README.TXT Driver File Contents (gt952681.exe)

Diamond GT Windows 95 Drivers with InControl Tools 95                README.TXT

Release Notes
This is version 4.02.265 of the Diamond GT Windows 95 Drivers disk, with
InControl Tools 95 version 4.02.125.  This driver currently supports the
following Diamond display adapters:

        Stealth64 Video 2001 series
        Stealth64 Video 3000 series

Windows 95 Installation Notes
1.  Install the VGA driver for Windows 95.

        a.  From Windows 95, select Start, select Settings, select Control
            Panel, then select Display.

        b.  Select the Settings tab.

        c.  Select Change Display Type.

        d.  Select Change... in the Adapter Type section.

        e.  Select Show all devices.

        f.  Scroll to the top of the Manufacturers window.  Select (Standard
            display types).

        g.  Select Standard Display Adapter (VGA), then select OK.

        f.  Select Close.

        h.  Select Apply.

        i.  Windows 95 will ask that the computer be restarted.  Click on Yes to
            restart the computer.

2.  From Windows 95, select Start, then select Run.

3.  Insert the Diamond GT Windows 95 Drivers diskette into your floppy drive.

4.  In the Run dialog box, type in the following:

        A:\INSTALL <enter>

    Where A is the drive letter of the floppy drive containing the Diamond GT
    Windows 95 Display Drivers / InControl Tools 95 diskette.

    The following command line switches can be used with INSTALL:

        /f              This forces a Full installation (Diamond GT 
                        display driver and InControl Tools 95).

        /m              This forces a Minimal installation (Diamond GT
                        display driver only).

        /d"drive:\path" This installs InControl Tools 95 into drive:\path. Note
                        that the quotes around the drive and path are
                        required, and that either the /f or /m must be used
                        in conjunction with this switch.

        /r              This forces a system reboot after installation.  Note
                        that either the /f or /m switches must be used in
                        conjunction with this switch.

        /nr             This prevents a system reboot after installation.
                        Note that either the /f or /m switches must be
                        used in conjunction with this switch.

        uninstall       This will completely uninstall the Diamond GT display
                        driver and InControl Tools 95.

5.  From the Diamond Setup dialog box, select Next.

6.  From the Hardware Check dialog box, select Next.

7.  A dialog box will appear containing the path where InControl Tools 95 
    will be installed.  The default path is:

        C:\Program Files\Diamond

    Select Next, or change the path as necessary.

8.  The next dialog box selects the installation type.  There are three
    installation types, Minimal, Full, and Custom.  They are defined as

         Minimal:  This will install only the Diamond GT display driver.

         Full:     This will install both the Diamond GT display driver
                   and InControl Tools 95.

         Custom:   This will allow installation of either the Diamond GT
                   display driver or InControl Tools 95.  At the minimum, 
                   the Diamond GT display driver must be installed during
                   a first-time installation.

9.  If Custom was selected in step 8, a dialog box will appear allowing
    selection of various items.  Select the items to be installed by
    clicking on them with the left mouse button.  When finished, click
    Next to continue.

10. At the Select Files to be copied dialog box, click Next to begin the
    file copy process.

11. After the files have been copied, a Finished Installing dialog box will
    appear.  Remove the installation diskette from the floppy drive, then click

12. Windows 95 will ask that the computer be restarted.  Click on Yes to
    restart the computer.

Selecting A User-Defined Monitor

If your monitor is not listed in the Windows 95 monitor list, you can define
your monitor's specifications using the Diamond Monitor Wizard.  To run the
Wizard, follow the directions below:

1.  Double click on the InControl Desktop Manager icon in the tray.

2.  From the Display Properties box, select the Settings tab.

3.  Select Change Display Type.

4.  Select Change next to the Monitor Type box.

5.  Select Show All Devices.

6.  Select (User defined monitor types).  User defined monitor(InControl Tools
    95) should be highlighted in the right side of the dialog box.

