READ_ME.TXT Driver File Contents (9gxe64.exe)


                    #9 HAWKEYE FOR WINDOWS 

            FOR THE #9GXE64, #9GXE64PRO, AND #9GXE64 TRIO

This file contains the latest information about this version of 
#9 HawkEye for Windows and other pertinent information that 
may not be contained in the documentation or on-line Help.

A complete list and description of all the #9GXE64 files are in
the FILELIST.TXT file on your #9GXE64 Windows Installation Disk.




Technical Support (USA)       
	8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, EST/EDT, Mon.-Fri.

Phone:	(617) 674-8595  or 1-800-GET-NINE
	 Please be prepared with as much information about your #9GXE64 
	 as possible. 

Fax:	(617) 674-2919
	 Please send fax inquiries to the attention of Technical Support. 

                                     * * *

Sales / Marketing (USA)
	8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, EST/EDT, Mon.-Fri.

Phone:	(617) 674-0009  
Fax:	(617) 674-2919
	 Please send  fax inquiries to the attention of  Sales 

                                     * * *

European Technical Support and Sales (Germany)

Phone:	+49 89 614 491 0

Fax:	+49 89 614 491 99

                                     * * *

Mail (USA)


                                     * * *




Even though you may have just received your Number Nine software, 
newer versions may be available. Free upgrades are provided to 
all Number Nine customers on the Number Nine Bulletin Board 
System (BBS).

To see if you have the latest version, compare the version number
of your software (on the label of the provided diskette or in
#9GXE Status under #9GXE64 Windows Disk ID) with the version 
number of the corresponding software on the BBS. 


Dial:           (617) 862-7502
Baud Rates:     Up to 14,400 baud 
Compression:    HST, v.32 and v.42 supported
Modem Setup:    8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Required:       PKUNZIP 2.04g to decompress files

Dial:           + 49 89 614 491 66
Baud Rates:     Up to 14,400 baud 
Compression:    HST, v.32 and v.42 supported
Modem Setup:    8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Required:       PKUNZIP 2.04g to decompress files

The BBS has a separate file area for each Number Nine product.  
The latest driver updates can be found in each product's file 
area, and files of general interest (shareware, etc.) can be 
found in the General library.  An E-mail system is available 
for technical questions about Number Nine products or about 
the BBS in general.  A complete listing of available files can 
be downloaded by invoking the "Download List of Files" command 
from any file library menu.

On the US BBS, RIP graphics are supported, and a RIP compatible 
terminal program is available in the General library

Many files are self-extracting, but some files will require the 
latest version of PKUNZIP to decompress.  PKUNZIP is available 
in the General library (filename PKZ204G.EXE), and can also be 
found on most on-line services such as Compuserve and America 


In Resolution Exchange, the name of the 'Font Settings' menu has
been changed to 'Options'. To change the size of your Windows
system fonts:

1. Click on the Options menu.

   Click on 'Automatic Association' to display LARGE fonts at
   resolutions of 1024 x 768 and higher, and SMALL fonts at
   resolutions of 800 x 600 and lower.

   To display SMALL fonts at ALL resolutions, click on '96 DPI'
   in the Specific Font Size section.

   To display LARGE fonts at ALL resolutions, click on '120 DPI'
   in the Specific Font Size section.
2. Click 'OK' to exit and save your changes; click 'Cancel' to
   exit without saving your changes.


In #9GXE Status, several options have been added to increase
the performance and reliability of your Windows applications:

1. Source Caching improves application performance by creating
   buffers of icons and bit maps. Default is ON.

2. Font Caching helps speed activities such as scrolling text by
   creating buffers of all active fonts. Default is ON.

3. Polygon Support increases drawing speed by taking the burden 
   of drawing polygons away from Windows and transferring it to 
   the #9GXE64 drawing engine. Default is ON.

4. Ellipse Support increases drawing speed by taking the burden 
   of drawing ellipses and circles away from Windows and 
   transferring it to the #9GXE64 drawing engine. Default is ON.

5. Validate Parameters improves application reliability by 
   forcing the #9GXE64 driver to check parameters before 
   issuing a drawing command.  An overwhelming majority of
   applications send valid parameters, so the default for 
   this option is OFF.

6. Memory Mapped IO helps to speed up overall performance.
   By default this option if ON.  Some virus checking TSR's 
   may report an illegal memory access.  If this happens, 
   your should temporarily disable the anti-virus program,
   turn this option OFF.

