README.TXT Driver File Contents (xirflash.exe)

                        CreditCard Modem 56T
                           FIRMWARE RELEASE
                            Version 1.49
                           March 31, 1998

This release includes Xircom's latest version of Firmware (Ver. 1.49).

This release supports the following Xircom product:  
  - CreditCard Modem 56T (CM56T)

* NOTE: To upgrade your modem's firmware, you MUST follow the upgrade *
* instructions as outlined below.  Otherwise, your modem will become  *
* unusable.                                                           *

   1) Release Notes
   2) TFLASH Overview
   3) Firmware Upgrade Instructions
   4) Machine Specific Notes
   5) Xircom Technical Support

- In order to achieve 56Kbps connects, there can be only one
  digital to analog conversion between the connecting modems.
  Also, the modems at both ends of the call must be K56Flex
  compatible to achieve 56K speeds, if not, they will negotiate
  a standard V.34 rate. Current FCC regulations limit download
  speeds of the modem to 53Kbps.   

- Several factors exist that can limit the modem's performance. 
  Factors that contribute to lower connection rates are:
   - Noisy line conditions on individual calls
   - Dirty or faulty wiring
   - Poor connection ability of the modem/fax machine on the 
     other side
   - The Bulletin Board Service, Internet Service Provider or 
     On-Line Service Provider may be forwarding the call to 
     another location (long distance) to extend their local 
     calling areas.

   To improve your modem performance, try connecting
   to and from different locations. 

   The TFLASH Utility is designed to upgrade a Xircom modem with the 
   latest version of Firmware (*.PAK file). The latest version of 
   Firmware for the product listed above is available on 
   Xircom's BBS or Web Site. See the "Xircom Technical Support" 
   section at the end of this document for more details about 
   accessing these services. 


   TFLASH must run to completion without interruption. It is 
   recommended that AC power be supplied to your laptop to 
   ensure that continuous power is available.


   Follow these instructions to update your Xircom modem to the 
   latest Firmware:

   Using TFLASH in Windows 95 or Windows 95 (OSR2)
   1. Boot to Command Prompt, bypassing all Startup drivers. In 
      Windows 95 or Windows 95 (OSR2) this is achieved by Pressing 
      Shift+F5 while booting when "Starting Windows 95" appears on 
   2. Copy TFLASH.EXE and the *.PAK file to the local hard drive 

   3. Run TFLASH, once completed, reboot and load Windows 95 as 

      Note: If running 95 (OSR2) on a FAT32 partition, boot clean 
      (F5 at "Starting MS-DOS") with a DOS disk and execute 
      TFLASH.EXE from a floppy disk.

      Note: If the Laptop has a Plug and Play OS option in the System 
      Setup (CMOS) it will need to be turned off. Once the Flash 
      utility has completed, this option can be re-enabled. Please see 
      documentation provided with your Laptop for instructions on 
      accessing the System Setup.
      Note: When using this utility on Toshiba 500 and 400 series, make 
      sure to run TFLASH using the Top slot only. Also verify in System 
      Setup (CMOS) that the PCMCIA controller is set to PCIC compatible. 
      After the flash update is complete, this option can be set back to 
      "Cardbus/16 bit" if desired.
      Please see documentation provided with your Laptop for instructions
      on accessing the System Setup.

   There are no machine specific notes for v1.49 for CM56T.
   CM56T is bundled with Toshiba Satellite 300 Series.

   To obtain technical support for your Xircom product, please call 
   or send a facsimile to the appropriate number listed below.

   Access the Xircom TechLine quick-search database of problem
   solutions at up to 14400 bps, No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit 
   (N-8-1). Use ANSI for your terminal emulation (you must have 
   ANSI.SYS loaded on your system to use the Xircom KnowledgeLine).

   Access the Xircom INFOSYS BBS at up to 14400 bps (33600 in the U.S.),
   No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (N-8-1).  Use ANSI, TTY, 
   or NONE for your terminal emulation as the Xircom BBS PCs do not 
   support DEC VT-type terminal emulation.

