CTCM.INF Driver File Contents (16xvw31.zip)

; Creative Technology Ltd.
;     Copyright (c) Creative Technology Ltd, 1994-1996.
; Description
;	  - This .inf files is to allow the user to set up the environment
;		when they upgrade from Windows 3.1 to Windows95
;	  - This .inf files can also be used to allow user to upgrade from
;		ctpnpscn.exe to ctpnpscn.drv..and also to upgrade old ctcm package
;		if the user have it on their system
;     It will : 1. Add entry in the <WIN95>/SYSTEM.INI
;                  Under [boot] section, Key=drivers, the entry ctpnpscn.drv
;               2. Copy CTPNPSCN.DRV to <WIN95>/SYSTEM directory
;               3. Copy CTCM.EXE into Win95 directory
;               3. Remark out device=<CTCM>/CTCM.EXE
;               4. Remark out SET CTCM
;               5. Remark out CTCU /S /W=C:<WIN31>
;				6. Delete the statement CTPNPSCN.EXE in <WIN95>/WIN.INI
;				   Under [windows] section, Key=run, the entry ctpnpscn.exe
; Date : 19th September 1996
; Revision 1.01



CopyFiles=CTCM.CopyList, CTPNPSCN.CopyList
UpdateIniFields=Update.SystemIni, Update.WinIni

CTCM.CopyList = 10				; LDID_WINDOWS
CTPNPSCN.CopyList = 11	        ; LDID_SYS






%10%\system.ini, boot, drivers,,ctpnpscn.drv,1

%10%\win.ini, windows, run, ctpnpscn.exe,,1




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