8738note.txt Driver File Contents (PC-CHPS_Pook_PC_i810.zip)

** CMI8738 PCI Audio Windows 95/98 Drivers Release Note **

Rev 4.06.1096 7/25/2001
1. VxD : release the limitation of digital share over S/PDIF input monitoring
2. VxD : set the default XGPBIO to 0
3. DRV : change the name "PC Speaker" to "Mono In"

Rev 4.06.1095d 6/21/2001
1. DRV, VxD : implement digital phone jack shared with analog on 039(or later)
2. CMSYNTH: fix problems that SoftMIDI mute from S1 wakeup (only on 037 chip)

Rev 4.06.1095c 5/21/2001
1. Vxd: fix the problem of "crashed in shutdown in Win95". The cause is when free
        memory of SoftMidi in dsTerminateDriver, some memory blocks are released
        more than twice. In Win98, it is not a problem; however, in Win95, it will
        cause system crashed.
2. DRV: add Disabe SPDIF in Mixer

Rev 4.06.1095b 4/12/2001
1. DRV: ac3 stream fail if disable SPDIF
2. VxD: don't touch AdcDacLen register bits

Rev 4.06.1095a 3/21/2001
1. Drv: 2 problems fixed 
      1). ADC2SPDIF is removed from drv
      2). the SPDIF IN sampling rate 44k/48k select bit (18H, bit 24) is bad,
          must reference SPDIF OUT sampling rate 44k/48k select bit (2 incorrect 
          places found in drv).
2. Vxd: ADC2SPDIF is added to vxd
3. Vxd: 3 problems fixed:
      1). the category codes added in Construct_SPDIF_Frame are missed sometimes.
      2). in 055 chip, when enable SPDIF OUT, we can't monitor SPDIF OUT, because
          ADC2SPDIF is enabled incorrectly.
      3). the SPDIF IN sampling rate 44k/48k select bit (18H, bit 24) is bad,
          must reference SPDIF OUT sampling rate 44k/48k select bit (7 incorrect 
          places found in vxd).

Rev 4.06.1095 2/8/2001
1. drv: add 055 chip version judgement
2. drv: lower master volume mechanism by registry (MasterVolAtten)
3. drv, vxd: software encoded SPDIF support 44K/48K category code
4. drv: support Adc to SPDIF mixer switch (Adc2SPDIF)
5. drv, vxd: hardware spdif ac3 raw data for 37/39 chip
6. Vxd: correct two bugs (in step4)
      1). playing->enable SPDIFOUT->enable MDLP->disable SPDIFOUT->enable SPDIFOUT==>noise
      2). enable SPDIFOUT->enable MDLP->play AudioRack MP3->press pause==>crash
7. Vxd: support hardware/software SPDIFOUT in DirectSound, when the format is
        48k, 16 bit, stereo (a kind of DS_DAC_NO_SECONDARY) (in step5)

Rev 4.06.1094c 12/30/2000
1. Vxd: fix some bugs in Soft Midi (the sequence of RPN-0-1-2 and DataEntry, and MaxPitch)
2. drv: the default value of switch center/bass is set to FALSE
3. drv: delete the function of switch center/bass in 6 channel mode

Rev 4.06.1094b 12/23/2000
1. drv: support the switching of center and bass in 6 channel mode
2. Vxd: don't minitor SPDIF IN/OUT, when SPDIF AC3_RAW_DATA is played

Rev 4.06.1094a 12/04/2000
1. Vxd: support Microphone as Center/Bass
2. Vxd: fix full-duplex of microphone's real-time record/playback
3. Vxd: fix the Cyrix CPU problem in Audio WinBench 99 (Cyrix too slow)

Rev 4.06.1094 11/06/2000
1. DRV, VxD: to fix the SPDIF category code hardware bug (Software raw data mode)
2. DRV: SPDIF IN default device #2
3. Vxd: support software SPDIF 16 in Dsound, MCI, SoftMidi
4. DRV: remove the SPDIF hardware settings
5. DRV: fix mute PC speaker bug
6. Vxd: fix SPDIF OUT muted at installing the driver for the first time

Rev 4.06.1093c 10/04/2000
1. DRV: 033, 037, 039, 051 chip version check
2. DRV: Get MixBass from mixer
3. DRV: fix bug that 6 channel cannot pause
4. DRV: some fixs on SPDIFOUT setup on 039 chip
5. DRV: default mix Bass to front on 6 channel playback
6. VxD: enable SPDIFOUT when secondary buffer playing
7. DRV, VxD: 6 channel exclusive with other function
8. VxD: add a filter to resolve Korean 8K problem

Rev 4.06.1093b 09/19/2000
1. VxD: 6 channel volume control
2. DRV: new master volume control in 039 chip
3. DRV: zv port enable/disable function
4. VxD: add LINEINasBASS in registry to control line-in usage

Rev 4.06.1093a 09/12/2000
1. VxD: fix bug on Creative LAVA player
2. VxD: fix bug on Imperium Galactica II
3. CMMPUPCI: something wrong in previous release, just rebuild and fix the problem

Rev 4.06.1093 09/05/2000
1.VxD: speed control
2.VxD: fix bug that BeachHead 2000 incurred
2.DRV: mute controls if volume drop to zero
3.DRV: some fixs that 039 chip doesn't compatible with old chip

Rev 4.06.1092 06/16/2000
1.Support reverberation and echo effect interface.