7. Pattern Patch helps speed up operations using patterns.
   By default, this option if OFF.  If you experience any
   pattern corruption when running your applications turn
   this option ON.
You may occasionally encounter difficulties using these caching
and performance enhancement methods. Although they were designed
for standard Windows programming methods to insure compatibility
with most Windows applications, programmers do not always use
standard Windows programming practices. They are constantly 
seeking ways to improve application performance, and if a 
nonstandard method is discovered, it will probably be used.
Consequently, our caching methods may not work correctly with
every Windows application.

So, for example, if you experience a problem with your fonts in a
particular application, use #9GXE Status to disable Font Caching.

Using #9GXE Status to Enable and Disable Options:

1. Double click on the #9 HawkEye Control Panel icon, then double
   click on the #9GXE Status icon.

2. Click on the 'File' menu, then click on 'Options'.

3. To DISABLE a caching method:

   Click on the option button next to the option you want
   to disable. The black dot disappears when the method is

   To ENABLE a caching method:

   Click on the option button next to the option you want
   to enable. A black dot appears when the method is enabled.

4. Click 'OK' to exit and save your changes; click 'Cancel' to 
   exit without saving your changes.


Your monitor is not listed in the Monitor Selection utility. 
Please choose Generic monitor. This will not affect the performance of
your monitor.

			    * * *

When you double click on icons in the #9 HawkEye Control Panel 
they blink but nothing happens.

Close one or more other open applications to free up memory.

			    * * *

Unable to use the VGA loop through connector with a Reel Magic 
board and the #9GXE64 PRO or #9GXE64 TRIO.

#9GXE64 PRO:
The #9GXE64 PRO supports the VGA loop through connector at
640 x 480 by 256 color resolution. To enable the WINDOWS 
driver for loop through support run #9GXE STATUS from the
#9 HawkEye Control Panel.

Select OPTIONS from the FILE menu.  Select the "Enable Loop
Through" option.  You must then restart WINDOWS for loop 
through to be enabled at 640x480 by 256 color resolution.

The #9GXE64 TRIO also supports the loop through connector at
640 X 480 by 256 color resolution.  However, at power up the
feature connector is not enabled.  A DOS utility called FCON.EXE
is provided on the setup diskette that will enable loop through.
If you need this program copy it from the diskette onto your hard
drive.  This file is not copied as part of running setup.  

    Usage: fcon [e|d] p
    Where: e = enable  d = disable

Note: This utility configures your #9GXE64 TRIO as if it had 
    only one megabyte of video memory.  If your card has two 
    megabytes, you will need to re-boot your computer in order
    to reset the memory configuration to run higher resolutions.
    FCON with the D option will not reconfigure the card for 
    two megabytes. 

                         * * *

During installation with SETUP, the following error is 
displayed (possibly several times):

   Compression Error: Unable to locate Destination file.

This error is displayed when the amount of disk space is
insufficient to install the Number Nine software. SETUP 
currently requires about 2.5MB of disk space on the disk 
containing Windows.

Note: If you are upgrading a previous version of HawkEye, you 
      can increase the amount of available disk space by deleting 
      all the files in the NUMBER9 directory (a subdirectory in  
      your WINDOWS directory).

                           * * *


The Program Manager appears briefly when you start Windows, 
then Windows exits to DOS.

1. There may be a problem with the #9 HawkEye Control Panel. The
   Control Panel is loaded when Windows is started, so a problem 
   could occur after the Windows driver has been loaded and the 
   Program Manager (or another Windows shell) is presented.

   To prevent HawkEye from loading when Windows is started, delete
   the reference to HawkEye from the "load=" line in the [windows] 
   section of the WIN.INI file in the WINDOWS directory. This 
   will determine whether the problem is with the HawkEye Control 
   Panel, or other software. The line will look something like 

       load=c:\WINDOWS\NUMBER9\HAWKEYE.EXE nwpopup.exe

   Delete WINDOWS\NUMBER9\HAWKEYE.EXE from the line, then exit 
   Windows. If the problem persists when you restart Windows, see
   Solution 2, following.

2. The HawkEye configuration file (HAWKEYE.INI) may be corrupted.
   In this case, rename HAWKEYE.INI in the WINDOWS directory to 
   HAWKSAVE.INI (for future reference), then copy HAWKEYE.INI
   from the #9GXE64 Windows Installation Disk to the WINDOWS 
   directory.  This reinstates the original HawkEye configuration.

