INSTALL.INF Driver File Contents (

# INSTALL.INF information file for INSTALL.EXE Application Installer Program
# Copyright (c) 1992 by Jeffrey M. Richter - All rights reserved.
# Copyright (c) 1995 Cirrus Logic, Inc. - All rights reserved.


ApplicationName   =   GD5446 Installation
DefaultDir{D}   =   {W}vgautil

DstDiskSpaceApplication  =  1299
;                         WinMode.ini
DstDiskSpaceWindows      =  154
;                         fonts + "drivers"
DstDiskSpaceSystem       =  698 +  1279

ShowDirectoryCreateMeter = yes
ShowInstructions         = yes
ShowCopyFileDescription  = yes

; ReadmeFile = utils\Reados2.txt
ReadmeFile = 
LanguageParseReadmeFile  = no

;LoadDLL  =
;LoadDLL = alpine.dll

[Background Title]

English  = CL-GD5446 Drivers and Utilities for Windows
Dutch    = CL-GD5446 Stuur- en hulpprogramma's voor Windows
French   = Gestionnaires et utilitaires CL-GD5446 pour Windows
German   = CL-GD5446-Treiber und -Dienstprogramme für Windows
Italian  = Driver e utilità di CL-GD5446 per Windows
Japanese = CL-GD5446 ƒhƒ‰ƒCƒo ‚ƃ†[ƒeƒBƒŠƒeƒB(Microsoft Windows 3.1 “ú–{Œê”Å)
Spanish  = Controladores y utilidades CL-GD5446 para Windows
Swedish  = CL-GD5446 drivrutiner och funktioner för Windows
Danish   = CL-GD5446 drivere og hjælpeværktøjer til Windows
Portuguese Brazil = Unidades CL-GD5446 e utilit+arios para Windows
Spanish Modern = Unidades CL-GD5446 y utilitarios para Windows
Finnish  = CL-GD5446 -ajurit ja -apuohjelmat Windowsille
Norwegian  = CL-GD5446-drivere og -hjelpeprogrammer for Windows
Portuguese = Drivers e Utilitários CL-GD5446 Drivers para Windows
Chinese Simp = Windows°æCL-GD5446Çý¶¯Æ÷¼°¹«ÓóÌʽ
Chinese Trad = Windows«¬CL-GD5446ÅX°Ê¾¹¤Î¤½¥Îµ{¦¡
Korean = À©µµ¿ì¿ë CL-GD5446 µå¶óÀ̹ö ¹× À¯Æ¿¸®Æ¼
Thailand = CL-GD5446 ä´Ã¿ìàÇÍÃìáÅÐÂÙ·ÔÅÔµÕÊÓËÃѺÇÔ¹â´ÇÊì
Czech = "Ovládaèe a utility CL-GD5446 pro Windows"
Hungarian = "Windows alatt futó CL-GD5446 vezérlõk és segédprogramok"
Polish = "Sterowniki CL-GD5446 i programy u¿ytkowe do Windows"
Russian = "CL-GD5446 Äðàéâåðû è ñåðâèñíûå ïðîãðàììû äëÿ Windows"


English  = Notice:   Before new display drivers can be installed, the Windows environment
English  = must be running with one of Windows original display drivers, such as VGA.  If
English  = this is not true, Exit now and using Windows Setup, change to one of these drivers.

Dutch    = Let op:   Als u nieuwe schermstuurprogramma's wilt installeren moet Windows
Dutch    = gestart zijn met een van de eigen stuurprogramma's, zoals VGA. Zo niet,
Dutch    = dan stopt u nu en stelt u een van deze stuurprogramma's in met Windows Setup.

French   = Attention : Pour que l'installation des nouveaux gestionnaires d'affichage soit
French   = possible, l'environnement Windows doit être configuré avec un des gestionnaires
French   = d'origine, tel que VGA. Si ce n'est pas le cas, vous devez quitter et
French   = utiliser le programme d'installation de Windows pour changer les paramètres d'écran.

German   = Hinweis:   Bevor neue Anzeigetreiber installiert werden können, muß Windows mit einem der
German   = ursprünglichen Windows-Treiber, wie z.B. VGA, ausgeführt werden. Ist dies nicht
German   = der Fall, beenden Sie das Programm jetzt, und wechseln Sie mit Windows-SETUP zu einem dieser Treiber über.

Italian  = Nota:   prima di poter installare nuovi driver video, l'ambiente Windows deve essere
Italian  = eseguito con uno dei driver originali di Windows, come ad esempio VGA. Se così
Italian  = non fosse, uscire e impostare uno di questi driver utilizzando il Setup di Windows.