7.  Click OK.

8.  Click Wizard.  This will launch the Diamond Monitor Wizard.

Known Limitations
If these drivers are installed from "Have Disk" with the Microsoft S3 driver
already active, the Microsoft driver will overwrite the PCI frame buffer 
address.  The system *MUST* be powered down after installing the Diamond GT 
Windows 95 display driver to remedy this issue.  Note that this issue does not
occur when installing over the Microsoft VGA driver.

When installing DirectX applications, a dialog box may appear asking if
you would like to install a certified DirectX driver.  You should select
"No", so that the Diamond GT drivers will not be overwritten.  The Diamond GT
drivers will be DirectX-certified as soon as certification begins by Microsoft.

It is recommend that all screen savers be disabled prior to the installation
of the Diamond GT / InControl Tools 95 product set.

When the Microsoft Office v.4.3 Office Manager splash screen appears, the
splash screen will be white instead of gray.  Two gray blocks will also appear
in the upper left hand corner of Windows 95.  The gray blocks will disappear
after the splash screen goes away.  This problem is being investigated.

MechWarrior 2 for Windows 95 will give a black screen if run in 640x480 mode.
Use 320x200 mode to resolve this issue.  This problem is being investigated.

A General Protection Fault may occur by running After Dark for Windows v.3.1.
Upgrading to After Dark v.3.2 will resolve this issue.

To view the Online Internet Services, your World Wide Web browser must be
registered with the Windows 95 Registry.

Using Microsoft's The Fox and The Bear application in 640x480 16bpp, the
display will not be correct.  This problem is being investigated.

If you encounter problems when setting modes, you may want to try one of the
Standard Monitor Types in the Monitor Type dialog of the Display Properties

With some BIOSes, you may encounter problems switching between the desktop and
320x200 or 320x240 DirectDraw modes.  This problem is being investigated.  A
BIOS upgrade may address this for you.  See below for more information on

With some BIOSes, the Diamond GT driver may not correctly identify your Diamond
display adapter.  A BIOS upgrade may address this for you.  See below for more
information on BIOSes.

The following BIOSes have been tested with the Diamond GT display driver.  If
you have an older BIOS and are encountering difficulties, it is recommended
that you contact Diamond Customer Service at 408-325-7100 (option 3) to get the
current version of the BIOS for your Diamond display adapter:

                Stealth64 Video 2001 series:    BIOS 1.00, 1.01, 1.03
                Stealth64 Video 3000 series:    BIOS 1.04, 1.06
                                                BIOS 2.04, 2.07
                                                BIOS 3.00, 3.01
                Stealth64 Video 3200:           BIOS 1.06, 1.16
                                                BIOS 2.06, 2.16

Issues Addressed
Diamond GT:
Changing color depth may cause the mouse to change shapes.

Openning a DOS window then using the command "mode 80,50" may cause the screen
colors to shift to red green or blue.

When using Microsoft Power Point at 800x600 16bpp the  "Tip of the day"
dialog box has borders around the text.

When running the DCT SMOKE TEST - ALL, a GPF occurs during the Brush tests.

InControl Tools 95:
Increased performance.

Contacting DIAMOND

If any problems or difficulties are encountered while using this driver, please
fill out a problem report (PDR.TXT) included with this product and forward it
to Diamond Multimedia. You may send the problem report to us via any of the
methods below.

Postal Service  : Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
                  ATTN: Technical Support
                  2880 Junction Avenue
                  San Jose, CA  95134-1922
FAX             : (408) 325-7171
BBS (to 14400)  : (408) 325-7080
BBS (to 28800)  : (408) 325-7175
CompuServe      : GO DIAMOND
America Online  : GO DIAMOND
WWW             :
FTP             :
Internet E-Mail :

All product names listed are trademarks or copyrights of their
respective owners.
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.                                    (c) 1993-96
(408) 325-7000                                              All Rights Reserved
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  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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