                           * * *

Windows appears with a black box cursor and/or icons that fail to
appear on the screen.

The problem is caused by an incompatibility with the motherboard's 
non-compliant PCI BIOS. The motherboard's BIOS does not comply 
with the PCI's backwards compatibility requirement.  The method to
allow the #9GXE64 PCI board to function properly is to set the
board's memory aperture manually by editing the SYSTEM.INI file.
Located in the WINDOWS directory is the SYSTEM.INI file.  Use any
text editor (NOTEPAD will work) to open the file.  Find the
[#9GXE] section.  In this section add the following line:


Save the file and restart WINDOWs.          

			    * * *

Your monitor resolution is not the resolution you selected.

   Resolution Exchange (in #9 HawkEye for Windows program group) 
   must be used to change the resolution. This changes the 
   resolution in the #9GXE64 configuration file, which determines 
   what your monitor resolution will be. If you used 
   MS Windows Setup to select a display driver with a different
   resolution/color depth configuration, that configuration 
   is not used unless it matches the configuration in the
   #9GXE64 configuration file.

Use Resolution Exchange to change the resolution:

1. Press the hot key you assigned to Resolution Exchange or
   double click on the Resolution Exchange icon in the HawkEye
   for Windows program group in the Windows Program Manager.

2. Click on a Colors option button.

3. Select a resolution.
   Be sure you select a resolution your monitor supports.

4. Click 'OK'.

5. Restart Windows.

                           * * *

Resolution Exchange displays the following message:

   "There was an error opening the configuration file."

The #9GXE64 configuration file could be corrupted. To restore the 
#9GXE64 configuration file to its original settings, run 9RESET.EXE:

Note: 9RESET.EXE was placed in your WINDOWS directory when you
      installed the Number Nine Windows driver with SETUP.

1. Exit Windows.

2. Move to the WINDOWS directory.

3. At the DOS prompt, type:  9RESET  and press [Enter]. 

This sets your #9GXE64 to 640x480 by 256 color resolution at 60Hz. 
If your monitor supports higher resolutions, restart Windows and use 
Resolution Exchange to select a higher resolution.

                           * * *

The #9GXE64 board is properly installed in your system, but you
receive one of the following error messages:

               Failed to find the #9GXE64 board!
               Hit any key to continue.


   SETUP is operational only when a #9 graphics board 
   is present. Please be sure your #9 graphics board is 
   properly installed before you try to use SETUP or 
   any other HawkEye feature.

You probably have a memory manager in your system that has
remapped the video BIOS. Memory managers often do this because it 
increases the amount of DOS memory space. However, when the GXE64 
signature in the video BIOS is remapped, GXE64 software is unable 
to identify the #9GXE64 board.

ROM remapping should be excluded from the C000-C7FF address range.  
To exclude the address range, add the following option to the 
memory manager driver command line in the CONFIG.SYS file in your 
root directory:

For QEMM386.EXE the line should look something like this:

      DEVICE=QEMM386.SYS X=C000-C7FF 

For EMM386.EXE the line should look something like this:

      DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE X=C000-C7FF 

Consult your memory manager's documentation for more information 
about excluding the C000-C7FF address range.   

                           * * *

1. The Windows logo appears, then the screen becomes black and
   your system hangs of exits to DOS.

2. Text is garbled, icons are corrupted and/or 'holes' appear on
   your screen.

3. Windows pull-down menus corrupt the screen.

Another device in your system, such as a modem or tablet, is 
using the same IO address as the #9GXE64, COM 4 I/O port at 2E8H. 
Move the other device to a different COM port location.  

                           * * *

In Quark Express, floating menus or toolbars appear in the center of  
your screen.

Use Place Windows to center message windows in your virtual

1. Double click on the #9 HawkEye Control Panel icon, then 
   double click on the Place Windows icon.

2. Click on the 'Virtual' button in the 'Messages In' section.

3. Click 'OK'.

                           * * *

On the #9GXE64Pro, when zooming from a high resolution to 640x480
resolution, the user may see intermittent horizontal lines flashing
when scrolling or panning.

The horizontal lines will disappear if the user continues to pan.
If the lines are bothersome, the minimum zoom resolution can be 
changed to 800x600 in the Control Panel using the Zoom utility. 

                            * * *

After a monitor is chosen in Monitor List, Monitor Adjustment
shows a different refresh rate than the one saved.