Rev 4.06.1091b 04/27/2000
1.DRV: test the VM interrupt mask each time start playback/recording
2.DRV: some minor change on ISR

ver 4.06.1091a 04/10/2000
1.quad channel SPDIF out
2.fix the bug that PCSPK mute and volume control
3.disable the double sampling on AC3 SPDIF on 037 chip
4.mask the interrupt during suspend mode

ver 4.06.1091  02/23/2000

1. Support KARAOKE auto singing function interface.
2. Fix a bug of DirectSound testing program in looping buffer processing.

ver 4.06.1090  01/14/2000

1. support special sampling rate (8000 & 22254Hz) in DirectSound functions
   for game Carnivores2 and Dark Vengence.
2. Make 3D posional audio more symmetrically between front and rear.

ver 4.06.1089  12/29/99

1. Fix sound disappear problem when select EAX mode in game OUTCAST.
2. Fix sound problem in game Half-Life.
3. Support enable/disable two playback channel functions in registry,
   the default status is disable.
4. Default reject into suspend mode when using DirectSound functions.

ver 4.06.1088  12/15/99

1. Improve DirectSound/3D update delay time make positonal audio
   move more smoothly.
2. DirectSound suspend control by the registry setting(DisDsSuspend).
3. Fix a problem that game Trespasser crash.

ver 4.06.1087  11/10/99

1. Modify legacy device IRQ release processing for solving 
   conflicted with a NET device.
2. Auto detect SPDIF-in signal sampling rate as 44.1/48KHz.
   Users do not have to set about this.
3. Uninstall program do not remove MODEM device.
4. Fix some games FM no output problem in Windows DOS box.
5. Fix WinDVD mute problem when switching from SPDIF-AC3 to 2/4 speakers mode.
6. Fix problem that cannot shutdown correctly with TAICOM MODEM.

ver 4.06.1084  10/19/99

1. Fix problems in games including Comanche Gold,Unreal,
   Duaguen Keeper II and Prince of Persia 3D.
2. Fix calling problem in A3D compatible drivers.

ver 4.06.1083  10/05/99

1. Fix GPF problem in Minevra testing program.

ver 4.06.1082  10/02/99

1. Support 44.1/48K DirectSound wave output to SPDIF-out.
2. Uninstall program fix joystick device problem.

ver 4.06.1081  09/20/99

1. Set default configuration value. Otherwise, Line-in can not share
   same phonejack with rear output.
2. Store SPDIF-in phase inverse status.

ver 4.06.1080  09/03/99

1. New structure of DirectSound/DirectSound3D.
2. Support SPDIF AC-3 output.
3. Run applications setup program after drivers installed.
4. Uninstall drivers program add removing applications.

ver 4.06.1073  08/10/99

1.Modify legacy device IRQ resource management.
2.Implement SPDIF-in signal phase auto detect functions.

ver 4.06.1071  07/15/99

1.Prevent conflict when audio device share same IRQ with legacy device.
2.Switch to 4 speakers mode when create DirectSound3D primary buffer.

ver 4.06.1070  07/02/99

1.Modify legacy device IRQ resource management.

ver 4.06.1069  06/24/99

1.Modify double DMA buffer processing.
2.Fix legacy SB and FM I/O port allocate problem.
3.Legacy device can enable or disable when installation.
4.Accept any sampling rate for Iphone 5.0 full-duplex purpose.

ver 4.06.1068  06/05/99

1.Fix wave output rear speakers left/right inverse when wave volume
  panning in MCI 4 speakers mode.
2.Fix 48KHz wave playback speed too fast when SPDIF-out enable.

ver 4.06.1067  06/04/99

1.Enable wave volume panning functions.
2.Fix Mic recording in stereo mode.
3.Add wave channels output selection.

ver 4.06.1064  05/25/99

1.Fix sound clicking problem when playback wave.
2.Enhance performance when HRTF CPU utilization set to low.
  (Game Populous 3 can run smoothly when HRTF CPU utilization set to low.)
3.Enable/disable MPU-401 MIDI device install request by registry.
4.Change the wave open management way.

ver 4.06.1062  05/11/99

1.Change the cm8338.vxd file name to cmaudio.vxd.
2.Enable/disable Joystick device controlled by registry.
3.Remove the SPDIF function from mixer(controlled by function calls).
4.Support 24-bit SPDIF playback/recording functions.
5.Fix bugs on game FALCON4.
6.Change the cm8338fm.drv file name to cmpcifm.drv.

ver 4.06.1061  05/07/99

1.Fix MIDI keyboard hang problems.
2.Add SPDIF in/out control functions.

ver 4.06.1059  04/30/99

1.Open registry set legacy SB version.

ver 4.06.1058  04/27/99

1.Change DirectSound driver name.
2.Correct mixer component type.

ver 4.06.1057  04/21/99

1.Joystick resource adjustment.
2.Fix sound problems in DOS game DOOM2,WARCRAFT2,Duke3D and Quake.
3.Fix SPDIF-out inactive problem.
4.Add setup DOS initial program during installation.

ver 4.06.1051  04/02/99

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