README.TXT Driver File Contents (

                A. File Description
                B. Driver Installation for NetWare Server 4.11
                C. Driver Installation for DOS32
                D. Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 3.x
                E. Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 95
                F. Parameters Description for GFC2204.LAN

A. File Description

Filename              Description
README.TXT            This file. Presents a summary of the contents for
                      NetWare Client32 driver installation.

GFC2204.LAN           Generic Client32 ODI driver for GFC2204. This driver 
                      complies with NetWare ODI Serverdriver SPEC 3.3. 
                      ( in \NETWARE\ODI )

GFC2204.LDI           The driver (GFC2204.LAN) installation information file for
                      NetWare Server 4.11, NeDOS32, Microsoft Windows 3.x.

GFC2204.INF           The driver (GFC2204.LAN) installation information file for
                      Microsoft Windows 95.


B. Driver Installation for NetWare Server 4.11

         1. Change directory to NetWare Server directory (for example:
            CD\NWSERVER )
         2. Load NetWare Server System by typing SERVER, then press <Enter>.
         3. When the Server prompt appears, load the NetWare Server
            Installation Utility.  That is,

                :LOAD INSTALL

         4. Select "Driver options" from "Installtion Options" menu, then
            press <Enter>.
         5. Select "Configure network drivers" from "Driver Options" menu,
            then press <Enter>.
         6. Select "Select a driver" from "Additional Driver Actions" menu,
            then press <Enter>.
         7. Press <Ins> to install an unlisted driver, then press <F3> to
            specify a different path.
         8. Insert Generic GFC2204 Driver Diskette to your PC's floppy drive 
            and specify the drive (A: or B:).
         9. Select "GFC2204 PCI Series Ethernet driver" from
            "Select a driver to installed:" menu, then press <Enter>.
        10. If necessary, select "Select/Modify driver parameters and
            protocols" from "Board GFC2204_1 (Driver GFC2204) Actions" menu,
            then press <Enter> to set up the driver parameters. (Please refer
            to content F.)
            Otherwise, select "Save parameters and load driver", then press

        11. Following instructions to complete the driver installation.

        12. Sample AUTOEXEC.NCF for NetWare Server 4.11

             AUTOEXEC.NCF (one board)
                LOAD C:GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2 NAME=E_8022
                LOAD C:GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.3 NAME=E_8023
                BIND IPX E_8022 NET=10
                BIND IPX E_8023 NET=20
                BIND IPX E_II   NET=30
                BIND IPX E_SNAP NET=40

             AUTOEXEC.NCF (two boards)
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10001 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2 NAME=E_8022_1
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10001 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.3 NAME=E_8023_1
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10001 FRAME=ETHERNET_II NAME=E_II_1
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10002 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2 NAME=E_8022_2
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10002 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.3 NAME=E_8023_2
                LOAD C:GFC2204 SLOT=10002 FRAME=ETHERNET_II NAME=E_II_2
                BIND IPX E_8022_1 NET=10
                BIND IPX E_8023_1 NET=20
                BIND IPX E_II_1   NET=30
                BIND IPX E_SNAP_1 NET=40
                BIND IPX E_8022_2 NET=50
                BIND IPX E_8023_2 NET=60
                BIND IPX E_II_2   NET=70
                BIND IPX E_SNAP_2 NET=80

C. Driver Installation for DOS32

    1. If you have installed the NetWare Client 32 for DOS,
       all you have to do is modify STARTNET.BAT.  Please see the
       sample STARTNET.BAT below these installation instructions.

    2. Run INSTALL.EXE from NetWare DOS 32 diskette (or from NetWare 4.11 CD).
       When the product manual appears, check the "NetWare Client 32 for DOS"
       item, then press <Enter>.

    3. Select "OTHER DRIVERS" item from "32-bit Network Board Drivers" menu,
       then press <Enter>.

    4. Insert Generic GFC2204 Driver Diskette into your floppy diskette drive, 
       then specify the driver path like A: or B:.

    5. Select "GFC2204 PCI Series Ethernet driver", then press <Enter>.

    6. Refer to Content F. and set the correct driver parameters to comply
       with your network environment, then press <F10> to continue.

    7. Following instructions to complete the Client32 for DOS software

    8. Reboot your machine.

    Sample STARTNET.BAT for DOS32.

D. Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 3.x

    Please refer to Content C., in step 2, mark "Netware Client 32 for DOS"
    and "Client 32 for Windows", then follow step 3..8 to complete the

E. Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 95

        If you have installed the Microsoft Client in your Windows 95 system,
you should remove the adapter object and NDIS 2/3 driver for the GFC2204 adapter 
from Windows 95 system.  No matter if you have installed the ASIX AX88140 based 
driver or Generic's GFC2204 NDIS 2/3 driver, before you install GFC2204 Client 
32 driver, you should take the following steps.

