TRNKNT40.TXT Driver File Contents (

       º                                                              º
       º       Compex RE100TX 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter        º
       º        (C) Copyright PDS, 2000. All Rights Reserved.         º
       º                                                              º

This text file explains the installation procedure for the
Port-Trunking/Failover Utility and NDIS4.0 Port-Trunking/Failover driver
for Microsoft Windows NT Release 4.0(Sevice Pack 4 or higher) on the
Intel X86 platform.

Since installation for NT 4.0 Server and Workstation are the same no
reference to Windows NT 4.0 Server or Workstation will be made.
Note that Windows NT 4.0 is not a plug and play OS it will not auto-detect
the RE100TX 10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet adapter.

   This installation assumes Windows NT is installed in C:\WINNT directory.

   1)  Startup MS Windows NT Server 4.0 then logon as Administrator

   2)  Click Start | Control Panel | click on the Network Icon.

   3)  In the Network Settings dialog box, click on ADAPTER option tab at the
       of the dialog box and click on ADD button.

   4)  In the Network Adapter box, click on HAVE DISK button
   5)  Insert the driver disk in drive A, enter A:\TRUNKING\NT
       and then choose the OK button.

   6)  In the Select OEM option box the name,
       "Compex RE100TX PCI Fast Ethernet Trunking/Failover Adapter" appears
       in the box. Click OK to continue.

   7)  The Network Adapters dialog box displays as below:

          Compex RE100TX PCI Fast Ethernet Trunking/Failover Adapter

   ** Note: only one adapter will be display in the Network Confguration
            box when trunking driver is installed.

  10)  Back to the Network Setting dialog box, click on the the other tabs
       and make changes if necessary to customise your configurations like
       adding additional protocols <Note 1>, change or assign a name to the
       PC, etc. Refer to Windows NT 4.0 document for details.

       Click OK and Windows NT will complete the rest of the installation by
       copying and binding the select items <Note 2>.
  11)  Installation is completed.

  12)  Restart Windows NT and RE100TX adapters are now ready to service the

   Note 1:
      TCP/IP is the preferred default protocol in NT 4.0 for Trunking
      feature to effectively. However, other protocols like NetBEIU also
      works with the trunking driver.

   Note 2:
      When you have TCP/IP protocol installed, obtain your IP address and
      subnet information prior to the installation.
      Only one IP address is needed to work with the trunking driver.

                        -------- end ------------
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