and was completed.\n\nA reboot is required.

Finish_Failure =Setup Has Failed.

Finish_Log =Setup log


; Property



;   ------------

; < General Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ------------






General_ButtonsConfig=Buttons Config


General_NotConnect=Not Connect

General_Digital=Digital Pad

General_Analog=Analog Pad

General_DualShock=Dual Shock

General_DualShock2=Dual Shock2


General_DualShock2Analog=Analog Pad(DualShock)

General_SaturnStandardPad=Saturn Standard Pad

General_SaturnMultiController=Saturn Multi Controller

General_SnesStandardPad=SNES Standard Pad

General_N64StandardPad=Nintendo64 Standard Pad

General_RemoveDevice=Since the device was removed, a property is closed.

;   -----------

; < Effect Page > -------------------------------------------

;   -----------

Effect_Title=Forcr Feedback













Effect_SawtoothUp=Sawtooth Up

Effect_SawtoothDown=Sawtooth Down






Effect_Test=Force Feedback Test

Effect_PresetDeleteCheck=Are you sure you want to delete preset.

Effect_PresetOverWriteCheck=Are you sure you want to overwrite preset.

;   -------------

; < Advanced Page > -------------------------------------------

;   -------------

Advanced_Title=Advanced Setting

Advanced_DisableFF=Disable Force Feedback

Advanced_DualShock2Analog=will be used as an analog pad.

Advanced_DualShockIsAlwaysAnalog=Dualshock is always analog mode. 

;   ----------

; < About Page > -------------------------------------------

;   ----------


About_Translator=Tekito- English version written by Y.Kimura

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