Japanese = ’ˆÓ:   ƒfƒBƒXƒvƒŒƒC ƒhƒ‰ƒCƒo‚ðƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‹‚·‚é‘O‚́AWindows•t‘®‚̃hƒ‰ƒCƒo(VGAASVGA‚È‚Ç)‚ð
Japanese = Žg—p‚µ‚½ŠÂ‹«‚É‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢¡Žg—pƒhƒ‰ƒCƒo‚ªˆÙ‚È‚éê‡AWindows‚̃ZƒbƒgƒAƒbƒv‚ðŽÀs‚µ‚āA
Japanese = ã‹L‚ÌðŒ‚É•ÏX‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢¡

Spanish  = Advertencia: para poder instalar los nuevos controladores de pantalla, Windows debe estar
Spanish  = utilizando alguno de sus controladores originales, ya sea VGA. Si no es éste
Spanish  = el caso, seleccione Salir y utilice Instalar Windows para activar uno de los controladores citados.

Swedish  = Obs! Innan nya drivrutiner för bildskärmen kan installeras måste Windows-miljön köras med
Swedish  = en originaldrivrutin för Windows, t ex VGA. Om så inte är fallet avslutar du nu
Swedish  = och ändrar till någon av dessa drivrutiner med hjälp av Windows installationsprogram.

Danish   = Bemærk: Før nye skærmdrivere kan installeres, skal Windows-miljøet køre med én 
Danish   = af de originale Windows-drivere, som f.eks. VGA. Hvis det ikke 
Danish   = er tilfældet, skal du afslutte programmet nu og skifte til en af de nævnte drivere
Danish   = ved hjælp af Windows Installation.

Portuguese Brazil = Nota: Antes que as novas unidades  de exposição sejam instaladas, o ambiente Windows deve estar
Portuguese Brazil = com uma das unidades originais de Windows como VGA.
Portuguese Brazil = Se isto não for positivo, saia agora e, utilizando a Estrutura Windows, mude-se para uma destas unidades.

Spanish Modern = Nota: Antes de instalar las nuevas unidades de pantalla, el ambiente Windows debe
Spanish Modern = ejecutarse con una unidad original como VGA. Si no es el caso, salga ahora y, 
Spanish Modern = utilizando la Estructura Window cámbiese a uno de estas unidades.

Finnish  = Huomautus:  Ennen kuin uusia näyttöajureita voi asentaa, Windows-ympäristössä pitää olla käytössä
Finnish  = jokin Windowsin alkuperäisistä ajureista, esimerkiksi VGA. Jos näin ei ole, lopeta tämä ohjelma nyt,
Finnish  = käynnistä Windowsin asennusohjelma ja vaihda käyttöön jokin alkuperäisistä ajureista.

Norwegian  = Obs!  Før du kan installere nye skjermdrivere, må Windows-miljøet kjøre med en av de
Norwegian  = opprinnelige driverne for Windows, for eksempel VGA. Hvis dette ikke er 
Norwegian  = tilfellet, må du avslutte nå og bruke installasjonsprogrammet for Windows til å bytte til en av disse driverne.

Portuguese = Aviso:   Antes de poderem ser instalados novos drivers de monitor, o ambiente Windows deve estar a ser 
Portuguese = executado utilizando um dos drivers originais do Windows, tal como VGA.  
Portuguese = Se não for este o caso, saia da instalação e, utilizando o Windows Setup, mude para um destes drivers.

Chinese Simp = ×¢Òâ:   ÔÚ°²×°ÐµÄÏÔʾÇý¶¯Æ÷֮ǰ£¬±ØÐëÏÈÒÔÒ»¸öWindowsµÄԭʼÇý¶¯×°Öã¬ÈçVGA»òSuper VGAÀ´Ö´ÐÐWindowsÊÓ´°»·¾³¡£·ñÔò¾ÍÓ¦Á¢¼´Í˳ö£¬²¢Ê¹ÓÃWindowsÉ趨ָÁÆä¸Ä±ä³ÉÕâÀàµÄÇý¶¯×°Öá£

Chinese Trad = ª`·N:   ¦b¦w¸Ë·sªºÅã¥ÜÅX°Ê¾¹¤§«e¡A¥²¶·¥ý¥H¤@­ÓWindowsªº­ì©lÅX°Ê¸Ë¸m¡A¦pVGA©ÎSuper VGA¨Ó°õ¦æWindowsµøµ¡Àô¹Ò¡C§_«h¡AÀ³¥ß§Y°h¥X¡A¨Ã¨Ï¥ÎWindows³]©w«ü¥O±N¨ä§ïÅܦ¨³oÃþªºÅX°Ê¸Ë¸m¡C

