WINSUITE.TXT Driver File Contents (SYII_W9X.EXE)

        | README file for
        | ELSA WINman Suite, Ver.
        |       WINNER graphics boards series
        |       GLoria graphics boards series
        |       ERAZOR graphics boards series
        |       GLADIAC graphics boards series
        | Copyright © 2000 ELSA AG (Aachen, Germany)
        | ELSA AG                    Internet   :
        | Sonnenweg 11
        | 52070 Aachen
        | Germany
        | ELSA Inc.                  Internet   :
        | 1630 Zanker Road
        | San Jose, CA 95112
        | USA
        | ELSA Asia Inc.             Internet   :
        | 7F-11, No. 188, Sec. 5
        | Nanking East Road
        | Taipei 105
        | Taiwan, R. O. C.
        | ELSA Japan Inc.            Internet   :
        | Mita Suzuki Building 3F
        | 5-20-14 Shiba, Minato-ku
        | Tokyo 108-0014
        | Japan
        | 05/10/00, MLiedtke/MHorbach

        Table of Contents

        1.      Overview
        2.      Contents
        3.      Installation
        4.      Description of the WINMAN Suite


1.      Overview

        This file contains new information which may not be printed in
        the manual. If any information is contrary to the manual, the
        contents of this file is to be applied.


2.      Contents

        Almost all files are compressed, they are packed in cabinet
        files. Please note that the files can NOT just be copied
        from this disk.

        ELSAINFO.CAB    Property page ELSA INFO
        ELSATOOL.INF    Installation file for tools
        VERSION.TXT     Version info about driver and tools
        VIDOUT.CAB      Property page Video out (optional)
        VIDOUT.INF      Installation file for Video Out (optional)
        WINMSUIT.CAB    WINmanSuite files
        WINSUITD.TXT    German version of WINSUITE.TXT
        WINSUITE.TXT    The file you currently look at


3.      Installation

3.1     Manual installation

        It is no problem to install the "ELSA WINman Suite" for Windows 
        95/98 manually. For that purpose change to the directory of the 
        tools (e.g. [CD-Root]:\Win9x\DRVTOOLS) and click with the right
        mouse button on the file ELSATOOL.INF. Select in the context 
        menu the item "Install". The utility files will be installed.


4.      Description of the WINMAN Suite

        ELSA Info           Shows information about the installed ELSA 
                            graphics board, system, directX and ELSA tools
        ELSA WINman Suite   Central control program for using the
                            programs mentioned above

4.1     ELSA Info

        The ELSA Info page shows a range of information about your Windows
        system and the ELSA graphics board installed. Not just important
        hardware information like detailed designation of the ELSA
        graphics board, memory expansion and BIOS version is displayed, but
        also the version of the graphics driver, ELSA tools and the Windows

4.2     ELSA WINman Suite

        The WINman Suite is the central control program to reach straight
        to the ELSA Settings, DirectX Settings, ELSA Info and, if installed,
        Video I/O properties.


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