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         Crystal Audio WDM Driver v3000
                 BETA 051498

              BETA RELEASE NOTES

  1. Files in this release 
     CWSB     SYS         9,184  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWBASE   SYS         3,072  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWBAUDIO BIN         8,225  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWBMIDI  SYS         8,416  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWBWDM   INF        23,073  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWBWDM   SYS        77,712  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWCWDM   INF         3,921  05-14-98  3:00a
     CWCWDM   SYS         3,712  05-14-98  3:00a
     SETUP    EXE        85,504  05-14-98  3:00a

     README   TXT         

  2. Installing the Crystal Audio Driver
        During the boot procedure, Windows98 will detect the audio device
        and request the appropriate drivers.  Please follow the driver
        installation Wizard and provide the appropriate path to the driver

  3. Uninstalling or Updating Crystal Audio Drivers
     a) From Windows98, run SETUP.EXE located in the Crystal Driver Disk.  
        This application will do an automatic cleaning up of the Windows98
        Crystal Audio registry entries.  

     b) Restart your system.  If you want to remove or install any hardware, 
        select the SHUTDOWN option and turn off your PC.

     c) Turn PC on.  Upon loading, Windows98 will detect new hardware, create 
        an information database, and proceed with the installation of Crystal 
        device drivers (as described in the previous section)



  4. Hardware Sound Blaster Support:
     This option is enabled by default.  However, if you are installing this 
     driver on a CS4232 or a CS4236, it is recommended that you use the 
     Microsoft Sound Blaster emulation.  You must also change this line if you
     are installing under WindowsNT 5.0.  To change this, find this section of
     cwbwdm.inf and follow the instructions below:


     ; Comment out the line above and uncomment out the line below to use 
     ; Microsoft Sound Blaster emulation.  It should be used for 4232 and 4236
     ; or if you are using NT5.


  5. Known Problems:
     -  Ganged volume controls don't correctly save their state for the next 
        reboot The last value adjusted on the record panel is the value saved 
        for the control.  This is not necessarily the value of the control if 
        its ganged and user changed the value on the playback panel.  
        Currently this is a WDM limitation.

     -  CrystalWave SoftSynthesizer sometimes hangs when it is the first sound 

     -  Master volume button changes do not update OPENED mixers.

     -  No hardware acceleration.  Currently this is a WDM limitation.

     -  Must reboot after installing drivers after using SETUP.EXE or updating 
        drivers from the Device Manager.  Currently this is a WDM limitation.

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