Korean = ÁÖÀÇ »çÇ×:»õ µð½ºÇ÷¹ÀÌ µå¶óÀ̹ö¸¦ ¼³Ä¡Çϱâ Àü¿¡ À©µµ¿ì ȯ°æ¿¡¼­ VGA ¶Ç´Â
Korean = SUPER VGA¿Í °°Àº À©µµ¿ì ¿ø·¡ µð½ºÇ÷¹ÀÌ µå¶óÀ̹ö Áß Çϳª°¡ ½ÇÇàµÇ°í ÀÖ¾î¾ß
Korean = ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. ±×·¸Áö ¾ÊÀº °æ¿ì, ÇÁ·Î±×·¥À» Á¾·áÇÏ°í À©µµ¿ì ¼³Á¤À» »ç¿ëÇÏ¿© ÀÌ·¯ÇÑ
Korean = µå¶óÀ̹ö Áß Çϳª¸¦ º¯°æÇϽʽÿÀ.

Thailand = ¢éÍÊѧࡵ: ¡è͹·Õè¨ÐµÔ´µÑé§ä´Ã¿ìàÇÍÃìÊÓËÃѺ¡ÒÃáÊ´§¼ÅµÑÇãËÁè  ¢ÍãËéá¹èã¨ÇèÒÊÀÒ¾áÇ´ÅéÍÁ
Thailand = ¢Í§ÇÔ¹â´ÇÊì¹Ñé¹ÃѹÍÂÙèÀÒÂãµéä´Ã¿ìàÇÍÃìÊÓËÃѺ¡ÒÃáÊ´§¼ÅµÑÇà´ÔÁ¢Í§ÇÔ¹â´ÇÊì
Thailand = µÑÇã´µÑÇ˹Öè§ àªè¹ VGA ËÃ×Í Super VGA   ¶éÒäÁèà»ç¹àªè¹¹Ñé¹ ¡ç¢ÍãËéÍÍ¡¨Ò¡¡ÒÃ
Thailand = µÔ´µÑ駡è͹ áÅéÇãªéâ»Ãá¡ÃÁ¡ÒõԴµÑ駢ͧÇÔ¹â´ÇÊì à¾×èÍà»ÅÕè¹价Õèä´Ã¿ìàÇÍÃìàËÅèÒ¹ÕéäÁèµÑÇã´
Thailand = ¡çµÑÇ˹Öè§

Czech = Poznámka: Pøed instalací nových ovládaèù displeje musí bìžet prostøedí Windows s jedním z pùvodních ovládaèù displeje Windows, jako napø. VGA nebo Super VGA.
Czech = Pokud tomu tak není, vystupte z programu nyní a pomocí programu Nastavení ve Windows proveïte zmìnu na jeden z tìchto ovládaèù.

Hungarian = Megjegyzés: csak akkor tud új megjelenítésvezérlõt telepíteni, ha a Windows környezetben már fut a Windows valamelyik eredeti megjelenítésvezérlõje, például a VGA vagy a szuper VGA. Ha nem ez a helyzet, lépjen ki a programból és a Windows Telepítõvel állítsa be valamelyik említett vezérlõt

Polish = Uwaga: Przed zainstalowaniem nowych sterowników obrazowania, œrodowisko Windows musi byæ uruchomione przy pomocy jednego z oryginalnych sterowników obrazowania Windows, takich jak VGA lub Super VGA.
Polish = Je¿eli tak nie jest, zakoñcz program i zmieñ ustawienie na jeden z tych sterowników u¿ywaj¹c opcji Ustawienie Windows.

