DWNFW.TXT Driver File Contents (c61f.exe)

Driver Package File Name: c61f.exe
File Size: 169.6 KB

          Down load procedure for PC  (Ver.3)

  When you flash FW of DVD-ROM, please use utilitise in MD-DOS MODE or 

<Connect DVD-ROM to PC>
  Please set drive to Slave of Primary port.

<Option switch of V3FWMKE>
 When enter "V3FWMKE" on the DOS prompt, help message appears as bellow.
 Please add opion switch if drive is set except Master of Secondary.

Flash Write for MKEV3DVD 980402
usage:v3fwmke [-options ...] F/WFile BootFile HeaderFile
-P:Primary -S:Secondary or -$xxx:ide port base address  default:Secondary
-M:Master -L:sLave  default:Master
-C:"*.MOT" -> "*.BIN" Convert only
-Ofile:Odc file name
-Dfile:Dsc file name
-Ux:LUN  default:0
-A:set ControlByte 'A' and offset 0
-.:debug mode

<Procedure to download>
  Please confirm following files are in same directry.
    a. C61FS_PM.MOT  (F/W file)
    b. V3FWMKE.EXE  (execute file)
    c. V1050.MOT    (F/W file : constant module)
    d. MKEV3DVD     (parameter file)

  Please use batch file T.BAT.
  T.bat is "V3FWMKE C61FS_PM.MOT V1050.MOT MKEV3DVD".
  This V3FWMKE will make the file C61FS_PM.MOT V1050.MOT MKEV3DVD integrate 
  into one file. Then a command is issued from host PC for download to 
  DVD-ROM and transfer F/W data.
  An indication on PC when this file is executed is as follows. 


   Flash Write for MKEV3DVD 980402
   Program Change Command success
   Write Microcode Command ........ x.xxs success 
   Read Microcode Command...........x.xxs success <== complete transferring
   Verify success
   Synchronize MIcrocode Command <== start to write into Flash ROM 
   ( Check-sum data may be diferrence from actual value as indicated.)
After the process is completed with the above indication, the prompt is on PC.
You should power off/on in order to re-start DVD-ROM.

server: ftp, load: 1.76