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ScanModule Readme

Welcome to ScanModule
Please read this document carefully, it contains important
information not included in the documentation.

     Topics covered in this document include:

     * Running on Windows NT
     * Technical Problem for ScanModule
     * Auto Setup Program
     * Auto Operation Limitations
     * OCR Applications and Auto Operation
     * Network Scan Notes

[Running on Windows NT]
ScanModule can now be run on Windows NT.
To install, simply click on the Setup program.
The setup program will automatically check for the existence of
Windows NT and load all necessary files into your system.

[Technical Problem for ScanModule]
Whenever you fail to invoke ScanModule from an application,
do one of the following:

(1) If there is more than one way to start ScanModule, try
another way instead. For example, try "Select TWAIN_32" instead
of "Select TWAIN".
or (2) Re-instal ScanModule driver to restore some possibly
overwritten files.

[Auto Setup Program]
The Auto Setup program is located in the ScanModule group. By using
this program, ScanModule can be switched between auto operation and
manual operation. Once an operation mode is selected, ScanModule will
always start with this selection as the default operation mode unless
the operation mode is changed again through the Auto Setup.

[Auto Operation Limitations]
While using ScanModule auto operation, there are some conditions
which should be handled carefully.

     -- Always use a document cover on your scanner in auto
     -- If a peripheral device is connected such as a UTA,
        place a large sheet of white paper between your document
        and the peripheral device unless you are going to scan a
        transparency film.
     -- Keeping the document cover clean will improve the quality
        of your scans.

[OCR Application and Auto Operation]
Most OCR applications can only accept Black/White
images. A problem may occur when ScanModule is set to "Auto Detect"
scan mode and a color image is placed on the color scanner.
ScanModule will return a color image back to application which may
not be accepted.

[Network Scan Notes]
1. Under certain conditions, the NetHeapSize in Windows must be
   reset to a larger value. Please use the value suggested
   by Windows.
2. Both the server and client require a NETBIOS driver loaded
   before scanning  (for example, NETBIOS.EXE in Novell Netware).
3. The Scanner Test program can only test the local scanner. It
   cannot test the network scanner.

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