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       º       Compex RE100TX 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter        º
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This text file introduces the Port-Trunking/FailOver features and explains
special installation requirements.

Trunking limitation
Due the restricted nature of Microsoft Windows NDIS driver handling for LAN cards
with different IRQ number i.e if both RE100TX NIC has different IRQ and when
the primary adapter lost its connection, performance can be as low as half the
performance of a single adapter. However, if the secondary adapter lost its
connection performance will be maintain at full 100Mbps performance.

So it is recommended for best performance to configure both RE100TX to share
the same PCI IRQ number.
Some motherboards with 5 PCI slots or more are preconfigured to share PCI
IRQ number at certain slots. Refer to the manual of these motherboards.
So you should install the RE100TX NIC in these slots.

For motherboards that do not by default assigned same PCI IRQ number to specific
slot manually configure the PCI Configuration table. Depending on the brand and
made some allows setting specific IRQ number to the PCI slots. Refer to the
manual or contact your motherboard suppliers on how to configure this.

1. Port-Trunking

      Port-Trunking provides bundled Fast Ethernet channel between
      a (NT 4.0) SERVER and a Fast Ethernet SWITCH.
      The software driver groupes two Fast Ethernet ports(2 Adapters),
      to deliver upto a maximum bandwidth of 2*100Mbps(in full-duplex mode)
      for data flow from Server to Switch.

2. FailOver

      Provides Fault-tolerance for a Server to Fast Ethernet Switch
      connection. In the event that a cable attached to one of the
      ports(Adapters) configured with Port-Trunking/FailOver is damaged,
      unplugged or suffering from a port failure, it is automatically removed
      from the group and the Network load is shifted to the other port(Adapter).
      The network connection is still maintain.

      When the failed connection is restored, Port-Trunking/FailOver
      recognizes the availability of the port and the Network load is

Uninstall Re100TX Port-Trunking driver.
To uninstall do the following:
1) From the Desktop, select the Network Neighborhood icon and click on
   the right mouse button to call up Network Configuration page.
2) Select the "Compex ReadyLink Express 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter"
   Then click on the Remove button.
3) Click OK to close Network Configuration.
4) When prompt to Restart Windows, ignore it for the moment and open a DOS
5) Copy from the driver disk the file, UNTKW98.BAT to C:\
6) Run the batch, UNTKW98
   The screen will display the following files are deleted.
         RETKW98.SYS, RETKW98.INF and MicrosoftRETKW98.INF
7) Close the DOS box and click Yes to restart Windows.

                        ---------- END ------------
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