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Rev 3.05 - August 28, 1996

X-Link Modem Drivers ReadMe File

This disk contains drivers for X-Link modems.

0.0 Contents

1.0 - Disk Layout
2.0 - How Do I Use This Disk to Install My Modem ?
3.0 - Setup Strings
4.0 - Some Useful Modem Errata
5.0 - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
6.0 - Where Can I Get More Help And Information ?

1.0 - Disk Layout
This disk contain the drivers of XLink series Modems for Windoes95, namely 
                   XL-288E 33K6 External Fax Modem V.34+ version 
                   XL-336E 33K6 External Fax Modem V.34+ version 

the diskette contains files

Files                   Contents

xlink.inf               Windows 95 modem drivers
xlink---.inf            Windows 95 modem drivers(--- indicate the version)
Readme.txt              Readme files

2.0-How to I use this diskette to install my modem
To setup a modem under Windows95, Please use the following steps
as the general guide

Step 1: Power off your computer.
Step 2: Connect you external modem to Serial Port, Mostly COM2 for external.
        For internal modem, select the COM Port (Normally COM4. If select COM2,
        disable the COM 2 from the Motherboard BIOS) by the DIP switch on the
        back of the modem then insert the modem card into the ISA slot with care.
        Refer your manual for your instruction.
Step 3: For internal, Power On your computer. In Windows95's Start -> Setting
        -> Control Penal, Double Click Add New Hardware for intall the
        Com Port. (refer the Windows95 manual for more detail).
Step 4: In Windows95's Start -> Setting -> Control Control Penal, Double Click
        Modems, then click Add button.
Step 5: Click on Don't detect my modem.
Step 6: Insert the driver diskette into the Floppy Disk Drive, then click
        Have Disk button.
Step 7: Click Browse button to select A:\  then click OK button,
Step 8: Select the correct modem model. (if you have a V.34+ modem you can
        select the XL-288I 33K6,XL-288E 33K6, XLC-288I 33K6 or XLC-288E 33K6
        driver.) then click Next button.

        Note:Some xlink 33600 bps modem still use 28800 bps printing on the case, those modems
        with 28800 bps printing on the case are already upgraded to 33600bps by manufacturer.
        If you are not sure,pls ring us on 1800 651 574 Australia.
Step 9: Select the correct COM port then click Next button. Finally, click
        Finish button.

3.0 Setting Strings

The following setup strings are recommended for full error correction and
hardware flow control.

XL-336I (E)             AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V1        
XL-336IT (ET)           AT &F1 S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 X2 &C1 
XLC-288IVS              AT*Y162N=64 (the first time it is installed only)
			AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V0 &C1  (all other times)
XLC-288IA (EA)          AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V2 S91=13
XL-288I (E)             AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V1 
XL-144I (E)             AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V1
WS-1414IV1              AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V2 &C1
XLC-144EV               AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V1 &C1 
CIS-2814I               AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 &C1 S95=45 
TLMC                    AT &F S0=0 &D2 E0 V1 \V1 &C1

4.0 Some Useful Modem Errata

XL-336IT  - 
XL-336ET  This is 100% command compatible with USR Sportster 33K6 modems.
	 ATI4 displays the active (current) profile.
	 ATI5 displays the stored profiles.
	 ATI6 displays link diagnostics.
	 ATI7 displays the modem configuration.
	 AT$  lists all AT commands.
	 AT&$ lists all AT& commands.   

	 These modems have problems detecting busy tone, or may confuse busy and
	 ringing tones.  They must have X2 in their setup strings and also you should
	 disable any options that detect busy signal or busy tone in your software.

XL-288I/I+ - AT&H lists all commands.

5.0 - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Software Settings.

For initialization strings see above. For serial port speed use 19,200 or 38,400 for 14K4 bps
modems and use 38,400 or 57,600 for 28K8 bps modems.  Hardware flow control (CTS/RTS) should beON and auto speed sensing should be OFF.  "Auto speed sensing off" means the modem software will not try to adjust the port speed to match the line speed. Modern modems have their own speed buffering internally so the software doesn't have to worry about it.

My Software Does Not List X-Link Modems.

"Generic" or "Hayes-compatible" selections usually work OK. Other brand selections such as Maxtech, Wisecom or GVC may also work.

My Software does not list 14,400 or 28,800 as a valid speed.

Set your comms package to a higher speed. We recommend  19,200 or 38,400 for 14K4 bps modems and 38,400 or 57,600 for 28K8 bps modems.  The modems have flow control and buffer data so the higher speed should work OK.

What COM Port Should my Internal Modem be Set for ?

Most PC's already have COM1 and COM2 installed.  COM1/COM3 and COM2/COM4 share an interrupt so you can not set your modem to COM3 if you have a mouse installed on COM1. Likewise if your mouse is set for COM2 then you can't install your modem as COM4. If your mouse is set for COM 1 then we recommend COM4 for your computer.  If your mouse is installed for COM2 then use COM3 for your modem.  Some Windows systems have COM4 set incorrectly.  If you have problems check that Windows has COM4 set as base address 2E8 and the IRQ is 3.

Also be aware that most Windows 95 systems using S3 based video cards such as Diamond Stealth cards will be unable to use COM4.  For these systems we recommend either COM2 (make sure you disable the COM 2 already installed on your motherboard first !!) or COM 3/ IRQ 5.

Other Common Pitfalls - The Phone cable - the plug pack.

The phone cable supplied with your modem is usually not wired the same as the one you may have connected to your phone.  If you use the cable from your phone instead the modem probably won't work. Only use the cable we supply.

The external modems use an AC plug pack. Most common plug packs are DC. If you use a DC plug pack by mistake, the modem will appear to work - the lights will come on etc, but the modem will not talk to the computer.  Plugging in a DC plug pack will not damage the modem, it just won't work. Only use the plug pack we supply.

My Modem Doesn't Detect Dial tone.

Check the following:- Are you using the phone cable supplied with the modem? Is the phone cable plugged into the LINE socket on the back of the modem? If you are using a PABX it may be a digital PABX. Modems only work on analog PABXS. Or the PABX may have a non standard dial tone which will require you to suppress modem dial tone detection.

If you can't find anything obviously wrong then try suppressing dial tone detection by adding the 
X1 or X3 command to the suggested setup string.  Some dial tones just can't be detected by the 

The Fax doesn't Seem to Work.

The two most common fax modem protocols are Class 1 and Class 2. Your modem may only support one
or it may support both.  If you have problems sending or receiving faxes then try switching from
one Class to  the other.  If you modem doesn't support a particular Class then your fax software
probably won't list it.

6.0 - How can I get more information?
X-Link modems are distributed in Australia only by XLINK Australia.  
XLINK Australia can be reached :
	For Sales queries                at:02-9526 2688
	For Technical queries            at:02-9526 2229
	Fax                              (02) 9526 2650  

If there is any setup problems, Pleas contact your dealer for assistant 
Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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