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     IC-Card Ethernet PC Card Installation for NT 4.0

        Minimum Skill Level
        Compatibility List
        Getting Started
        Driver Directory Structure

        Getting Started will describe the installation instructions.

        A PC Card (PCMCIA) compatible Laptop
        A PC Card chipset that is PCIC compatible (Intel, Cirrus, Vadem, and
         VLSI) or Databook compatible
        Window NT 4.0
        A IC-Card PC Card
        A knowledge of basic NT commands and editing text files

 Minimum Skill Level
        A knowledge of basic NT commands
        A knowledge of editing text files
        A knowledge of NT basic file structure
        A knowledge of the network driver configuration being used
        Please see Support Options if you are not comfortable will this
         skill level

 Compatibility List
        IC-Card only
        Removal of any present PC Card drivers
        For a laptop compatibility list please consult your local
         Branch Office

 Getting Started
        Install the PC Card support for your laptop from the Service Packs
          -These must be verified to be working properly before continuing
          -Support for this level of driver is from the Laptop manufacture only
        From the "My computer" window, select Control Panel
        In the Control Panel, select Network Icon
        In the Network Setup, select Adapter Icon
        In the Network Adapter, select Add Icon

    Windows NT will display a list of all available drivers.

        Select "Have Disk" for third-party adapters not included in the list.

         The program prompts for the directory containing the Ethernet drivers.

        Insert the driver diskette in Drive A, and then type the following


        Windows NT will attempt to locate the OEMSETNT.INF file in the
         specified path. If it exists there, Windows NT will then copy the
         appropriate drivers to the Windows NT system.

        The drivers are now properly installed.  The installation procedure
         will then proceed to the next steps. Please refer to your Windows NT
         installation guide for information on these steps.

        Windows NT will pop up one window to ask the values of some keywords.
         Such as  "IO Port", "IRQ Number", "NetworkAddress".

       If you want to change the default MAC Address, USE the
        "NetworkAddress" to specify the MAC Address. The NetworkAddress
         is a 12 digits string(ex. 001122334455)

        After the initial installation, the drivers will be permanently
         installed to the Windows NT system.  Subsequent accesses to the
         network driver list will include these drivers as options.

 Driver Directory Structure
  Diskette Release
  ÀDISK1                    MS ID file
    ÃICARD  DLL           Nvl/Dlk NT support file
    ÃICARD  SYS           V.N/A NT 3.51/4.0 driver
    ÃOEMSETNT INF           Config file
    ÀREADME   TXT           Text file

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