REL210C.TXT Driver File Contents (

*       Filename:       REL210C.TXT                                     *
*       Revision:       Version 2.10C                                   *
*       Date:           August 10, 1995                                 *
*                                                                       *
*       Intel 82430FX PCI Bus Master IDE Controller                     *
*       Device Driver for Microsoft Windows 95*                         *
*                                                                       *
*       Beta Release Version                                            *
*       Release Notes                                                   *

Name:           IDEATAPI.MPD

Version Number: 2.10 for Beta kit version, 2.10C.

Build Date:     8/10/95

System Type:    Intel 82430FX PCIset Platforms

Operating System Support:
	Windows 95 (release version). 
	The driver has only been validated on the operating system in 
	full kernel (non-debug) mode.

1.  This driver is a Beta release intended for Beta testing only.
2.  Initial testing of the driver has been performed on the Intel 
82430FX System Validation and Customer Demo Platforms.  

3.  The driver does not rely entirely on the BIOS settings for initializing 
the 82430FX PCI Bus Master IDE interface for optimal operation.  The driver 
optimizes the PIIX IDE controller or IDE drive settings for the 82430FX PCI 
Bus Master IDE context.  Depending on the bus mastering capabilities of the 
devices connected to the 82430FX PCI Bus Master IDE interface, the driver 
will reconfigure the PIIX and drive settings.  In general, only devices that 
support a minimum DMA timing mode of SW2 (this includes SW2, MW1 and MW2) 
can be accessed in a bus mastering fashion.  All other devices will be 
accessed solely through PIO.

4.  ATAPI support has only been minimally tested on CD-ROM drives.

5.  The driver has been validated in a four IDE fixed disk environment 
with disk thrasher DOS batch files run in parallel.  The disk thrasher 
DOS batch file copies/compares contents of a single source directory 
to target directories created on all 4 drives.  These thrasher tests 
were run at Single-Word DMA Mode 2 and Multi-Word DMA Modes 1 and 2.

6.  Special considerations may be required for supporting older, legacy
devices in the mixed bus master/PIO environment that the driver supports.  

7.  This driver is designed to support the Intel 82430FX PCI Bus Master
IDE Controller ONLY.  If the driver fails to find a PIIX IDE controller,
the driver will not load.  Special considerations are required to support 
the use of the PIIX IDE controller in a system with other IDE controllers 
and drivers, such as ISA and/or PCI IDE (both Legacy and Native mode).

8.  Special software considerations may be required to support certain
drive configurations when the 'Re-start the computer in MS-DOS Mode' 
Shutdown option is selected.

*       FOR MORE INFORMATION                                            *
Contact your Intel field representative.

* Intel Corporation disclaims all warranties and liability for the use  * 
* of this document and the information contained herein, and assumes no *
* responsibility for any errors which may appear in this document, nor  *
* does Intel make a commitment to update the information contained      *
* herein.  Intel reserves the right to make changes to this document at *
* any time, without notice.                                             *

*Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

Copyright (c) Intel Corporation, 1995.
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