Monitor Adjustment allows the user to choose higher refresh
rates because monitors often support slightly higher refresh
rates than stated in their specifications.  The Test feature
in Monitor Adjustment allows the user to test these refresh 
rates before using them, so that their monitor is not damaged 
by non-supported refresh rates.

                            * * *                                

When using Energy Saver, the monitor goes into Energy Saver
mode instead of Screen Saver mode.

Some monitors respond to the blank screen of Screen Saver mode
by setting themselves to Energy Saver mode.  This is a feature of
your monitor. Please reference your monitor's user manual for more 

			    * * *

When using a 256 color background, closing Microsoft Art Gallery 
may leave an overlaid 16 color "shadow". 

In Windows Control Panel under Desktop select a desktop pattern
other than 'none'. 

			    * * *

Using Colorperfect with a GXE64 board at 640x480 by 16,777,216 colors 
will produce an error message asking the user to select 65,536 or more colors. 
The GXE64 board does not support Colorperfect at this resolution. Therefore,
the Colorperfect icon should not be available. Please ignore the error message.

			    * * *

When using the Monitor Adjustment Display Position controls at 800x600 with 
256 colors, it is possible to adjust the view beyond the left screen edge. 
This may cause loss of monitor sync. 
Press Alt key, then the F key, then the E key, then press the Enter key, this will 
close the Monitor Adjustment without saving it.  Use your monitor's adjustment 
knobs to adjust your display. Then, if  necessary, use Monitor Adjustment for fine 

			    * * *
Selecting Generic Monitor from Monitor List allows the user to select a 
maximum resolution of 1376x1024.
#9GXE64 boards do not support the 1376x1024 maximum resolution. This option 
will be removed in our next release.

			    * * *
Monitor Adjustment is missing from the #9 Hawkeye Control Panel when
using a GXE64 1MB at a resolution of 600x480 with 16,777,216 
The Monitor Adjustment utility is not supported at this resolution. The user must use
the DOS-based 64 refresh on the PowerPac disk. 

			    * * *

On a GXE64 at 800x600 with a refresh rate above 72Hz, selecting 60Hz
in Monitor Adjustment and then canceling will cause the monitor to lose sync.
In Monitor Adjustment, press OK to start the refresh rate test, then cancel.  

			    * * *

Very small lines flashing on the screen at monitor resolution 600x480, 
65,536 colors, virtual resolution 2048x480 and refresh rate of 76Hz.  
Reduce the refresh rate at this virtual resolution.

			    * * *

When running Knowledge Adventure 3D-Dinosaur Adventure, Knowledge Adventure
Speed, or Knowledge Adventure Undersea Adventure with a #9GXE64PRO, no video
is present.
The file UNDOCVGA.EXE is included on your Windows disk. Run UNDOCVGA.EXE and 
try running the game again.  Please call Number Nine Technical Support if 

			    * * *

When running QQP Grandest Fleet with a #9GXE64PRO, no video is present.

Please call QQP Technical Support. 

			    * * *

When using ProComm Plus for Windows, the user may experience character 
dropouts along the left edge of the terminal window. 

    •ProComm v.1.0
	Choose the Window menu
	Select Setup
	Select System settings
	Box will come up on top Half left Corner of this box 
	Terminal Scroll method will be a selection
	   Choose Repaint

    •ProComm v.2.0
	Under Options
	General Options
	Terminal Display
	Terminal Scroll method
  	Options are Normal and Repaint
	   Choose Repaint

			    * * *

Unable to turn Ellipse Support OFF in #9GXE Status.
Ellipse Support may be disabled as follows. In your SYSTEM.INI
file, under the [#9GXE] and [Display] sections, set 

			    * * *

Some cards may exhibit a slight shimmer at 1152x864 with 256 colors at 60 Hz. 
If the horizontal refresh rate is increased above 60Hz (in Monitor 
Adjustment), the shimmer disappears.

			    * * *

The screen is tinted pink after changing to 16,777,216 colors 
(using a GXE64 board). 
Select a resolution of 800x600 by 16,777,216 colors using 
Resolution Exchange. Zooming (using your hotkey) will restore
normal screen colors. 
You may now switch to 640x480 monitor resolution if you wish.   
NOTE: This problem is triggered by zooming in a 256 or 65,536
          color mode prior to changing to 16,777,216 colors.  