[Group Title]
English           = VGA Display
Dutch             = VGA hulpprogramma
French            = Utilitaire VGA
German            = VGA-Dienstprogramm
Italian           = Utility VGA
Japanese          = VGAƒ†[ƒeƒBƒŠƒeƒB
Spanish           = Visualización VGA
Swedish           = VGA-verktyg
Danish            = Hjælpeværktøjet VGA
Portuguese Brazil = Utilitário VGA
Spanish Modern    = Utilidad VGA
Finnish           = VGA-apuohjelma
Norwegian         = VGA Hjelpeprogrammet 
Portuguese        = Utilitário VGA
Czech             = Utilita VGA
Hungarian         = VGA segédprogram
Polish            = Program u¿ytkowy VGA
Russian           = Ñåðâèñíàÿ ïðîãðàììà âèäåî-ãðàôè÷åñêîãî àäàïòåðà VGA
Chinese Simp      = VGAÓ¦ÓÃ
Chinese Trad      = VGAÀ³¥Î
Korean            = VGA À¯Æ¿¸®Æ¼
Thailand          = â»Ãá¡ÃÁÍÃö»ÃÐ⪹ì VGA

1 = INSTALL Disk 1 of 2
2 = INSTALL Disk 2 of 2

10 = 

20 = 

# ( File description max.50, )       Disk - Dir : Filename,  Dir : Filename  (, o|n|e  default = O)

Microsoft 3D Controls,               1-10: CTL3D.DLL,     S: CTL3D.DLL,     Exists already?
16 Color Multi-Resolution Driver,    1-10: 16_1280.DR_,   S: 16_1280.DRV,   Overwrite
54X6 Linear Video Driver,            1-10: 54X6.DR_,      S: 54X6.DRV,      Overwrite
;54X6 Linear Video Driver,            1-10: 54X6.DR_,      S: 5436.DRV,      Overwrite,     36
;54X6 Linear Video Driver,            1-10: 54X6.DR_,      S: 5446.DRV,      Overwrite,     39
5436 VL Linear Dynamic Library,      1-10: 5436_486.DL_,  S: CIREXT.DLL,    Overwrite,     , ,~P4
5436 PCI Linear Dynamic Library,     1-10: 5436_PCI.DL_,  S: CIREXT.DLL,    Overwrite,     , ,P4
Enhanced Mode Grabber,               1-10: AVGA.3G_,      S: AVGA.3GR,      Exists already?
;Alpine Dynamic Library,              1-10: ALPINE.DLL,    S: ALPINE.DLL,    Exists already?
Virtual Display Driver,              1-10: VDD54XX.38_,   S: VDD54XX.386,   Overwrite
Large System Fixed Font,             1-10: 8514FIX.FO_,   S: 8514FIX.FON,   Exists already?
Large System OEM Font,               1-10: 8514OEM.FO_,   S: 8514OEM.FON,   Exists already?
Large System Font,                   1-10: 8514SYS.FO_,   S: 8514SYS.FON,   Exists already?
CGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: CGA40850.FO_,  S: CGA40850.FON,  Exists already?
CGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: CGA40WOA.FO_,  S: CGA40WOA.FON,  Exists already?
CGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: CGA80850.FO_,  S: CGA80850.FON,  Exists already?
CGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: CGA80WOA.FO_,  S: CGA80WOA.FON,  Exists already?
Courier System Font,                 1-10: COURE.FO_,     S: COURE.FON,     Exists already?
Large Courier Font,                  1-10: COURF.FO_,     S: COURF.FON,     Exists already?
EGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: EGA40850.FO_,  S: EGA40850.FON,  Exists already?
EGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: EGA40WOA.FO_,  S: EGA40WOA.FON,  Exists already?
EGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: EGA80850.FO_,  S: EGA80850.FON,  Exists already?
EGA Mode Emulation Font,             1-10: EGA80WOA.FO_,  S: EGA80WOA.FON,  Exists already?
Modern Font,                         1-10: MODERN.FO_,    S: MODERN.FON,    Exists already?
Power Management Screen Saver,       1-10: PMSAVER.SC_,   W: PMSAVER.SCR,   Overwrite
Power Management Screen Saver Help,  1-10: PMSAVER.HL_,   W: PMSAVER.HLP,   Overwrite
Power Management TSR,                1-10: PM.EX_,        W: PM.EXE,        Overwrite
Times Roman Font,                    1-10: ROMAN.FO_,     S: ROMAN.FON,     Exists already?
Script Font,                         1-10: SCRIPT.FO_,    S: SCRIPT.FON,    Exists already?
Serif System Font,                   1-10: SERIFE.FO_,    S: SERIFE.FON,    Exists already?
Large Serif System Font,             1-10: SERIFF.FO_,    S: SERIFF.FON,    Exists already?
Small System Font,                   1-10: SMALLE.FO_,    S: SMALLE.FON,    Exists already?
