TXTPSHDR.INF Driver File Contents (psexec20.exe)

%!PS-Adobe 2.0
%%IncludeFeature: emulation(postscript)
%%Title:        Print any text file
%%Date:         01/14/91
%%For:          PSExecutives.
%%Copyright (C) QMS. Inc. All rights reserved
/bd {bind def} def
/inch {72.0 mul} bd

/lno 1 def/p 1 def
/Hx 0 def /Hy 0 def /URx 8.5 inch def /URy 11.0 inch def
/LLx 0 def /LLy 0 def /x 0 def /y 0 def
/ppa [(letter) (a4) (legal) (11x17) (b5) ] def
/oppa [8 2 24 26 18] def /psx [612 594 612 1008 546] def
/psy [792 842 1008 1224 771] def /na 4 def /pea 0 def
/m /moveto load def /l /lineto load def
/TS {findfont ts scalefont setfont} bd
/HS {/Times-Bold findfont 12 scalefont setfont} bd
/sh /show load def /sw /stringwidth load def
/sd {statusdict begin} def
/ff {ph {hd} if gsave showpage grestore /p p 1 add store
/x LLx store /y URy store x y m} bd
/hd {HS LLx Hy m Date sh Hx Hy m f sh
URx (Page XXXXX) sw pop sub Hy m (Page ) sh p 10 string cvs sh
tf TS /y URy store /x LLx store x y m} bd
/s {pl {6 string (      ) copy dup
lno 10 string cvs dup length 6 exch sub exch putinterval sh
/lno lno 1 add store}if col1 y m cw {
dup sw pop col1 add URx lt {sh}{{pop pop currentpoint pop 
URx ts sub ge {col1 y ts sub m /y y ts sub store} if}
exch kshow} ifelse} {sh} ifelse y ts sub LLy lt {ff} {
/y y ts sub store x y m } ifelse} bd
initgraphics /prod sd product end def
mark prod (QMS-PS 1500) eq {0}{2} ifelse
/papersize dup sd where {pop cvx exec end counttomark 2 gt{
pop /pn exch def 0 1 na{dup pn ppa 4 -1 roll get eq {
/pea exch store}{pop} ifelse} for}{/pn exch def 0 1 na
{dup pn oppa 4 -1 roll get eq {/pea exch store}{pop} ifelse
} for} ifelse}if /TP psy pea get store /RP psx pea get store
isP {initmatrix 0 0 translate}{initmatrix RP 0 translate 
90 rotate} ifelse gsave 0 0 m clippath pathbbox grestore
/URy exch def /URx exch def /LLy exch def /LLx exch def
LM LLx gt {/LLx LM store} if isP {RP RM sub dup URx lt {            
/URx exch store} if TP TM sub ph{20 sub}if dup URy lt {
/URy exch store} if BM LLy gt{/LLy BM store} if
/Hy URy 15 add store}{TP RM sub dup URx lt {/URx exch store
} if BM ph{20 add}if dup LLy gt {/LLy exch store} if
RP TM sub dup URy lt {/URy exch store} if
/Hy LLy 15 sub store} ifelse
HS /Hx LLx URx add 2 div f sw pop 2 div sub store
tf TS pl{(XXXXXXX) sw pop /col1 exch LLx add store}{
/col1 LLx store} ifelse /x LLx def /y URy def x y m

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