                           * * *


1) While running Microsoft Multimedia: Mozart v.1.0 with a 
   #9GXE64Pro 4MB VLB at 65,536 colors, some users have 
   experienced a General Protection Fault in module GXE64.DRV.  
2) The Chameleon Cursor's large cursor is sometimes displaced 
   slightly to the right when placed on top of the left edge 
   of a window near the left border of the screen.
3) When using Xiphias Mighty Morphin Power Rangers v.1.0 a 
   General Protection Fault occurs when the INFO button is
4) A GXE64 1MB at 640 x 480 by 16,777,216 colors does not 
   support switching into a full screen DOS session.  A DOS
   window is supported.


                HAWKEYE FOR WINDOWS DISK VER 1.45 and ABOVE

List of diskettes needed to install the product and the name of
each diskette.

 Windows 3.1 OEM Setup Diskette  "HawkEye for Windows"

A number of files needed for manual installation are in compressed format.
These files MUST be unsquished prior to installation.
Copy contents of disk into a temporary directory and run the unsquish 

From a DOS prompt:  C:\unsquish *.*
Lists of directories that must be created from the destination directory. 
Files to be copied are in the same directory structure on the floppy (by 
1=SYSTEM   		(Main Windows directory on Network)

2=WINDOWS 		(Individual users "Windows" directory. Either on 
			 Network or local drive)
3=WINDOWS\NUMBER9 	(Individual users "Windows\Number9" directory. 
			 Network or local drive)

All the files listed below should be copied into the corresponding 

Description, name, (dir #),(disk #),(Compressed  Y/N)

Release Notes.
These should be copied over first so the user can
read them while all the other files are being copied.

#9GXE64 Release Notes,                   READ_ME.TXT,  3, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows Disk Version,            GXEVERS.TXT,  3, 1, N


#9GXE64 Windows System Fonts,            120SYS.FON,  1, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows OEM Fonts,               120OEM.FON,  1, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows Fixed Fonts,             120FIX.FON,  1, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows System Fonts,            96SYS.FON,   1, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows OEM Fonts,               96OEM.FON,   1, 1, N
#9GXE64 Windows Fixed Fonts,             96FIX.FON,   1, 1, N

HawkEye Files


HawkEye Filter Library,                  HAWKFILT.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Mouse Activation Feature,                MOUSEACT.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Place Windows Feature,                   PLACEWIN.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Stop Box Feature,                        STOPBOX.DLL,  3, 1, Y
#9GXE64 Status Feature,                  GXESTATS.DLL, 3, 1, Y
#9GXE64 Zoom Feature,                    GXEZOOM.DLL,  3, 1, Y
GXE64 Hardware Library,                  GXEBOARD.DLL, 3, 1, Y
GXE64 Resolution Information Library,    REXRES.DLL,   3, 1, Y
Monitor Synchronization Library,         BRDSYNC.DLL,  3, 1, Y
International Exchange Feature,          INTEREX.DLL,  3, 1, Y
Resolution Exchange Feature,             RXFEATUR.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Monitor Sync Feature,                    WMFEATUR.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Real Life Color Feature,                 GMFEATUR.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Green PC Screen Saver,                   SSFEATUR.DLL, 3, 1, Y
Chameleon Cursor Feature,                CCURSOR.DLL,  3, 1, Y
Install Meter Library,                   METER.DLL,    3, 1, N
International Language Library,          INTLDLG.DLL,  3, 1, N
File Compression Library,                SQUISH.DLL,   3, 1, N
Monitor Selection Library,               MONLIST.DLL,  3, 1, N
Number Nine Look,                        PATTIF.DLL,   3, 1, Y

HawkEye Text DLLs

HawkEye Text (German),                   HAWKDEU.DLL,  3, 1, N
HawkEye Text (USA English),              HAWKENU.DLL,  3, 1, N
HawkEye Text (UK English),               HAWKENG.DLL,  3, 1, N
HawkEye Text (Spanish),                  HAWKESP.DLL,  3, 1, N
HawkEye Text (French),                   HAWKFRA.DLL,  3, 1, N
HawkEye Text (Japanese),                 HAWKJPN.DLL,  3, 1, N

HawkEye Group Applications

#9 HawkEye Control Panel,                HAWKEYE.EXE,  3, 1, Y
#9 Resolution Exchange Application,      REXCHANG.EXE, 3, 1, Y
#9GXE64 Status,                          STATAPP.EXE,  3, 1, Y
#9GXE64 Configuration Builder,           9RESET.EXE,   2, 1, N
#9 HawkEye Help,                         HAWKEYE.HLP,  3, 1, Y
#9 Monitor Adjustment Utility,           WMONSYNC.EXE, 3, 1, Y
#9 Decompression Utility,                UNSQUISH.EXE, 3, 1, N
#9 ColorPerfect,                         GAMMA.EXE,    3, 1, N
#9 Green PC Screen Saver,                GREENPC.SCR,  2, 1, Y