Larger Small System Font,            1-10: SMALLF.FO_,    S: SMALLF.FON,    Exists already?
SansSerif System Font,               1-10: SSERIFE.FO_,   S: SSERIFE.FON,   Exists already?
Large SansSerif System Font,         1-10: SSERIFF.FO_,   S: SSERIFF.FON,   Exists already?
Symbol System Font,                  1-10: SYMBOLE.FO_,   S: SYMBOLE.FON,   Exists already?
Large Symbol System font,            1-10: SYMBOLF.FO_,   S: SYMBOLF.FON,   Exists already?
System Font,                         1-10: VGA850.FO_,    S: VGA850.FON,    Exists already?
System Font,                         1-10: VGA860.FO_,    S: VGA860.FON,    Exists already?
System Font,                         1-10: VGA861.FO_,    S: VGA861.FON,    Exists already?
System Font,                         1-10: VGA863.FO_,    S: VGA863.FON,    Exists already?
System Font,                         1-10: VGA865.FO_,    S: VGA865.FON,    Exists already?
Standard Mode Grabber,               1-10: VGACOLOR.2G_,  S: VGACOLOR.2GR,  Exists already?
Standard System Fixed Font,          1-10: VGAFIX.FO_,    S: VGAFIX.FON,    Exists already?
Standard System OEM Font,            1-10: VGAOEM.FO_,    S: VGAOEM.FON,    Exists already?
Standard System Font,                1-10: VGASYS.FO_,    S: VGASYS.FON,    Exists already?
WinMode Configuration File,          1-10: WINMODE.INI,   W: WINMODE.INI,   Overwrite
386 Enhanced DVA Driver,             1-10: DVA.38_,       S: DVA.386,       Overwrite
VPM Provider,                        1-10: 5446VPM.DL_,   S: 5446VPM.DLL,   Overwrite,     39
DCI Provider,                        1-10: DCI54X6.DR_,   S: DCI54X6.DRV,   Overwrite
DCI Manager,                         1-10: DCIMAN.DL_,    S: DCIMAN.DLL,    Overwrite
Cirrus Logic DCI Initialization file,1-10: CLDCI.IN_,     W: CLDCI.INI,     Overwrite
Universal Draw Handler,              1-10: UDH.DL_,       S: UDH.DLL,       Overwrite
Microsoft Video Dynamic Library,     1-10: MSVIDEO.DL_,   S: MSVIDEO.DLL,   Exists already?
Cinepak Driver,                      1-10: ICCVID.DR_,    S: ICCVID.DRV,    Overwrite
WinMode Configuration Utility,       1-10: WINMODE.EX_,  20: WINMODE.EXE,   Overwrite
WinMode Help File,                   1-10: WINMODE.HL_,  20: WINMODE.HLP,   Overwrite
WinMode Language Support,            1-10: WINMODEL.DL_, 20: WINMODEL.DLL,  Overwrite
WinMode Resize Handler,              1-10: RESIZE.DL_,   20: RESIZE.DLL,    Overwrite
WinMode Monitor Timing Data File,    1-10: TIMINGS.DA_,  20: TIMINGS.DAT,   Overwrite
EZ-Res Change Resolution Utility,    1-10: EZRES.EX_,    20: EZRES.EXE,     Overwrite
EZ-Res Localization File,            1-10: EZRESL.TX_,   20: EZRESL.TXT,    Overwrite
Monitor Adjusting Utility TSR,       1-10: ADJUST.CO_,   20: ADJUST.COM,    Overwrite
ID CHIP UTILITY,                     1-10: IDCHIP.EXE,   20: IDCHIP.EXE,    Overwrite

[PM Info]

DefaultPMGroup  =  VGAUtil.GRP  ,   VGA Utilities
DeleteOldPMGroup = no

# (y|n,)   Dir: Filename (,Description)(,Icon #)(,m|p)(,Accelerator)

Yes, 20: WINMODE.EXE, WinMode
No, 20: EZRES.EXE, EZ-Res

[INI Info]
# Dir: Filename, Section, Entry, Value ( or default directory {d})

W:  WinMode.INI, CLMode, path, {D}
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Drivers, VIDS.DRAW, udh.dll
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Drivers, VIDC.CVID, iccvid.drv
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Drivers, DCI, DCI54X6
W,ID=39: SYSTEM.INI, Drivers, VPM, 5446VPM.DLL
W,WType=ADD: SYSTEM.INI, 386Enh, device, dva.386
W:WType=ADD: WIN.INI, drawdib, cirrus.dll, NULL
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Svga256.drv, Resolution, 1
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Svga256.drv, svgamode, 95
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Svga256.drv, Chipset, CirrusLogic 5446
W:  SYSTEM.INI,  Svga256.drv, LatchCapable, Yes

;[End] optional

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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