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v2.41 10/27/99

1. Support modem interface for 8738. (select in kernel configuration)
2. Enable S/PDIF-in to S/PDIF-out (S/PDIF loop).
3. Enable 4 channels mode on 3 jack or 4 jack configurateion.

V1.6  09/02/99

1. Change the way read mixer settings back so the returned value will be
identical to what written.
2. Enable SPDIF-in to SPDIF-out.
3. Add installation instruction for Slackware, OpenLinux and RedHat.

V1.5  08/18/99

1. Allocate DMA buffer at first open, and deallocate only when driver
unload. This should solve memory leakage problem.
2. Remove the 4096 bytes buffer check. This may cause some old APs
cannot execute due to small block size.
server: web1, load: 1.54