xREADme - WinTVfix info.txt Driver File Contents (winTVgo_softPVRfix.zip)

Driver Package File Name: winTVgo_softPVRfix.zip
File Size: 10.9 MB

ok WIN TV (go) & wintv (ap) 2000 fix

1) unzip the WinTVfix.zip
   and move the unzipped folder to your desktop (cut/paste) .

2) run hcwclear.exe (4 times!)
   Select a different option for each time the program is run 
   (circles - aka radio buttons for options) .
   DO NOT select the last (square) "...conflicting" etc.

3) reboot

4) Start button (type: mstask.exe) press ENTER
   ** MSTASK needs to be running for propper wintv install .

5) windows finds hardware : CANCEL - don't attempt any drivers yet .

6) run wdm345_22320.exe to install new drivers .

7) reboot : windows finds hardware & loads drivers by itself .

8) run wintv2k44_22107.exe to install new WinTV2000 .

9) now run sched_install.exe , WinTVsel.exe & SoftPVR_Update.exe
   installs , in that order.

10) reboot

11) cut/paste WinTV manual.pdf into .../programs/wintv folder .
    you may also want to create a sortcut , then cut/paste the
    new shortcut for the manual into ..../windows/start menu/programs

12) run wintv2000 (see the tv/pause/record buttons now?)
server: web5, load: 1.43