Tusl-lv.txt Driver File Contents (ViaoRX540.zip)

                       ======----- Intel815 -----======
		blk1001.*			TUSL_LV
		jar1001.*			TUSL_LM
10/20/01		blk1003.bin
.Release blk1003.001 as blk1003.bin

10/19/01		blk1003.001
.Fix IO_PWRBIN signal has glitch. This cause S3 auto resume 

09/28/01		blk1002.bin
.Release blk1002.002 as blk1002.bin

09/27/01		blk1002.002
.Clear superio swap bit during POST (from E0 ~ E7)

09/27/01		blk1002.001
.Clear superio keyboard/mouse swap bit during POST

09/25/01		jar1001.002
.Fix HW monitor w83637 voltage show error

09/24/01		jar1001.001
.Initial version ( add memory stick)

09/12/01		blk1001.bin
.Release blk1001.022 as blk1001.bin

09/11/01		blk1001.022
.Add RealTek patch to fix S0 -> S3 -> S5 problem

09/03/01		blk1001.021
.Fix the problem that CheckSum error after use BBS function 

09/03/01 		blk1001.020
.Fix W2k/WinXP boot hang if all PnP devices in super IO are disabled
.Fix power led turned off when windows save to disk S4. Power led should
 keep on util windows finish saving to disk
.Change BBS byte from 11h to 3bh and CMOS CheckSum start from 10h

08/22/01		blk1001.019
.Fix HCT PCI problem
.Report USB resume capability to S3 instead of S4

08/20/01		blk1001.018
.Fix the HW monitor error when S3 resume

08/16/01		blk1001.017
.Fix the Intel celeron 1.2G DMI and post string show error problem

08/15/01		blk1001.016
.Don't reinit IDE and VGA when S3 resume

08/10/01		blk1001.015
.Fix SDRAM timming by SPD error bug

08/09/01		blk1001.014
.Support SST 49LF002A FWH

08/07/01		blk1001.013
.Fix unlocked CPU auto enter safe mode problem in "USER MODE"
.Change HW monitor voltage high/low limit
.Remove USB IR S3 patch

08/02/01		blk1001.012
.Fix USB IR S3 resume problem
.Change BIOS setup screen setting
.Support WinXP PS2 KBD power management function
.Arrange IRQ for onboard VGA

08/01/01		blk1001.011
.Fix BBS function problem
.Fix new VGA BIOS S3 resume fail problem

07/31/01		blk1001.010
.Fix the PM_Option setting error in setup screen
.Use new VGA bIOS (D81X2371.dat)

07/26/01		blk1001.009
.Change the CMOS checksun start address(from 12h to 2dh)
.Set CD_ROM test_UNIT_READY iterations as 400

07/12/01		blk1001.008
.Delay 150ms for S3 resume and cold boot
.Add WOL(wake on lan) select item in setup screen for S5
.Adjust buffer strength by DIMM type

07/19/01		blk1001.007
.Fix XP S1 S3 resume must press any key problem
.Fix AGP card can't boot problem
.Enable NumLock LEd
.Disable system power on by any key
.Control PS fan speed in S1 (28h)
.Support WOL in S5 (GPIO13 and PME)
.Adjust +12V margin (11V ~ 13V) 

07/18/01 		blk1001.006
.Support APIC mode 
.Fix CD_Rom boot error

07/18/01		blk1001.005
.Fix set GFX SSID/SVID error
.Fix user mode "CPU mply" show problem

07/17/01		blk1001.004
.Let PS2 KBD can wake S1 
.Let both of USB controller can work correctly
.Fix CPU mply select item in setup screen(4X/10.5X -> safe mode/4X and 10.5X)
.Change setup screen default
.Support SLP function
.Set GFX SSID/SVID (80e5104dh)
.Change DMI strings 
.Remove Energy Star Logo and"An Energy Star Ally" string
.Support BBS function

07/16/01		blk1001.003
.Fix S3 resume change frequency error
.Support cardbus in PCI3
.Don't disable KBD led in S5
.Set AC97 SSID/SVID (80e4104d)

07/13/01		blk1001.002
.Support CPU MPLY selection
.Memory speed auto set max. speed

07/12/01		blk1001.001
Initial Version

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