     E.1 Remove adapter object & driver for ASIXchip AX88140
         or GFC2204
         1. Click the "My Computer" icon in the Main Program Group.
         2. Click the "Control Panel" icon in My Computer window.
         3. Click the "System" icon in the Control Panel window.
         4. Click the "Network adapter" icon in System window.
         5. Click the "PCI Fast Ethernet ASIXchip AX88140 Based Adapter" or
            "GFC2204 PCI fast Ethernet Adapter" icon in System window.
         6. Click <Remove> button, then click <OK> button.
         7. Close the opened windows.

         Note: If you NEVER pluged an GFC2204 PCI adapter into your PC, 
               Procedure E.1 is not necessary.  And you just start from 
               Procedure E.2.

     E.2 Install the Client 32 driver installation information file
         8. Switch to an MS-DOS Command Prompt window.
         9. Insert the Generic GFC2204 Driver Diskette into your PC's floppy 
            drive (A: or B:)
        10. Type the following DOS commands:

             CD \WINDOWS\INF
             RENAME NETPCI.INF *.IN_
             RENAME GFC2204 *.IN_
             COPY A:\LANDRV32\GFC2204.INF

                     A:\LANDRV32 C:\WINDOWS

                     where C:\WINDOWS is your Windows 95 system directory.

        11. Shutdown and turn off the machine.

     E.3 Client 32 Driver Installation on Windows 95

        12. Plug Generic's GFC2204 adapter into one of the Master PCI slots of 
            your PCI platform.
        13. Turn the power on and then boot from Windows 95.
        14. Windows 95 will prompt with PCI Ethernet Controller in the New
            Hardware Found dialog box.
        15. Windows 95 will prompt with "GFC2204 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter" 
            in the New Hardware Found dialog box.
        16. Follow instructions to complete the installation.

             Note: Windows 95 will ask you to key in the proper path of the
                   following diskette:

                a. NetWare Client 32 for Windows 95 Disk
                b. Generic GFC2204 PCI Series Ethernet Adapter Driver
                   Diskette --> Insert Generic GFC2204 Series Driver
                   Diskette, then, assign the path to A:\LANDRV32 or
                c. Windows 95 CD-ROM

F. Parameter Description for GFC2204.LAN

        The following parameters are used in GFC2204.LAN.

    1. SLOT:     specifies which adapter is enabled when multiple GFC2204
                 adapters are found in your computer.  The SLOT keyword is 
                 an index value corresponding to PCI BIOS.  The value of 
                 SLOT is different from one machine to the other.

                 Ex: LOAD GFC2204 SLOT=10001 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2
                     LOAD GFC2204 SLOT=10004 FRAME=ETHERNET_II

    2. FRAME   : specifies which frame type is used by the driver.  Accepted
                 values are Ethernet_802.2, Ethernet_802.3, Ethernet_II and
                 Ethernet_SNAP.  Multiple frame types can be enabled by the
                 driver by loading the same driver with different FRAME types.

                  Ex: LOAD GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.2
                      LOAD GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_802.3
                      LOAD GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_II
                      LOAD GFC2204 FRAME=ETHERNET_SNAP

    3. NODE    : Use a different address to replace the node address burned
                 in EEPROM.

                  Ex: LOAD GFC2204 NODE=0200E8001122

    4. Attachment: Specifies the connection type of the GFC2204 adapter.

                  Default value is AUTODETECT.

                  Driver Parameters     Description
                  =================     =====================================
                  AUTODETECT            (Autodetect)
                                        for GFC2204, run-time autosenses
                                        the connection type and line speed. 

                  TP                    (Twisted Pair)
                                        Connector type is RJ-45.
                                        When Line_Speed=10, it is 10BaseT and
                                        when Line_Speed=100, it is 100BaseTx.

                  TP_FULL_DUPLEX        (Twisted pair - Full Duplex)
                                        Connector is RJ-45 with Full Duplex
                                        mode enabled.  The throughput is 20Mbps
                                        for 10BaseT and 200Mbps for 100BaseTx.

                  TP_NO_LINK_TEST       (Twisted pair with link test disabled)
                                        Connector is RJ-45, but the link test
                                        function of the transceiever is disabled.
                                        This function should be enabled if
                                        your repeater does not support the link
                                        test function.

                  Ex: LOAD GFC2204 TP
                      LOAD GFC2204 TP LINE_SPEED=100
                      LOAD GFC2204 BNC
                      LOAD GFC2204 AUTODETECT
                      LOAD GFC2204 TP_FULL_DUPLEX LINE_SPEED=100

    5. LINE_SPEED: (Line_Speed)
                   Specify the speed of your network adapter.
                   Accepted values are 10 and 100.  No default value is

    6. TURBO     : (Turbo mode)
                   Enhances the performance when your PCI platform uses ASIX chip.

    7. SNOOZE    : (Snooze mode)
                   With GFC2204 new NIC, Snooze mode can reduce power
                   consumption.  The NIC stops most of its internal clock
                   operation except when network activity is detected.
                   This is not a default function of GFC2204.LAN.

    8. CAPTURE_EFFECT: (Enables the function for solving the Capture Effect
                   The driver offers a vendor supported function to avoid
                   starvation when multiple collisions occur on
                   the line. But this function is not part of the
                   Ethernet SPEC. You can use this parameter to enable
                   the function.

-- End of File --
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