   ========================  ------------------------------------------
   Xircom, Inc.              Sales Support              (800) 438-4526
   Corporate Headquarters    Sales Support              (805) 376-9300
   2300 Corporate Center Dr. Technical Support          (805) 376-9200
   Thousand Oaks, CA  91320  24-Hr KnowledgeLine        (805) 375-7202
                             24-Hr Documents-by-Fax     (800) 775-0400
                             24-Hr Documents-by-Fax     (805) 376-9020
                             24-Hr Fax -Corporate       (805) 376-9311
   Shipping Address:         24-Hr Fax -Sales Support   (805) 376-9220
   2101 Corporate Center Dr. 24-Hr Fax -Tech Support    (805) 376-9100
   Thousand Oaks, CA  91320  24-Hr Data Lines - BBS     (805) 376-9130
                             24-Hr Internet E-mail
                             24-Hr World Wide Web
                             HOURS (Sales): 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon-Fri
                             HOURS (Tech):  5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Fri

   XIRCOM EUROPE             Europe, Middle East, and Africa
   ========================  ------------------------------------------------
   Xircom Europe N.V.        Sales Support              +32/(0)3 450.08.11
   King Square               24-Hr Documents-by-Fax     +32/(0)3 450.08.00
   De Villermontstraat 16    24-Hr Fax                  +32/(0) 70 233 306
   2550 Kontich, Belgium     24-Hr Data Lines - BBS     +32/(0) 70 233 163
                             Technical Support Telephone Numbers
                             Native English             +32/(0) 70 233 307
                             Native German              +32/(0) 70 233 850
                             Native French              +32/(0) 70 233 851
                             Native Dutch               +32/(0) 70 233 852
                             TechLine On Line           +32/(0) 70 233 711
                             24-Hr Internet E-mail
                             24-Hr World Wide Web
                             HOURS (Sales): 9:00 to 17:00, Mon-Thu;
                                            to 16:00, Fri
                             HOURS (Tech): 9:00 to 18:00, Mon-Fri

   Regional Sales and Marketing Offices
   Xircom France SARL        Sales Support              +33/(1)
   41 bis Avenue de L'Europe 24-Hr Fax                  +33/(1)
   BP 264
   78147 Velizy Cedex, France

   Xircom AB - Sweden        Sales Support              +46/(0)8 590.332.80
   I Infracity               24-Hr Fax                  +46/(0)8 590.717.81
   Kanalvagen 10C
   19461 Upplands Vasby, Sweden

   Xircom Deutschland GmbH   Sales Support              +49/(0)89
   Bretonischer Ring 16      24-Hr Fax                  +49/(0)89
   85630 Grasbrunn/Technopark

   Xircom UK Ltd             Sales Support              +44/(0)1256.332.552
   Worting House, Basingstoke24-Hr Fax                  +44/(0)1256.332.553
   Hampshire RG23 8PY, UK

   ========================  ------------------------------------------------
   Xircom Asia Pacific (Pte) Sales Support              +65 323 1511
   76 Shenton Way            Technical Support          +65 323 3404
   Unit #06-01               24-Hr Fax                  +65 224 3313
   Singapore 079119          24-Hr Data Lines - BBS     +65 323 0455
                             24-Hr World Wide Web
                             HOURS:  9:00 to 17:00, Mon-Fri

   Regional Sales and Marketing Offices
   Xircom Australia          Sales Support              +61 (02) 9911 7790
   Level 20                  Technical Support          +61 (02) 9911 7794
   99 Walker Street          24-Hr Fax                  +61 (02) 9911 7796
   North Sydney, NSW         24-Hr Data Lines - BBS     +61 (02) 9911 7758
   Australia 2060            24-Hr Internet Email

   Xircom Asia, Hong Kong    Sales Support              +852 2841 7813
   11/F, Central Building    24-Hr Fax                  +852 2841 7822
   1 Pedder Street, Central
   Hong Kong


   Xircom acknowledges all tradenames and trademarks used in this document
   as the property of their respective owners.

==================================[  END  ]==================================

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  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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