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S3 VirgeDX/GX/GX2 Logo'd Windows 9x Driver (WITH TV OUT!!) -- 05/14/98 -
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Tested under Win 98SE but might work with XP (God forbid someone is running this video card with XP).


This is not an official S3 driver set or readme. I modified and repacked these drivers because I couldn't find a damn driver anywhere that enabled TV Out on S3 boards despite lots of users screaming for them. After reading some message board threads, I've changed a few lines in the newest (1998) drivers that have made my TV Out work and should work for you too.

After updating, you will see an S3 tab in Display Properties under Advanced. The S3 tab has the TV Out option front and centre. Check the box and voila!

Having said that, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I am not responsible if the shit hits the fan on your PC. I've only tested this on my one system with one video card (AGP S3 GX2 w/ 4MB).


Installation Instructions:


1) Unzip these files to a temporary folder

To update to this driver you need to manually install it. I know there is a setup.exe file, but it has never worked for me. I get an error message before it quits under Win 98SE. Feel free to try though.

2) Manual Driver Install: (Two ways)

A> - Go to System Properties from Control Panel, open Display Adapters, Properties and choose Update Driver. Click Next, Next, and then check off Specify Location (point it to the folder where you put these files).

B> - Right Click anywhere open on your Desktop, click on Properties. Click on Advanced. Click on Adapter.  Click on Change. Click Next, Next, Specify Folder (point it to where you unpacked this).

3) Restart your PC. Done.


TV Out Info and a couple small quirks I noticed.


1) You can't run TV out any higher than 640x480, your TV can't handle it, (obvious to some). Lower your monitor resolution before you enable TV out. 640x480 looks like crap on your monitor and your refresh will go to 60hz, but your TV output will look fine. Full screen Divx movies look great on my TV.

2) I believe the Optimal Timing check box in the S3 tab is supposed to enable you to run your monitor in 1024x768, while having your TV running fine at 640x480. It's never worked for me. Leave it unchecked and just lower your monitor resolution before you want to watch a movie on TV.

3) When you enable the TV Out, some of your display will be off the screen. You can scroll up or down a little bit with the mouse. I haven't found a fix. If you drag your mouse down, (pushing the screen up) the letter box effect in movies should be centred on your TV. And that's what counts isn't it?

4) I've noticed that if my monitor is powered off while Windows boots my refresh rate defaults to a measly 60hz. If my monitor is powered on during boot, it defaults (properly) to 85hz at 1024x768. Restarting Windows with the monitor powered on fixes things if you forget.

I think that's it. Enjoy. Comments, corrections, or praise can be sent to Good luck!

Corey 7/07/03.
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