XP_632.txt Driver File Contents (xp_6.32.32signed.zip)

1. OEM Name: 			LSI

2. Product Name: 		MegaRAID Windows XP Driver (MRaid35x.sys)                                
3. Release Date: 		05/22/2003

4. New Version Release: 	6.32.32  

5. Previous Version Release: 	6.31.32

Reason for Release (including Bug Fixes and Enhancements and Feature added)

Version 6.32:

Bugs Fixed:

1) Firmware was not able to handle multiple reserve commands for a logical drive. This was leading 
   to the reservation failures on some of the logical drives. A fix has been done in the driver where in      
   the driver would accept only one Reservation call at a time and would allow it to complete before          
   issuing any more commands to the Firmware.


1) File Version have been modified to reflect the Product version from this release onwards.

2) Support for SATA 150-4 controllers has been added to the setup files.  

Version 6.31:

Bugs Fixed:
1) During Cluster HCT phase 5 test driver and firmware used to wait each other for command 
   completion and interrupt post acknowledgment respectively. This leads to dead lock and 
   HCT test fails with IO timeout error. This has been fixed.

2) When heavy I/O are running, miniport driver often gets mailbox busy this was leading to 
   I/O hangs, in this case driver waits for busy to become free. This has been fixed. 

3) Logical drive status checking was failing for Dummy Device inquiry. This has been fixed.

4) Capability pointer changed in Firmware for Fast READ/WRITE calls for hard disk connected to 
   SCSI Channels.

1) Support for SATA 150-6, 320-2X and 4X controllers added to the setup files.


Known Restrictions/Bugs:
1) Driver is using Hal functions to program Hierarchy Bridges and SCSI Chips when system goes to D3 Standby state. 
   In case of D3 Standby there is no controller BIOS scan that programs these transparent Hierarchy Bridges and 
   SCSI Chips for our ATU (i960) where our firmware resides.
   In order to pass Window Logo test we are disabling Hal functions from our Miniport Driver.

   This might results in some problems during hibernation/Standby on the system, which supports D3 state.


File Listing
Date	         Time       Size       	File Name
----             ----       ----       	---------
03/14/03	 03:30p	   14,969	Mraid32.cat
02/04/03  	 03:36p   125,952 	Mraid35x.pdb
02/04/03   	 03:36p    24,448 	Mraid35x.sys
03/13/03 	 08:10p     4,804	nodev.inf
03/06/03 	 11:18a    18,184 	OEMSETUP.INF
03/06/03 	 11:15a     9,117 	TXTSETUP.OEM
05/22/03  	 09:59p     3,068 	XP_632.txt

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