S3 Windows Driver Files

#9GXE64 Windows Driver,                  #9GXE64.DRV,  1, 1, N
#9GXE64 286 Grabber,                     VGACOLOR.2GR, 1, 1, N
#9GXE64 386 Grabber,                     S3911GRB.3GR, 1, 1, N
#9GXE64 VDD,                             VDDS3VSN.386, 1, 1, N

Installation Information,                GXESETUP.INF, 3, 1, N
OEM Setup Information File,              OEMSETUP.INF, 1, 1, N
Monitor Selection Information File,      MONLIST.INI,  3, 1, N
Number Nine Wallpaper,                   #9WALL.BMP,   2, 1, Y
HawkEye Information File,                HAWKEYE.INI,  2, 1, N

[PM Info] 
File Name, App Description, Icon file #, Icon #
HAWKEYE.EXE,   #9 HawkEye Control Panel
REXCHANG.EXE,  #9 Resolution Exchange

Each Network user will have their own System.ini file located in their
personal Windows directory.  This file must be edited to reflect the 
following changes.





From the users Windows directory, Run 9RESET.  This creates the NUMBER9 
file in the ROOT directory of the C drive.  This sets The #9GXE64 
resolution to 640x480x256 colors.  This resolution may be changed later.  
The NUMBER9 file may also be moved to a network drive. This also will be 
explained further in this document.

After executing 9RESET and making the changes to the SYSTEM.INI, you are 
ready to run Windows.

You will now want to add a Program Group entitled #9 HawkEye Feature Set 
to the Program Manager.  Add HAWKEYE.EXE and REXCHANG.EXE  programs that 
you copied to the NUMBER9 subdirectory under Windows.
Copy the Hawkeye icon into the StartUp Group or add
C:\WINDOWS\NUMBER9\HAWKEYE.EXE to the LOAD= line in the users WIN.INI File.



The HawkEye installation program (SETUP.EXE) creates a NUMBER9
configuration file.  This files contains information about your
video product and is used by the Windows driver and the HawkEye
feature set.  By default, this file appear the root directory 
of the C drive (C:\), but is placed in the Windows directory
if the C drive does not exist.

To move the configuration file location (or to change the 
configuration file name), add a CFG entry to the [#9GXE] 
section of SYSTEM.INI (This file is in the WINDOWS directory). 
The entry would look something like this:

    ; Moved the configuration file to new name and location.


During HawkEye installation, feature set files are placed 
in the NUMBER9 subdirectory in the WINDOWS directory. HawkEye
utilities require this path to function.

To move the HawkEye files (e.g., to a network), add a HAWKEYE
entry to the [#9GXE] section of the SYSTEM.INI.

Note: The entry should contain the drive letter and full path, 
      but NOT an individual file name. Do not put a backslash 
      at the end of the path unless the HawkEye files are 
      placed in the root directory.

The entry would look something like this:

    ;Moved the #9 HawkEye utilities to the network
    ;so they can be shared by all #9GXE users.


Software sometimes does not perform consistently across all
resolutions and color depths. If you experience a persistent 
problem for which you cannot determine a cause or solution, try 
switching to a different resolution with Resolution Exchange.  

If a problem is consistent across resolutions, please
consult application documentation.  Most applications are
distributed with a READ_ME file similar to this file.  
READ_ME files usually contain a wealth of information 
regarding potential video conflicts.

If you have a problem that is not described in this file or is
unresolved when you try the suggested solutions, please contact
Number Nine Technical Support.  Technical support information
is provided in the section CONTACTING NUMBER NINE CORPORATION.


Please run the MS Windows Setup from DOS and select VGA as 
the display type.  If you are unable to run Windows in VGA 
mode, the problem is most likely with Windows, and not with
the #9GXE64 Windows driver.  

When in VGA mode, select Status from the HawkEye Control 
Panel.  The information provided by this feature will be 
of great assistance to customer support.

If a problem is application specific, please have vendor
information and application version information readily
available.  Number Nine Computer Corporation has qualified
this driver with over 200 applications, but a multitude 
of new applications enter the market every day.

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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