README.TXT Driver File Contents (c61f.exe)

Driver Package File Name: c61f.exe
File Size: 169.6 KB

Specific Steps on how to DVD firmware update:

1.	Make a bootable diskette:
a.	Insert blank diskette and Double click on My Computer
b.	Right click on 3 1\2 Floppy A:
c.	Left click on format
d.	For format type choose FULL then also click on bottom option   to check  COPY SYSTEM FILES
e.	Click on START
2.	Copy C61F.exe to bootable diskette.
3.	Double click on C61F.exe located on the bootable diskette to  extract files to the diskette:
a.	Click on NEXT to start
b.	It will extract files to A:\, Click NEXT to continue
c.	Click FINISH and files are now extracted to the bootable  diskette successfully if you did not get any errors.
4.	Bootup to the diskette and will do update automatically.
5.    When it gets to A:\ prompt then power system off and remove the diskette.
6.     Reboot system into Windows.

Applicable Part Numbers:
server: web1, load: 0.72